April's Best Team Names...

Milwaukee Ale House:
  • I've Got Something Else That's Gone in 60 seconds... In My Pants!
  • Kate Middleton Will Have 6 Hair Dressers, Will Prince William Have 6 Hairs?
  • Dead Girls Don't Say No!
  • Haven't Filed Yet
  • Too Soon for Japanese Tsunami Humor?
  • Holy Copyright Infringement, Batman! Riddler Sues Wickens for Millions
  • Please Sir, I Want Some More... In My Pants!
  • Royal Wedding Crashers
  • Family Guy Teaches Us Stuff About Geography and History
  • I'll Hufflepuff Your Gryffindor if You Ravenclaw My Slytherin
  • Forget "D" Minor, I've Got a "B" Major...In My Pants!
  • Charlie Sheen Has Done Enough Coke to Kill 2 1/2 Men

Caffrey's Pub:
  • Why can’t I be Blonde and Asian?
  • There's no such thing as a British delicacy
  • Gary Coleman Died Of Many Brain Aneurisms... I Guess Thats Like Different Strokes
  • Only hot people get cyphillis
  • Hide the ugly women Pete's drinking again
  • I bet if there was a gay soccer game on you would have left the volume on... bitch
  • Is it too soon for Tsunami jokes?

Whiskey Bar:
  • Mike Stop playing Angry Birds
  • I Haven't Seen A Tsunami Like That Since I Went Down On Your Mom...
  • Your Balls Are Hairy Because Your A Ware-wolf, Not Because Your Hitting Puberty

Replay Sports Bar:
  • It's really hard to impress our guest from Germany, when the special is PBR
  • This Microphone Reminds Me of Grandpa's Dick
  • It's costing the British Government millions of dollars just to get 1 guy laid?
  • My Carpet Matches Zach Galafinakis' Drapes
  • Anne Frank: Hide and Seek Silver Medalist
  • Justin Bieber has a 10 inch cock, unfortunately it's buried in his ass - and belongs to Usher
  • Sit On My Facebook
  • Last week I went to the "Virgin Islands." They've since been renamed "The Islands."

The Highbury:
  • With William and Kate Condoms on I Feel Just Little Bit More Royal!
  • Jesus Will Rise on Sunday, I Hope You Guys Are Ready to Take Down That Zombie
  • I Wonder if Conan O'Brien Has to Go to Finland to Fuck Himself
  • Camouflage Condoms: She Never Saw Us Coming
  • We Gave Up Being Smart for Lent
  • This Weather is More Unwelcome than a case of the Herpes
  • Walkin Talkin Steven Hawkin
  • India Just Won the Cricket World Cup. How Does it Feel to be Worse at Everything Than those You Opressed?

Trinity Three Irish Pubs:
  • One Man, One Brain
  • Just The Tip
  • Golden Raiders
  • Did you just quiz yourself?

Fanatics Sports Central:
  • Lionel Made A Messi All Over Cristiano's Ronaldo
  • It Aint A Mosquito Bite
  • Prince Charles Was A Cubs Fan?...Knew I Hated The British
  • Prince Charles was a Samurai?
  • Brad Isn't Moving To Texas For Work He's Moving Cos He Thinks He'll Be Better At Trivia There
  • The Difference Between Jam and Jelly
  • NFL Europe? Don't You Mean Fucking Quidditch?
  • The Bloods, The Crips & The Latin Kings: Americas Favorite 50's doo-wop groups

Milwaukee Brat House:
  • Elton John Will Always Be the Queen of England
  • We Brought the Damn English Teacher for the Bonus Round and She Knew Shit!
  • The Firefoxes Want a Roman Soldier Helmet... Urban Dictionary Style
  • I Put the Dick in Dixie and the Cunt in Country
  • I Am Not Thomas Jefferson. He Was a Pussy

5th Ward Pub:
  • My dick is four inches ..... FROM THE GROUND... Bitchiiiiiiiisss!
  • Dig-N-Chug
  • If it were easy. It would be your MOM!
  • More Points Than The Butler Bulldogs

Dino'z Sports Bar:
  • I Just Quizzed In My Pants
  • I think they just quizzed their pants
  • Everybody Poops
  • S.W.A.T. Team (Seriously Wicked At Trivia)

Jim's Place:
  • Bleeding Frogs
  • Red-Headed Douchebags

Attebury's Pub and Eatery:
  • Antidisastablishmentarianists

Black Rose Irish Pub:
  • The Lockout Won't Help Da Bears
  • Sit on my Facebook
  • I'll ease it it in.. like a gentleman. Sick Sluts.
  • Japan Spring Break 2011

Grafton Ale House:
  • Easter Keg Hunt
  • Thank Goodness The Quiz Is Over Early. Now I Can Go Potholing in Uranus
  • That's Not What My Boyfriend Said Spelunking Was...
  • Cubs STILL Suck!
  • Sprechen Sie Douche
  • Amish Get the Wood Up in the Morning
  • Quizmaster Trivia... The Best Bang for Your Buck!

Three Lions Pub:
  • Sam Wickens killed Tink so he could be our Quizmaster
  • Whoring for pub quiz points since 2008
  • I haven't seen a tsunami like that since I went down on your mom
  • Has anyone seen Mike Hunt? I'm looking for Mike Hunt?

Duke of Devon Pub:
  • Benny Hill is My Dad!
  • We Banged the Mash
  • How Many Feet in a Scotland Yard?
  • Not My Cup of Tea Bagging
  • Bi-Polar Express
  • Fags Forever
  • If the Queen's Bladder Fails, Is There Going to be a Royal Wedding?
  • Condoleeza Rice Crispie Treats

Crisp Pizza Bar:
  • When batman hits his mum, does it say "pow"?
  • I've got the shakes worse than Japan ... Too soon?
  • The real housewives of Marshall st!
  • It wouldn't be so hard to drive, if it wasn't for this enormous erection


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