November's Best Team Names

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Liam Neeson's Cock
  • My favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffing Ms Daisy
  • Seriously... What ever happened to Nelly and Sisqo?
  • WNBA: Why Nobody Bothers Attending
  • From the back is Bill's favorite view of Hillary
  • I hate it when people compare Freddie Mercury to God. He's good, but he's no Freddie Mercury

Cafe Hollander
  • This is the smallest bra i've ever seen!
  • "Tits" is a boring team name name
  • Proper English Tea-Baggers

Caffrey's Pub
  • I Could Never Be Jerry Sandusky, My Dick's Too Big.
  • Pete Wishes He Had A Grand Prick.
  • The Only Thing Worse Than Detroit Is Nickleback.
  • Jerry Sandusky's Tonsil Tickling Team
  • Jesse Owens Won Four Golds, But Hitler Won Best Mustache
  • Driver, Please Stop The Bus. You Need To Let My Friend Jack Off.
  • I Want To Work, That Is Why I Don't Live In Green Bay
  • Does It Count As A 3-Way If She's Pregnant.
  • Jerry Sandusky Presents Marquette Elementary School Quiznight.
  • Schindler's Quiz: I Could Have Answered More
  • Weeping Priests

Whiskey Bar
  • 9 Out Of 10 Prisoners Loves A Good Gang Rape
  • Herman Cain Is Pulling Out?...Thats A First
  • Jerry Sandusky, Coming From Behind Since 1998...Too Soon?
  • Aren't All Females Bitches
  • Does it make anyone else feel old knowing Toy Story was made 16 years ago?
  • As Popular As Scott Walker At A Teacher's Convention!
  • Justin Bieber's New Song... Baby, Baby, Baby. Ohhh, it's not my baby
  • There are actually 207 bones... you're forgetting the boner!
  • Herman Cain Gave Me the The Clap

Replay Sports Bar
  • This is how it feels to be city, this is how it feels to be Manc, this is how it feels when your club's not owned by the bank.
  • South Dakota is the Black Hole State
  • Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York.
  • What do Jerry Sandusky and Kohl's have in common? Little Boys pants half off!
  • Miley Cyrus is not smarter than a 5th grader
  • I hope Dr. Conrad Murray likes prison food .... and penis.
  • Things longer than Kim Kardashian's Marriage - The Trick Or Treat Line at Casey Anthony's House

  • My Bosnian Friend Is The Worst Teammate Ever!
  • So A Red Bull, Mr. Jameson, And A Vodka Walk Into A Bar
  • Quiz On My Face!!
  • Would You Like Some Crumpets? I Would Because I'm Winston Churchill

Bootz Saloon
  • Suck an egg - we're sore losers

Fanatics Sports Central
  • And Down Goes Frasier
  • The Labrynth was filmed in Saskatchewan
  • Ray charles,that daredevil
  • The WNBA really fucks with Darwins theory of evolution

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Bark Twice for Rick Perry... then throw up and don't vote for him
  • What did Blonde's left leg say to her right? Nothing... they have never met
  • Star Whores Episode 1
  • When I think about you I quiz myself
  • Urban Myth: Wickens has a giant alligator... In My Pants?
  • Bark twice if you live in a city where you think a grocery store is a bar with a popcorn machine in it
  • "Jerry Sandusky is guilty... of being kind of hot"
  • If a cougar is an older woman who goes after a younger boy, is a Nittany Lion the older man that goes after a younger boy... In My Pants
  • The Suck Ups - All the cool people are going to the Quizmaster Cup
  • Justin Bieber should have practiced Coitus Interuptus
  • Cher is the Quizmaster's Favorite Singer

Dino'z Sports Bar
  • Paranormal Activity . . . In My Pants!
  • 10% Off Shower Head At Joe Perverto's Penn State Shower Emporium
  • I Hope This WIns Best Team Name

Jim's Place
  • Big Cats might be Dangerous, but a Little Pussy Never Hurt Anyone
  • Finished My Morning Workout...Time to Clear my Internet History
  • Penn State: Where 10-year Old Tight End's become Wide Receivers
  • Did you know... A pig's orgasm can last up to 30 minutes? Way to go, pigs!
  • For my next trick, I'll need a volunteer and a condom
  • Be careful what you wish for...Remember, Simba "couldn't wait to be king," then his dad got fucking dealt with.
  • Did you Know... That Vibrators were first used in the 19th Century to treat a woman for Hysteria? Way to go, Vibrators!
  • If you lock your keys in your car outside an abortion clinic, is it wrong to go inside and ask for a coathanger?
  • We Gave out more Tricks than Treats Last Week
  • Did you Know... Penguins only have sex twice per year? We would say, "Way to go, 36 Penguins," but we feel sorry for them
  • Women are Like Condoms, they spend more time in your wallet than on your dick

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • What Do Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and The G Spot Have In Common? They Don't Exist.
  • Like Pete and Jerry Sandusky, We Too Enjoy The Rythmic Slapping Of Towels In The Shower. Too Soon?
  • Pete Would Offer A Mustache Ride If He Could Grow One.
  • I Swear Officials. Pete Told Me He Was 18.

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • We don't do cocaine, we just like the smell of it. Victim number 9. We are Penn State
  • Canada is better than England
  • Queef Masters

Grafton Ale House
  • Short Skirts, Long Hair, Mormons Flying Everywhere!
  • TEBOW: Great Quarterback or Greatest Quarterback!
  • Lake Michigan may be the biggest lake, but Lake Titicaca is the Wettest
  • Michell Duggar's Vagina is like Route 66 - Slippery When Wet
  • Hatchling's on the Megabus! Starring Samuel L Jackson
  • We lost... shit
  • JEEP stole the slogan for my cock!!

The Highbury
  • In Hebrew, Jesus was originally spelled T-E-B-O-W
  • Hey Duggars! That's a vagina, not a clown car.
  • Get these mothafuckin' pirannas out of my Mothafuckin' Escalator!
  • Buying a new brand of hummus will not help the Greek economy
  • Worms in the Apple.. and in Steve Jobs

Three Lions Pub
  • Riders of Lohan
  • Herman Cain's Meat Lover's Pizza
  • Herman "I ain't molested no bitches" Cain
  • What's The Difference Between a Hooker & A Drug Dealer?...A Hooker can Clean Her Crack & Resell It
  • There are 6 people at this table. 5 of whom are not c**tbags
  • If two lesbians are playing rock paper scissors, isn't it called "scissors, scissors, scissors?"
  • What do call the area between a vagina and an asshole? A driving range, because that's where I hit my balls all day.

Duke of Devon Pub
  • How do you get a Nun pregnant ----> you fuck her
  • Dung Beatles are better than shitty Rolling Stones
  • What do you get if you mix a bulldog with a Shitzu?
  • Turkey Squirts
  • Andy Rooney died after a long battle with... everything
  • I've Been Wearing the Sam Pair of Underwear Longer Than Kim Kardashian was Married

Crisp Pizza Bar
  • The Toughest 4 Letters in Bed
  • Drink V8 Because OJ will Fucking Kill You
  • Who the Fuck Wouldn't Want to Stay at the YMCA


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