A Quiz Bowl Fit for a Queen....

Well, well, well.

March 13th came and went pretty fast this year, as the first annual Quiz Bowl got underway at Replay Sports Bar in Milwaukee.

By number of teams and total quizzers - 29 and 167 respectively, it was the largest pub trivia event ever hosted by Quizmaster and it did not disappoint!!!...


"Is that dude taking my picture?"


And so (Tiger) Blood was at boiling point going into the day's proceedings as teams were competing for over $1000-worth of prizes, including Milwaukee Bucks tickets, Milwaukee Admirals tickets, QDoba gift certificates, $300 in Replay bar tabs, golf passes courtesy of theDuck Hook.com, the Quiz Bowl trophy and ultimate bragging rights!

And even the Queen was in attendance for the big day...


And so, the show kicked off with a rapid lightning round, providing teams with only 60 seconds to answer three multiple-point questions. It proved testing but most teams scored between 7-9 points out of 10, although no team could get a perfect score on that round.

And the show rolled on, with the QuizmasterS and various team names providing some good banter throughout, especially with names such as Are You English or Retarded?...


Fine line, apparently!?!

And while they were busy drinking their beer tower, among other things, some other teams were squaring up for the Wii challenge - the hoop shoot basketball game that would contribute points to each team's overall trivia score....

"I knew I should have worn my Bulls jersey..."



The quiz rolled on, as Quizmaster Kevin Brennan once again got his mug in the frame of things...


And prior to the show getting underway Quizmaster had prompted quizzers to come dressed up (sports-theme preferably, but not required) for the big event!

So, Squad 666 came in their chavvy 80s tracksuits...


Team Highbury didn't really have a theme (maybe football hooliganism) but enjoyed the beer nonetheless...


Meanwhile GFOTT came dressed with a mixed bag of sports jerseys and other gear....


While last place finishers Ninjas Don't Play Sports, Unless Killing is a Sport blended into the surroundings....

"Apparently, killing is not a sport..."


Ninjas are also brand-loyal to Under Armor and Michael Jackson's hats.


And the Royal Family, aka Save the Date: April 29th, 2011 had their thrones ready to go...


Although they would eventually be awarded the runners-up prize for best dressed (10 Qdoba gift certificates!!), outshone only by Fuckin' Wolverine, who had the whole sports thing down to a tee...


They stepped outside (and keep in mind that it's March in Wisconsin) so they could line-up for a couple of photos....

"Err, are you guys sure we're in the right order?..."


"Yeah, that seems a lot better..."


And then some elderly looking ladies stumbled on by (they must have been out on the bar crawl the previous night) to get harassed by the good-sporting Wolverine team...

"Shit, we must still be drunk..."


And quizzers also had the chance to win some shizzle via the fun "Caption Contest," which required them to fill in the bubbles provided below....


In the end, the winning captions were as follows:

1. You think he's sucking my dick, but he's really licking my vagina!

2. Milwaukee Magazine, Swimsuit Issue!

3. Great! I'm getting dicked over by a senator in my own state!

And so, after six rounds of quiz, there was still one category to go!

The Quiz Bowl would end with a significant video round, in which teams had to answer two "What Happens Next" questions and a massive 15-point "Name As Many Athletes As You Can" question as well...

And for those who missed it, the answers were as follows...

And with the Wii challenge also ending, the results from the quiz were read with the winners set to be revealed....

In their first appearance at a major Quizmaster event it was Every Time You Text and Drive that took third place (out of 29 teams) in the end, and a $50 gift card for a solid effort....


They were chuffed, and rightfully so!

One of the Quizmaster's picks to win the whole thing - the legendary Miltown Junks - who themselves won Quizmaster Cup III, would take second place in the end and $100 Replay gift card....


But five points above them in the end were the outsiders of They Thought Godzilla Sucked, whose impressive haul in the Wii challenge made a difference and gave them victory on the day....


And fittingly to Queen's We Are the Champions they hoisted the giant Quiz Bowl...



And proceeded to all drink beer from the trophy too!!!....

"Mmm, this strangely tastes very good..."


The Quizmasters want to thank all the quizzers who ventured out on the day for what was a spectacular event. We know that logistically a few things could have been done better, and we're already working on improvements for the next Quiz Bowl!

More photos can also be found at our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out!

And don't forget that Quizmaster Cup V - Milwaukee's biggest pub trivia tournament - is coming back this Spring! Watch this space, details are coming soon!

Until next Quiz Bowl Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday March 13th, 2011 Scores:

  1. 96 They Thought Godzilla Sucked
  2. 91 Miltown Junks
  3. 90 Every Time You Text and Drive
  4. 86 Are You English or Retarded?
  5. 86 Highbury
  6. 81 Fuckin’ Wolverine
  7. 81 TigerBlood (Winning!)
  8. 79 GFOTT
  9. 79 4 Trucks and a Mover
  10. 76 Any Given Sunday
  11. 76 Fuck Scott Walker
  12. 75 Piss and Shake
  13. 75 Squad 666
  14. 75 Fuck ‘Em Bucky
  15. 73 Save the Date: April 29th, 2011
  16. 73 It Wasn’t an Earthquake it was Godzilla
  17. 73 Scoregasm
  18. 72 Going Pro in Something Other Than Sports
  19. 71 4 Guys, 1 Girl and a Lumberjack
  20. 70 Who? Mike Jones!
  21. 69 It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
  22. 67 Hangin' Brain
  23. 66 Captain Vaseline & the Spunk Monkeys
  24. 64 When Doves Cry
  25. 62 Awesome
  26. 59 The Tittsburg Feelers
  27. 58 Hans Solo and the Wookie Bag Pipers
  28. 56 The Ineffectuals: Lance Armstrong's Dirty Chains!
  29. 51 Ninjas Don't Play Sports, Unless Killing is a Sport

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