May's Best Team Names...

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Bark Twice If You Will Do Anything to Keep Adele and Steve Buscemi From Having Sex
  • I've Got a Mother Fucking Snake in My Mother Fucking Pants!
  • I Thought I Had Been Left Behind After the Rapture This Weekend, But Then I Remembered I Was Visiting My Bitchy In-Laws in Cleveland
  • We Suck, But Not as Bad as West Ham
  • Chicks With Buscemi Dicks
  • You Wonder on a Scale of Anne Frank to Jimmy Hoffa How Good Was Osama's Hiding Spot
  • One Less Person on the No Fly List

Caffrey's Pub
  • Us Dentists Will Fill Your Queef
  • I'm using my phone to text your mom and wish her happy mothers day
  • I should probably be studying for finals right now, but fuck that shit
  • Why the fuck am I here, I have a final at 8am
  • Why Didn't You Go Home For The Royal Wedding You Fuckin' Wanker.
  • Fuck You Bin Laden, Waldo's Been In Hiding For 24 Years.

Whiskey Bar
  • Naomi is "Imoan" Spelled Backwards :)
  • Girls suck at knowing boobies
  • Kevins Tits Are Perfect

Replay Sports Bar
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I have a knife, get in the car..
  • I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike Bar
  • If a fat girl falls in the woods, do the trees laugh?
  • Marriage: Terminated
  • Rattlesnakes and Condoms... 2 Things I Don't Fuck With!
  • What's the difference between a Porsche and a pile of dead babies? I don't have a Porsche in my garage
  • Bin Laden: probably shouldn't check-in on 4 square @ home
  • So we found Osama bin Laden.. now if I can only find my grandma's g-spot
  • Sorry Anne Frank, bin Laden is the new hide & seek silver medalist

The Highbury
  • No Matter How Low You Turn Down the Volume on Porn, It's Still Too Loud
  • Clinton's Monument is Twice as Big
  • The Navy Seals Buried Osama at Sea in A West Ham Kit So He Would Stay Down
  • Fortunately for West Ham, They Weren't Playing Sting Because It Only Took Them 90 Minutes to Get Fucked
  • My Winter Bone Wants to Come Out of Hibernation & Wrestle Marisa Tomei
  • Osama Bin Laden - Hide and Seek Champion 2001-2011

Fanatics Sports Central
  • Fat Kids Always Win At See-Saw
  • James Earl Jones Was The First Man To "Beat It" On The Moon!
  • Where Are Those 72 Virgins Now, Bitch?!?
  • Osama Got A Facial

Milwaukee Brat House
  • We Only Comment on Facebook Posts to Get Laid!
  • Milwaukee's Best (tourists)
  • Schlitz Goes the Dynamite
  • Team Mike Hunt!
  • There are Four Things I Want to Do This Summer, But They're Roommates so Its Tricky
  • Right Now, 72 Virgins Wearing Strap-On Dildos Are Butt-Fucking Osama Bin Laden in Hell.

5th Ward Pub
  • Colors that rhyme with "urple"
  • Have you ever sneezed on yourself and then smelled it? You Should. Cuz it smells disgusting.

Dino'z Sports Bar
  • I bet you a dollar I can fit this whole microphone in my mouth
  • Osama’s 72 Star Wars Virgins
  • We killed Osama! It’s amazing what Americans can accomplish when the Playstation network is down!

Jim's Place
  • Every Time Nickelback Plays on Radio, A Llama Die
  • Lance Armstrong & The Extra Testicles

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • Drink Apple Juice, OJ Will Kill You
  • Batman Is Nothing Without His Utility Belt
  • Ron Burgundy's Mustache

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • The Alex Trebek's Bastard Childrens Foundation
  • Boner Has a Nice Jeremy
  • I'll ease it in.. like a gentleman
  • Put it in her Albert Pujols

Grafton Ale House
  • What is Gaelic for "The Mile High Club?" Aer Lingus
  • Mr Pringle Wants to Know, Who's Up for a Mustache Ride?
  • The Maid Polished the Sperminators Knob (Giggity)
  • I Could Have Sworn the World's Largest Thermometer Was Up My Arse Last Week at the Doctor's Office
  • Rough Year for Oceans: B.P. Oil Spill, Tsunami, Radiation, and Now BIN F'ING Laden
  • Oh... Wager Round, Not Reach Around!

Three Lions Pub
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in Scrotal Recall
  • R-Kelly Peed on My Sister, and all I got was this T-Shirt

Duke of Devon Pub
  • Anthony Wiener's Photographers - Sausage Snappers
  • Schwarzenegger's 7th, 8th and 9th Kids
  • Autopsy Report: Randy "Macho Man" Savage Snaps into Too Many Slim Jims
  • The "Pooh Man Group"
  • I've Been Sober for A Long Time and Really Miss Newcastle

Crisp Pizza Bar
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, I like spaghetti, Lets fuck.
  • Idaho? No, you-da-ho!
  • When Batman Hits His Mom, Does It Say “Pow” ?
  • Did you just quiz your pants?


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