Best Team Names of February 2024

Game of Thrones Trivia
- Queen Cersei's Cupbearers
- Ladies of the Realm 
- Quiz Maesters 
- Fist Deep In the Red Keep
- Ladies of the Realm 
- Quiz Maesters 
- Fist Deep In the Red Keep
- The Joffry Epstein
- Daenerys Beerborn of House Trivia, Last of the Six Pack, Mother of Quizlets, the Khaleesi of the Wheat Sea, the Unbeaten, Mother of Quizlets, the Breaker of Brains.
- The Team With No Name
- Brains of castamere 
- The north remembers 
- I'd little finger that
- If you think this quiz has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention
- Winner is coming
- Chicken Cersei salad

1840 Brewing
- Greek freaks in the sheets 
- chili pepper lube

The Barrel Yard
- On the Contreras
- Jeopardy Rejects
- Risky Quizness
- Too much drinkin', not enough thinkin'

Brass Monkey West Allis
- Calling a belly button a scar is a navel concept.
- Somewhere, there is a 2nd grader with 23 more Valentines than you.
- It’s Here Bye John 
- Roswell that Ends Well 
- Team names? Where we’re going we don’t need team names…
- The 4 Kardashian Kids are 1) Who 2) Gives 3) A 4) Fuck

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- 2 naan Jens
- Mountain GERD 
- Stifflers mom has got it going on
- of corsage Ill be your blind galentine date
- Slide a Rubber on my HOG
- Always Money in the Banana Stand-
- John McCan’s Slinky 
- Bang Bang, Skeet Skeet, Rolling in the backseat

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- let your fingers do the walking and let MY DONG do the talking
- So put your hands down my pants, and I bet you'll feel nuts. Yes, I'm Siskei, yes I', Ebert, and you're getting two thumbs up." 
- Have you seen Drake's needle?
- Out here crankin my HOG 
- instructions unclear: brought an eraser to a three-way
- The Young Sheldons 
- Jiggolo Joe didn't make the top 5?? 
- I Big Banged Your Mom

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- The Big Screen Fucked us Big Time
- Pain in the Eros
- My Balls Are Bald
- Mukoo Cheese Haery
- You should have worn a rubber if you planned to fuck us!
- The Flexible Kidz 
- Michael Jackson thought Boyz-2-Men was a delivery service

Caffrey's Pub
- I don’t see color
- Tits or Ass
- Tyler KoLick my ass
- My girlfriend stinks at golf but you should see her box!
I thought it was gonna be the other kind of beards

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- The Union Jack Offs
- The tide is high but I’m holding on
- Ed gein furniture company
- When I think about books I touch my shelf
- Try to say this without laughing; diarrhea

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- Roy g. Bussy
- Reba Mac-on-deez-nutz
- anyways, here’s wonderwall
- When you wake up with morning (wood)row Wilson

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Beer is just bread soda
- “hot” for trivia by Van Halen
- I can’t believe I shaved my balls for this
- Silk Exotic: Give Extra, Get Extra

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- Toby Keith Sings Songs for Big Dongs 
- Huge Dongs
- Clowder, I hardly know her! 
- Charlie and the Perfectly Fine Legs Attached to Grandpa Joe
- Pontius Pilate and the Nail Drivers
- John McCain is a DILF (Respectfully)

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Curd Buglers
- Joe and the Sugar Ladies
- The 6th most popular J name: John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Schmitt

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- Once i pop, the fun for sure has stopped 
- Guess more, win less 
- Money cant buy happiness but enough dong can
- Alice in Underpants 
- the Kickball Legends
- Drain the Maine Vein 
- "I forgot our team name"- Joe Biden 
- Quit playing games with my aubergine
- John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt 
- We do this for the #1 chicken sammich in MKE 
- Beer-a-mid scheme

Deer Camp MKE
- There were no pretty women on broke back mountain 
- Me and my boy eifel towered her in Paris but I was less filling
- Titanic was an inside job
- Friends is the worst show ever
- George "Herpes Wanker" Bush

Eagle Park Brewing - MKE
- She Got Me Hard, So I Rock'd her Cafe 
- Too Much Drinkin Not Enough Thinkin
- Usher Fucks
- Hey! Steve Buschemi's Eyes are Up Here!
- I play the game of life, not monopoly. 
- "I thought it was 6 inches", that's not the only thing that's 4 inches"
- David greuber fucked my wife 
- I shared a bath with the quizmaster
- Jar jar drinks
- She Wilson on my Woodrow till I PHD 
- Why did you make us stare at five pictures of Trump's stupid fucking face?! 
- Hugh's Facebook Relationship Status: 3 Wives

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- penguin fight club
- We thought Taylor dated them all
- I thought we were speed dating!!!
- Will baby jensen be born with a beard? 
- pharaoh Pepi le pew 
- Kelsey wants a corman for her birthday

Fox River House
- Sweaty Like Usher 
- “I’ll never let go…until you turn 26” - Leo DiCaprio
- When I drink IPA lot
- Help me step bro I’m stuck on this question

Full Circle Winery
- I don't give a sip

Gathering Place Brewing - MKE
- Making Bryan Gumbel Look Like Malcolm X 
- Mike & The Honey Pots 
- Pilsner Pals

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- Have a Happy VD
- The Pal-entine’s 
- Sherlock Homies
- Thank God This Isn’t a Spelling B 
- Alien Horse Riddlers from Alcatraz

Good City Brewing - East Side
- Kirkland Brand Trivia Team
- Hazy IPAs
- Poppin' Pils'
- Ross Geller's future ex-wives

Good City Brewing - Tosa
- Beauty in the street and a beast in the sheets
- Usher's missing tank top
- I thought PhD meant pretty huge D

Good Works Brewing
- Midwestern Dads Watching the Storm
- The 3 "Must Get Beers
- Maybe we'll win once in four years
- 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, trivia team

Hacienda Taproom and Kitchen
- Eggplant Emoji 
- I thought take ‘n bake was illegal in Wisconsin 
- Paws Sweaty, Mom’s Spaghetti

Hawthorne Coffee
- We don't have a fucking team name 
- Fuck Canada
- Aaron Brodgers, Peyton Banning, Brett Bfavre 
- Anal Bum Cover, Alex

Izzy Hops
- Charlie and the THOTlate Factory
- 3 way: you, me, Mitt Romney on a Harley?

Jack's American Pub
- I thought tweety was a chicken 
- Blue Mooners 
- Three stooges 
- No chicken, all beef
- Blue Mooners 
- Tasty P’s 
- We finally got a babysitter
- No Ragrets 
- Dilly’s Dirty Thirty 
- “This isn’t our team name” 
- Some Random Strangers

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- Ed Gein's Lost and Found
- My Small Penis
- Dumb & Dumber Than A Box of Rocks
- Eat My Heart Shaped Box
- Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good
- Lotta Slappy Make Daddy Happy

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- King Charles has ass cancer
- this MJ love interest may have run off due to his pinpoint nipples, but at least he’ll always have Macaulay Culkin
- I have this at home.. will send as soon as I get home!
- Splooge mcduck

MC's Pour House
- Wine 'er, dine 'er, 49'er
- is a Russian farting called a Vladimir Pootin
- Took round 4 harder than taylor swift after the super bowl 
- Beer We Are 
- Know it Ales 
- Not Great Expectations
- Most likely to lose 
- Red carpet dreams 
- Liver on the edge
- Tool bags
- She blinded me with trivia

- The bush twins, North and South
- Usher's Wife's Divorce Lawyers 
- Doc Rivers Sucks
- That's not what my uncle said rubbers meant 
- Makeway! Three-way under-way
- The black cocks vanda
- better call biggie balls
- the wet whistles

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- What the fuck is wolf cop?
- Vera broke my wang
- est comeback story: broke back mountain
- In god we trust Leo won’t date anyone older than 25
- She rides my hog like a Harley
- Big bang! We lost again! 
- The lowest elevation is in my pants

MobCraft Beer - MKE
- RIP Toby Queef (a vaginal fart)
- Let your fingers do the walking on my Vietnamese currency
- I found Barbara's Bush in the Yellow Pages
- Paul Blart: Wolf Cop
- My teacher hated when I used a Rubber
- Maine, I only got one right
- My Notorious B.I.G Bang
- Essential Viewing
- John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is not Top 5

- what the hail is going on?
- My grandma can't wrestle, but you should see her box 
- Pfister? I hardly know her
- glory hole glutony
- P as in pterodactyl 
- Easily startled and over stimulated 
- Help step bro! I’m stuck on this questions

- Quiztopher Co-dumbass
- Wet Bandit Kitchen Sluts.
- The Dingleberries 
- Better at Bingo (

On Tap
- Gonna Have to Face It You're Addicted to Love Shack
- Love (Not) On the Rocks 
- Valentine's Victors
- Smarty Pints
- 4 Girls, 1 Brain Cell

Ope Brewing!
- Ope! Shit where’s my dog?
- Reeses aren’t candy bars!
- What the fuck is “gattenberg”?
- Wisconsin is to f*cking flat to know the lightning round

Panther Pub
- Dong Line Bling

Perspective Brewing Co
- I Came, I Saw, I Came Again 
- Ahoy! Put your Bigfoot in my Chabooty
- Not Great Expectations 
- George Santos is my valentine
- You can Blue Tang my Platoon

Pete's Pub
- We’re best at ptrivia
- Trivia is better than Valentine’s Day
- Mom’s Spaghetti

Pilot Project Brewing
- Mrs. Incredible's Tailshot
- Grimace’s Revenge
- G(rimace) Spot 
- Raspberry Tarts = Grimace Sharts
- Dirty Grace and the Girls + Dad 
-This is Glenn Close/This is Glenn Far 
- Stevie Wonder has never seen his hometown

Pomona Cider Co.
- Tom Brady kiss me like one of your sons
- Prisms, schism, and organisms
- SGhe pop on my corn til I grimace
- She Leroy on My Butler ‘till I Lambeau Leap 
- Don’t leap for me Argentina

Raised Grain Brewing
- The painting was a gift Todd, I’m taking it with me. 
- Girl Genus 
- Gaggle of Dumbasses
- Polish Ravioli 
- This is Forking Awesome 
- Ass Up, Ass Lift, Bring that Ass Over
- Saving Tom Hank's privates

Rally Time West Bend
- Princess Diana Is Happy About That Cancer Diagnosis
- Your Mom Is An Expert at Getting Her Kan-Jammed
- Smarty Pints 
- Why Did Princess Peach Choke? Mario Came Down The Wrong Pipe.

Sahale Ale Works
- Suck it Trebeck!
- Pee Pee and Poo Poo 
- Sister Mary Jane and the Chainsmoking Choirboys 
- 2 guys, 2 Girls, in a bar 
- I’ll have what she’s having

State Line Distillery
- Not giving up trivia for lent!
- I can hear it Collins in the air tonight (djoo djoo de doo doo djoo djoo bom)
- Depeche Chode
- Rarely Rong Name
- in Shrek We Trust
- Huey Lewis and the Glasgow Wonka Experience 
- Lords a Leap-yearing

Station 1 Brewing Co
- It’s not Fat Tuesday
- It’s Big Boned Winners: The Village Idiots and Jeff
- The Smart Farts 
- Quizlamic Extremists
- Pee Pee Poo Poo
- Titletown Titty Twisters 
- Quiz Pro Quo

Third Space Brewing
- Save a Horse, Ride The Underground Railroad
- Mitt Promney
- Make Way, A Three Way is Under Way
- Rubbers Prevent Big Mistakes
- The Big Bang: the name of my conception

Uncommon Pints
- I’m only here because my in-laws are at my house
- What starts with T and rhymes with tree?

UpDown MKE
- King Charles is Definitely a Cancer Second
- ET Cat Spotted at Updown, 9:57 PM, Be Warned
- Incels against Valentine’s Day
- Fist Me Like Jim Henson
- We Da Hoes
- Mighty Morphin Shower Strangers

Wahlburgers at Hy-Vee
- Big hairy phallus
- Show me Uranus
- Fuck Glenn Close

Who's on Layton
- They didn't put a team name 
- Two Old Guys in the Corner
- A Gaggle of Silly Geese
- Octopussies
- Jeopardy Rejects
- Sister Jean’s Ramblers 
- Luke’s Disciples 
- Dune 2 Chicks at the Same Time

Whole Foods - East Side Tap
-The Butternut Squash Queens 
- Team Make Up Ski

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- Beer Leaders

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- Megan’s trivia tootsies
- Whoo knows the name of a group of owls?

Wisconsin Brewing / Lake Louie Brewing
- The Guess a Lots


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