Quizmaster CUP II at the Milwaukee Ale House....

Quizmaster Cup II unfolded this Sunday afternoon at the Milwaukee Ale House, as 21 faithful trivia teams entered the contest vying for a host of prizes:
  1. Quizmaster Cup, gold medals and $200 bar tab
  2. Silver medals, $100 bar tab
  3. Bronze medals, $50 bar tab
Quizmaster was also giving away Milwaukee Admirals and Milwaukee Rep tickets, as well as cool QM t-shirts and cases of beer!

So, there was a lot at stake including personal pride and all Milwaukee's Quizmaster were hosting this epic clash too!

The quiz kicked off with an monumental lightning round, which gave teams just 60 seconds to answer certain questions. This was followed by the first Drink While You Think semi-final. The winner from each semi-final would progress to the final, from which the winner would emerge with 8 cases of beer for his or her team mates! The slide show below shows how events unfolded on the day!

Quizmaster Cup IIView Photo Slideshow

The Drink While You Think finalists were:
  • Gareth Keenan Re-Investigates
  • And By Points I Mean the Number of Men I've Slept With
  • The Fancy Restaurants
  • Team Low Brow
The final question in the Drink While You Think round was: "name one of the four movies Robert De Niro has starred in which he was nominated for an Oscar but did not win?"

Cape Fear, Awakenings, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter were among the answers.

It was Gareth Keenan Re-Investigates that took all the booze, with the fastest correct answer!

But the quiz wasn't over yet. The Cup and grand prize was still at large and in the end it was Milwaukee Brat House favorites Cock Harvest that sealed the deal...although it wasn't without a mark of controversy!

The controversy...

The quiz itself was from a massive grand total of 150 points, although Cock Harvest had handed in a score totaling 151??? It was discovered that the team who graded their score had given them 20 points for the music clips round which was only worth 10 points!

In this event it should have brought Cock Harvest's score down to 141, which meant they would have tied for second place! Fortunately, following the quiz, the Quizmaster assessed Cock Harvest's answer sheet (as well as every other team), and we think the team grading them had a few too many beers! They had also graded Cock Harvest wrong on two other questions, in the picture round and video round, taking their true total to 143 points!

Ironic that in the end, they did rightfully win, although by just one measly point!

Quizmaster apologizes for the mix up, but we hope our key goal - to ensure all have a jolly good time - was met! We'd like to thank all that participated in what was an absolute fun filled event and be sure to look for QUIZMASTER CUP III this fall!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday December 6th, 2009 Scores:
  1. 143 Cock Harvest
  2. 142 Gareth Keenan Re-Investigates
  3. 141 The Fancy Restaurants
  4. 138 By Points I Mean the Number of Men I've Slept With
  5. 134 Miltown Junks: Give Us the Admirals Tickets Or We'll Deport You
  6. 133 Bark Twice If You're in Milwaukee
  7. 132 Quizzers With Mother Fucking Atttitude
  8. 132 Rusty Sanchez & the Dirty Trombones
  9. 132 G-Town Gang
  10. 130 When Doves Cry
  11. 130 Assume the Position
  12. 129 Dead Babies Will Save Michael J Fox
  13. 128 Only 4 Oceans
  14. 126 Stephen Hawking's Football Introduces Dr. Dulff Ludren
  15. 120 Medieval Marauders
  16. 119 In My Crotchless Panties
  17. 117 Moo Twice If You're in Milwaukee and Enjoy Our Dairy Air
  18. 117 Team Low Brow
  19. 112 Bruise Faces
  20. 102 Team Team
  21. 093 K2


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