Best Team Names of December 2023

Merry Quizmas Trivia
- 8 maids a milking these jingle bells
- Why is Santa’s bag so heavy? He only dumps his load once a year
- 5 inches of candy cane collectively
- Deez Nuts Roasting Over an Open Fire 
- Uncle Eddy’s Christmas Pickle 
- Drunken Dashers
- Hold me closer tiny dancer prancer and vixen
- Nakatomi Plaza Diving 
- Ho Ho Hoes 
- Sometimes I Touch My Elf
- One Bulb short of a string
- We'll give you a hiding place for your pickle
- Drunk, Actually 
-  I Saw Mama Kissing Santa’s Pickle 
- Nutcracker? I hardly know her!
- Dashing through the blow
- chunky tinsel, a few ho’s + elves 3 Santa sacks and a fan in a tree 
- Shitters full! 
- ho ho ho on these bells

Schitt's Creek Trivia
- Schitt’s Gettin’ Real
- Sunrise Bébés
- Apothkarens
- We're the Schitt 
- AllezVous Reps 
- Really Schitt the Creek on that One
- No Schitts Given 
- Bob's Bagels 
- Don't Worry It's His Sister
- A Nice Karen 
- Lion's Tail: Where Everyone Fits In 
- You Can Write Off Trivia, Right?
- The Disgruntled Pelicans
- We’re Kinda Schitty at this 
- The Jazzsgays
- We’re all dating Jake 
- We have to galapa-go now 
- Fired from the blouse barn

2023 Trivia
- I went to Tibet and all I got was my tongue sucked
- All Clue Well 
- Imploding Into 2024 
- The Best Guessers
- the Dahli Lama wants to suck George santos tongue
- Lizzo’s got no rizzo
- Ken’s mojo dojo submersibles

1840 Brewing Co
- Our Team Name Ends with Y 
- Amber Turd

Brass Monkey
- We may suck at trivia, but it beats dying on the shitter!!
- All I want for Christmas is to coconut on Katy Perry's cherries 
- Quiz Kringle 
- Tinseltwat: That's what I'm calling anyone who fucking pisses me off until this holiday madness is over, Tinseltwat.

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- I hope Craig Counsel gets coal for Christmas
- Daniel Craig made me Lose the bet
- Venus is hot but Uranus is hotter
- All I want for Christmas is a goose

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- The Quizards of Waverly 
- Al Ca-Bone Me
- Die Hard On 
- Ask about our rapidly extending tongues
- Andrew Yang grosses me out 
- We Thought This Was Speed Dating!

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- Pretty girls don't cry, but we did after these questions
- Fat Man In A Little Coat
- Live Free or Die Home Alone 
- Wish We Could Afford the McAllister House 
- 6 Quizzers Quizzing
- E = MC hammered 
- Chewbacca Deez Nuts

Caffrey's Pub
- Planned Parenthood Stole Arnold's Catchphrase 
- Trimming my red bush at the rose bowl

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Shrimp Bizkit
- I went to the tannery and all I got was a sunburn
- Real housewives of the North Pole 
- Home alone touching my crumpet 
- When I think about books, I touch my shelf 
- Ho, ho, ho, Joe berry has to go

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- Elizabeth Warren went beast on my boy while Peter piped her
- Yacht ya gonna do w/ that big fat ass 
- Mortal kin-bat: finish her 

Camp Bar - Tosa
- the Smartinis
- Happy Honda days
- Jerry Springer's favorite fat man gigolo
- Favres andouille pics

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- Definitely Overthinking
- Upper Deck the Halls
- Ty's Micropenis

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- I Quizzed in my pants

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- Our wives make sure we won't win the contest
- I need Viagara so I don't Die Soft 
- the Rein-Dears
- Autocorrect is my enema

Deer Camp MKE
- Usher make me wanna pit my bulls and get jiffy with it
- Spider-Man got tangled while smashing pumpkin
- Buttload…Botox can fix it 
- I drank too much beer and I quizzed myself 
- We’re Scrooged!
- The Ratman Cometh
- My Frankfurter Hertz 
- Aubergine Angels

Dog Haus Ballpark Commons
- Ho Ho Jose

Eagle Park Brewing - MKE
- The Picassholes
- Raw Chili at your Mom's House 
- Straight from the Horse's Face
- Dickens My Mouth

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- Free range Djibouti
- Eagle park pistol club: drink all night, pistol dawn
- King Arthur’s andouille sausage links

Fox River House
- Quizmas Carolers

Gathering Place Brewing - MKE
- The One Day My Tuba Playing Friend Bails 
- Hash Slinger Slashers

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- Dear Santa Please Bring Me the Right Answers
- Saint Nick Cage
- The Gruesome Twosome 
- Feer the Beer 
- Really Really Really Old School

Good City Brewing - East Side
- Coming Soon to Theatres: The Fugitive starring OJ Simpson 
- Kick Rocks

Hacienda Taproom and Kitchen
- That’s Just Show Quiz Baby 
- 6 swans a honkin’
- Super Soak my Tugnut 
- Don’t Krampus my Style 
- That’s What She Said
- Quizzy Kardashians 
- Our couple name is Glizzy like the hot dog
- Bitches Who Brunch

Izzy Hops
- I want Miley Cyrus to vault on my pole.
- George Santos’ Cameo
- What do Kevin Na and I have in common? Maxing out at 16 strokes.
- Imploding Submarines 
- Cleaning Wallpaper with Worcestershire Sauce 
- We are Kenough :( 
- Thank you TV commercial for showing Don Julio. 
- Elongated Muskrat is on a rocket to Stupider.

Jack's American Pub
- George Santos: The People’s Princess

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- Sex Panthers R Us 
- Spelling Doesn't Count

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- Courtney cox can ride my king cobra
- Barbie put her fingerprints all over my Maximus
- DINCHes “dual income no children” for the holidays

MC's Pour House
- Backdoor No Baby
- Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- The Two Month Old Answered These
- Growers Not Showers
- 2 maids a milking
- The Green Bay Packers Defensive Coordinator Hiring Committee 
- Just here for the beer

- Lonesome Dove
- Will Jingle Your Bells All the Way 
- McGillyclaus 
- Are You a Stocking? Cuz I’d Stuff You!

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- Titty twisting is still banned in Saudi Arabia
- Moves like Jaeger 
- Came for the schlitz, left with the shitz 
- If you think Venus is hot just wait til you get to Uranus 
- I walked into the brat house a little boy and left a fat man
- Anyone remember that submarine that blew up? 
- Show me your North Pole
- Santa’s sack wouldn’t be so big if he came more than once a year
- We Can All Fit Inside Uranus 
- Communist Manifesto (Taylor’s Version) 
- JFK Sprinkled on Marilyn Monroe

MobCraft Beer - Milwaukee
- Hitler? I hardly know her!
- I did not have Sexual Relations with that Wheaties box
- Rat Fetish, Foot Fetish, Human Fetish
- Double Cox and Scull-less Whores
- Napoleon Bonershart
- The 3 'Ho Ho Hoes
- Dildo Gaggins
- I've got Velcrhoes in every Area Code
- Velcro is the only thing Holding my Life Together

- What the fuck is a glassover? 
- Unconscious discharge
- Butt load of botox 
- A buttload of spandex 
- I'll take Eva Longoria's buttload any day of the year! ◡̈
- the team reindeer is gaga 
-  I call my dick and balls the three musketeers 
- We are going to have the hap hap happiest Christmas since bing crosby tap danced with Danny fucking kay
- Don't bring a frozen turd to a gun fight! 
- the LOSERS

Oggie's Kitchen and Bar
- The UWM Dropouts
- All I want for Christmas is Booze

Ope! Brewing Co
- We got it at Costco 
- Spicy Fisch Sandwich
- I wish this microphone was inside of me
- Ho ho hope you’re dumber than us! 
- Merriest bunch of assholes this side of the bar
- Albert Bernstein
- but really, what was your first girlfriend’s name? 
- help me, stepbro! I’m stuck on this question.

Panther Pub
- Silent but deadly night
- Deez nuts roasting on an open fire
- Just Here for the Holiday Drinks

Pete's Pub
- Greek Freaks in the Sheets
- Eben on my Neezer til I Scrooge
- It’s my mom’s birthday, please give us the gift card

Pilot Project Brewing
- The hell if I know!
- V is for Vagina
- Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegan!
- Favorite position? Check our score... 69 LOL

Pomona Cider Co.
- The discharge duo
- Jingle my balls
- Call me apples the way I be in cider
- Santa’s 10th reindeer: Jeff
- Sip me baby one more time

Raised Grain Brewing
- Smashing Pitbull’s Pumpkins until they discharge 
- Pitbull Could Bite My Ear Into Oblivion 
- Santa & his Ho Ho Ho’s

Rally Time - West Bend
- Rick Flair Should Have Been The Kool Aid Man. Whoooooyeah!
- Maude and the Wisconsin 3 
- I Study Momology Every Night. 
- Don't Crepe On Us!
- I Study Momology Every Night.
- Don't Crepe On Us!

Schooner Pub
- Quiz Khalifa
- Jerry’s Swingers
- 2 girls 1 Quiz
- Hodge’s Hoes 
- Uranus is the biggest planet.

State Line Distillery
- Times person of the year: George Santos
- They Just Give Times Person Of the Year to anyone these days 
- Fuck If I Know!!
- Galileo Figaro Magnifico-o-o-o
- I bet Cindy Lou-Who has a bangin’ bod now! 
- The Never Nudes Name
- Gigi for the Colorado Ballot 2024

Station 1 Brewing
- Quiz Khalifa
- Keep the “Quiz” in “Quizmas!"
- I’ll be home for Quizmas
- Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins 
- 6 Tacos, 2 Brats

TAQ Brewing
- Too Old To Be Dangerous

Third Space Brewing
- 1 Guy, 1 Girl, Two Cups
- Old Testament God Didn't Mess Around
- With a score of 69, we must be on the NICE list
- Najeh Davenport's Hamper

Uncommon Pints
- Jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nut house

UpDown MKE
- Frosty the Blowman 
- OJ Simpson, the People’s Princess
- Iran, You Ran, Duran Duran
- Your Coconuts Make Me Go Nuts 
- Mariah Carey’s Mistletoes Make Me Nutmeg 
- Monica Loved Bill’s Christmas Tree

- Mistle Toe 
- I nutted on the big show 
- thats what Joe exotic said

Wahlburgers at Hy-Vee
- I Saw Donnie Kissing Santa Claus
- Drink, Drank, Drunk
- Idiot sandwich

Who's on Layton
- Nautical Knot-So-Serious Know-Hows 
- Oh, Quizmas Tree
- Magic Elephant Dick
- Ready to Air our Grievances 
- Santa's Naughty Helpers
- Quizzed on her Face, at Least she is Wearing Glasses
- MP4 Your Mom's a Whore

Whole Foods - East Side Tap
- Whole Dudes

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- RIP my Roth IRA

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- Big Johnson’s
- A Gen X with a team of Gen Zs

Willy's on the Water
- the QUIZmas Caroler's
- Let's get Quizzical


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