Best Team Names of April 2024

New Girl Trivia
- Vageniuses 
- The Criminals from the Statistics 
- AKAK Black Magic
- Do this all day and schmittyballs... 
- Let's get Schmidt faced
- Prank Sinatra.
- Good on Bean! 
- Literally, it’s all one guy, Bryce Knaub 
- I’ll motorboat your melons for $33
- If you think your shoes are brown, what color do you think you are Winston?
- Shall I compare thee to a summers day? No, a summers day is not a bitch.

90s Music Trivia 
- Ace of Base-ic Knowledge.
- Finding nirvana in my 90s oasis
- Kurt Cobain’s Last Shot
- if you want to be my lover, you gotta have a 401(k) 
- Smells like team spirit 
- Oops, I am sipping again (oh baby baby) 
- Too legit to quiz, 
- Rat me like a hurricane
- Barely alive in the 90s barely living now
- 90s bandwidth,
- If the glove fits you must not quit
- Baby got back problems 
- I won't be missing you 
- Oops....what's my name again
- Smells like Trivia spirit
- Too Old and Too Tired to be Violent Femmes
- Mellon Collie & the Infinite Knowledge
- Smiling Politely

Baldwin Street Grille
- Dead space dogs
- where is my team fuck I'll do it myself

Bobby's Bar
- BJ 4 MU
- Not smarter than a 5th grader
- Vaginacologists
- Gimlets on Bobby
- 4 heads better than none 
- Gruesome twosome squared 
- Facts R Us
- 6 idiots and a baby

Brass Monkey - West Allis
- Dicked Down in Stallis 
- Whores with Sores 
- Alexis may have saved Prince Harry but she probably should have saved Prince Andrew from Jeffrey Epstein 
- Gloop on my Apples 
- What do we know about apples? We’re Android people. 
- Free Augustus Gloop. I think he’s still stuck in that tube. 
- Spider Man: My wife called and said “Time to Get the Fuck Home.”
- Ask your mom about my largest organ.
- If I were to live like I was dying, I’d do Hookers and Blow. 
- Females with Buscemi Eyes is about the worst fucking thing I’ve ever seen - serious fucking nightmare fuel!
- My Fantastic Beast is Notoriously B.I.G.

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- The Devil Wears Ed Hardy 
- Yo Mama takes up 6% of the earth's surface 
- Gor Goth the Trivia Witch
- Unlike Arnold, Blockbuster Won't Be Back 
- Boeing's New Slogan "Mind the Gap
- We’re missing vanderpump rules
- the dumbest girls at the bar
- The Tortured Know Its Departement 
- Call me Forsyth because I’m close to cumming
- How many root beers did Hilary Clinton pour when she worked at McDonald’s?

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- Breaking the 10 second barrier might be impressive, but I break the 9 second barrier every night with your mom
- The one where they can't come up with a team name, RIP Chandler 
- Ask me about Segundi Best team name 
- Your mom didn't "mind the gap" last night
- black and blue balls deep in her chamber of secrets 
- black and blue balls... thats life 
- ur mom is the one who fills my mouth
- bikini bottom ball bitches 
- your mom was an american beauty last night

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- Kim-Kim-Cheree
- Trivia Newton-John 
- Grob's Lawn Services,  LLC
- Bacon Avocado Chicken Wrap 
- I'll be back ... Next Week, Baby! 
- April (Golden) Showers Bring (Fertilized) May Flowers
- I Promise not to Quiz in your mouth 
- A picture Round is worth a Thousand Curse Words!
- Buscemi and the Big Worms

Caffrey's Pub
- William Shake-My-Spear’s A Midsummer Night’s Cream
- I want nothing to do with faberge’s eggs
- Harriet Tubman Underground Railed Me
- Rubik’s Pube

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Your mom can’t fart either
- Total eclipse of Djibouti
- Sex Toy Story, I’ve got a friend in me

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- RIP Harriet Tubman she would’ve loved the hop
- she gives me Mr. Potato head on my woody until I’m slinky

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Morning sloth breath
- autocorrect is my Enema
- Johnie walker, I hardly know her
- The tortured trivia players department
- underground underfunded underboobs

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- Shania Twainsaw Massacre
- Asskins Diet - all ass all the time: 6
- Pit of Sarlacc's:

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- possibly willing to listen to Taylor swift for trivia answer
- here for a good time, not a long time
- Scrotal Eclipse of the Fart
- Whip Cream N' Scream
- Tortured Trivia Department
- We are the 6th Noble Gas: Moron

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- Dendrologists study how hard my wood is
- I need to check my chinese zodiac sign cuz I know I got that dawg in me 
- Total Eclipse of the Fart 
- Maybe Elvis was writing a song on the toilet?
- a 2 ton tongue would crack my balls too 
- if those are his shoes, how big was his dick?! 
- we took a bigger licking than a whale's girlfriend
- "Dream On" said Cuba to JFK 
- In Wisconsin the human body contains 5 to 5 1/2 liters of beer
- Old Yeller 2: a South Dakota Story

Deer Camp
- Flick her black eyed pea 
- Soakin no Mormon
- OJ can finally rest easy knowing his wife’s killer is dead
- pitcher princesses

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
- Tom Brady kisses his kids on the lips
- Jizrael 
- Djibouti's Jamaican me crazy
- I wonder if trump stared directly at the eclipse again? 
- Butt plug: total eclipse of the fart 
- Andrew Johnson can suck a big Johnson 
- Quiz me baby one more time 
- Cousin fuckers
- Cracking Nuts and Having Sex on the Beach
- She Code Red on My Nuts
- What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar?
- Asswork AssFace Ass Out, 
- FLASH Ahhhhhh
- God sent the Covid-19 pandemic in retaliation for the Cats movie

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- Fo shizzle my quizzle
- Pity the fool who looks like tom Brady in a cardigan
- Is Jitaly a country? 
- Total Eclipse of my Retinas
- Deez nuts having sex on the beach 
- Pillow and street suckers
- Two blue whale wannabees and their wives 
- Ass work, ass face, ass out 
- 32% of a 8 foot 2 inch weiner (btn)

Gabe's Wisconsin Tavern
- Dodge County Delinquients
- Shenita cocktail
- Long Dong Silvers 
- Hugh Janous

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- We’re Having a Trivia Malfunction
- The Nipple Slippers

Good City Brewing - East Side
- I want to hand-jam the Birdman's pecker!
- Beer Brigade 
- Honey I quizzed the kids!
- Didn’t win but… “I’ll be back” 
- James & the Giant Baby Puss
- Michael Jackson’s favorite note is a minor 
- Quiz in my pants: the Squeakuel 
- Largest Land Mammal - Brendan Frazier
- The three must get beers
- QuizMasterZZZ 
- Be there, or Shit Square 
- I’m Poopin Cubes!!! Thanks Obama!

Good City Brewing - Tosa
- Team RimRod
- New nut new nut Frank Sinatra'
- Mobys dick is much scarier now

Good Works Brewing
- if the trivia answer doesn't fit, you must acquit!

Hawthorne Coffee
- Lou Bega/s Child Support Payment 
- I knew my ex was a pig 
- Nate’s nipples (aka chest candy) 
- The pelvic floor is lava
- No Outside Beverages
- The King of Hearts Offers no Moustache Rides:
- Frank castle hates silent penises

Izzy Hops
- I lost my virginity in the Oklahoma pan handle.
- The one where they can't come up with a team name, RIP Chandler 
- Ask me about Segundi Best team name - Your mom didn't "mind the gap" last night
- She croquet on my balls til they black and blue 
- Put your incisors around my Coke! 
- If your balls are black and blue… you should get that checked out, babe. 
- Incisor? I hardly know her! 
- High on Heisenberg’s Blue 
- Trickle down my… black and blue balls.
- What’s up, Fu? Man, chew my pussy like Crocodile Dentist
- I like Fu Manchus in my bikini bottoms

Jack's American Pub
- Most Eligible Bachelors 
- Opening Slay
- Cocaine Bears 
- Irish goodbyes

Lion's Tail Brewing
- Wish there was one less Donald
- She galloped on my gish till I d’triumphed
- Trivial Brew-suit

MC's Pour House
- On a scale from Bill Sosby to R Kelly, how fucked is Diddy? 
- All the boys think shes a spy, shes got steve buscemi eyes
- Mining is for squares 
- I'm not saying I'm Batman, but you will never see me and Batman in the same room 
- Those that live in the 80s can no longer remember the 80s 
- How does OJ fit in his coffin. Like a glove!
- Two girls one quiz

- Bunch of Bums
- I donated plasma to pay my tab
- The ugly thing outside of Scotland is English

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Daphne calls my gravy “raging bull”
- Total eclipse of the fart 
- Give me schlitz or give me death 
- 4 pounds? 20 foot cord? My diiiiiiiiiiick! 
- Jerk Alone. Jerk still. Jerk of
- If you hit my wood enough it would crack too 
- I'm not drinkin' any fuckin' merlot!
- Quiz in my pants 
- The largest tongue in the animal kingdom. Your mom's 

Mo's Irish Pub - Wauwatosa
- Harry Potter Battles Godzilla

MobCraft - Milwaukee
- Bricked up for Cream City
- Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Deez Nuts
- We also Finish in under 10 Seconds
- The Lion, the Witch, and the audacity of that Bitch
- You know what they say about guys with big feet...big socks
- Your Mom has a 2.7 ton Tongue
- Only Steve Irwin knows what a Stingray's eye looks like
- Ope, Sorry, you Betcha we're winning Tonight!
- I was Never given a Name

MobCraft - Woodstock
- Trivia is my safe word
- I'll have a 12" with sausage

- Taylor swift is Albino
- My Neck My Back as a presidential campaign song
- I can beat 3.16 fucks per minute 
- Pregaming Taylor Swifts Album release
- OJ's chase is over
- Phil collins gives us the runs

On Tap
- Quiz in My Pants 
- Fairly Odd Pairing
- Janet's Giant Peach
- Team Baby Puss
- Deez Nuts

Ope Brewing
- Who the fuck is buying banana pop tarts
- There wouldn’t be time to impeach the bears quarterbacks
- Who’s cooking all these damn eggs?
- BSing our way through life
- The Decatur Bears Still Suck 
- Ronald Regan’s Black & Blue Balls
- Coincidentally, my girlfriend also has Steve buscemi eyes

Panther Pub
- Total Eclipse of the Mummy’s Heart 
- Hermaphrodite Barbie Cums in her own box…

Perspective Brewing Co
- Once Augustus Went Chocolate, He Never Went Back 
- Either Way, Our Score is NICE
- On Wednesdays We Wear Pink 
- Let's Go to the Space Bar Pronto! 
- There should be more questions about Opossums!

Pete's Pub
- Birdman fly in any weatha
- She will be screaming SOS when I WuTang on her Great Lake
- papaya, I mean passion fruit, I mean papaya
- Marry Fuck Kill: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore
- Scissor me Timbers

Pilot Project Brewing
- Wish I was a Pig! 
- Snape, Snape, Severus Snape…Dumbledore! 
- Welcome to the Ale-amo
- Dumber than we Look
- Rizzmasters

Pomona Cider Co.
- American sniper was the only time I felt patriotic 
- She angry on my birds intil i drop a bomb
- Make her po-moan 
- The goblet of cider
- my mom didn't let me watch south park

Raised Grain Brewing
- 90 minute Quizgasm 
- Swiss Cheese Holes a.k.a. poor man’s pocket pussy
- Bad in Plaid 
- The slut you love but will not say 
- If the coffin don’t fit, you must aquit
- The Fellowship of the Schatzskis Ring 
- I love lamp
- Housewives of Waukesha 
- Came for the draft, stayed for the trivia

Rally Time - West Bend
- I Gave Lara Croft A Hand Jam and in Return She Gave Me A Sacajawea.
- I MAde Your Mom Omegasm Last Night
- Semi-Hard Cheese is My Favorite Wisconsin Strip Club
- The Great Gretsky Isnt The Only Golden Birthday Girl To Body Slam Your Mom

Sahale Ale Works
- Bark Twice if you’re in Milwaukee 
- Squealin For a Feelin 
-My Husband is a pig but only lasts a minute
- Discovered by Germany in 1904, they named it Santa Diego, which is of course, in German, means Santa’s Vagina
- We’re your huckleberry

State Line Distillery
- Are The Pigs Faking It? (I’ll have what soui’s having) 
-  Bradley cooper orgasmed for 90 minutes at Stonehenge
- If the Glove Don't Fit, You must Obit 
- We Have OJ to Thank For the Kardashians- good riddance 
- Hamburgers are named after the Hamburglar
- Tortured Trivia Department 
- Texans who Don't know texas/None of my exes live in Texas 
- Tortured Charlie Puth's Department
- We did poorly because my boyfriend was distracted by the nfl draft

Station 1 Brewing Co
- Golden Girls plus one youngin with their Sugar Daddy
- Social Smuttice Warriors
- Can you be president from prison 
- We like beer, it makes us jolly good fellows
- Beer doesn’t ask silly questions. Beer Understands! 
- The Gaza Strippers
- Beyond Blonde

Third Space Brewing
- Move Hitch, Get Out The Way
- My Mammoplasty Brings All The Boys to the Yard
- Blanc-ing on the Answer
- The Bay of Pigs would have been more successful if we used actual pigs

Uncommon Pints
- Our teammates had a baby, we did our best

UpDown MKE
- For Me, Every Morning Starts with a Micro Soft 
- Call Us the Feta-philes, We Like a Little Cheese 
- Sacagewea Da Best Music!
- Booze?! I Thought You Said Boobs!!

Wisconsin Brewing / Lake Louie Brewing
- It’s Stormy (NOT Daniels).
- It's My Birthday, I Can Cry If I Want To.

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- 4 Boobs 1 Brain.

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- The notorious PIGs
- White bronco memorial society
- Titsburg Feelers
- GyaAna get another beer


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