January's Best Team Names

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Not Even Swedish People Like Ace of Base
  • Isn't Monica Lewinsky the lead singer of Goblin Cock
  • He-Man: Proving that UGGs have been uncool since the beginning of time
  • Paterno's Illegal Touching <- "like"
  • Don't drop the SOPA
  • Too Legit to Quit Drinking
  • The Packers defense went down faster than an Italian cruise ship
  • The Quizmaster is thicker and quicker than a perfect pint of Guinness
  • If you think a Guinness is a good representation of good head, don't go to Ireland
  • Touched by an uncle
  • The deadliest snatch

Cafe Hollander
  • I’m Going To Run Out And Buy Goblin Cock, If That’s A Real Album
  • They Say You Are What You Eat, But I Don’t Recall Eating Sexy Beast
  • Why Does Canada Suck?
  • Is Your Dad In Prison? Because If I Was Your Dad, I Would Be.
  • The Music Round Makes Me Want To Punch Myself In The Gut
  • I Thought That It Would Be Better Without The British Accent
  • We scored more points tonight than the Bucks
  • Congratulations Jay-Z on your 100th problem
  • The only thing worse than the Packers loss is the way I pronounce "Leisure"
  • Whats long and hard & in my pocket... a knife, GET IN THE VAN!
  • I call my DICK cheney because it shoots people in the face.

Caffrey's Pub
  • Our Team Has 99 Problems And Two Of Them Are Bitches.
  • I'm From Cleethorpes, I'm Basically A Scot.
  • Pete Calls His Weiner The Lionheart.
  • Braveheart Happened Get Over It.
  • Terri Schiavo's Nutritionist
  • The Music Clip Round Is Like Pete Marshall, It Finishes Way Too Quickly And Leaves All The Women Disappointed.
  • 1992 Was 20 Fucking Years Ago...
  • I Have A Dream That One Day I'll Be Able To Understand Pete.
  • Discount Double Choke.

Whiskey Bar
  • Brooke puts the "ho" in Hogan
  • Pianist. Penis. Doesn't Matter, Either way your stroking
  • But you ain't got no legs Lt Dan
  • If More People At More McLeans Theyd Get More McLovin
  • The Very Private and Very Pleasurable Quizmasturbation
  • How Do You Say "That Sinking Feeling" In Italian?
  • The More You Play With It The Bluer It Gets
  • The LSU Team Bus Couldn't Get Out Of The Parking Lot This Morning, Someone Painted A 50yd Line In Front Of It...
  • I Don't Like Cocaine But I Enjoy The Smell Of It
  • Lebron James' Fiance now has one more ring than him...

Replay Sports Bar
  • The 3rd Rule of Fight Club: Try your best & have fun!
  • Tongue Punching The Fart Box
  • The Quizmaster would be put to death in Iran
  • Only two men have slept with 20,000 women ... Wilt Chamberlain, and the Quizmaster.
  • The Queen was banned from Sam Wickens bedroom... until last night.
  • Uncles with benefits

  • In Honor Of The Passing Of Joe Pa, Penn State Is Encouraging All Youngsters To Wear Their Pants At Half Mast
  • Maybe Kelly Clarkson Should Switch From BigMacs To McLeans
  • 2% Of Americans Believe Mitt Romney's First Name Is Mittens: We Are The 2%!
  • Hey You With The Cell Phone, Stop Shazaming The Music Question!
  • Who Abandoned Faster, Packer Fans At Lambeu Or The Italian Cruise Ship Captain?
  • Eli, You May Be A Big Giant On The Field, But You're A Little Giant Everywhere Else
  • Surprise!!! Butt Sex!
  • New Years comes once a year and so do I!

Upper 90 Sports Pub
  • Argentina may be bigger but Chile's longer
  • Don't drop the SOPA or the PIPA!!
  • Ryan Dunn's Porsche Repair and BBQ

Fanatics Sports Central
  • Newt Gingrich would like Lady Gaga to play his skin flute
  • Achilles real heel is his closeted sexuality
  • Will You SOPA My PIPA?
  • Our Score Is Going To Blow Like Hiroshima

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Lady Gaga - The Piano, drums, guitar and the dick
  • Newt Gingrich: Working on his 4th wife since 2007
  • Gather round the good stuff... in my pants!
  • MILFs in training, "gather round the good stuff"
  • Jerry Sandusky Wrestling Team Towelboys
  • The Hipster Burned His Mouth Because He Ate The Pizza Before It Was Cool.

Jim's Place
  • 40oz of Freedom
  • What time do the Packers play on Sunday?
  • SOPAthetic
  • Fat kids are harder to kidnap
  • Sopa? Why is everyone talking about Mexican soup?
  • Just don't Google Santorum
  • Free Van Candy
  • Does this smell like chloroform?

Jim's Place
  • Don't Let an Italian Drive Your Boat
  • Tell Congress to drop the SOPA so they know how it feels

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • The Team Formally Known As Prince.
  • Santorum?! Barely Know Him.
  • Nic Cage's Hairline.
  • Better Late Than Pregnant.
  • Be sure to google "Blue Ivy" not "Blue Waffle"
  • 1 Plus 1 Equals 3... When The Condom Breaks.
  • I Never Thought I'd Miss A British Man, Especially At Night.
  • Someone Dipped Their Chocolate In My Santorum.

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • I jizzed on your girls face, check her cumplexion.
  • I love when girls wear leggings to a bar, usually you have to get a few drinks in then before you can see their moose knuckles.
  • Jodie Foster's Fear Boner
  • Baby Seal's Club!!
  • The morning woods
  • Flatter than your sister
  • poop-stained-grape-bags.edu
  • Orange Bowl... More like... Fuck this game!

Spitfire Pub
  • Creem puffs
  • Rattlesnakes and condoms: Two things I don't fuck with

Grafton Ale House
  • So easy even a Quizmaster can do it
  • The told me to just write down anything and turn it in
  • Why do people say "grow some balls?" Because balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna get tough grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!
  • Victoria Beckham is such a slut we were going to go with "Yellow Cab Company" Beckham
  • I call my Dick Cheney b/c it shoots people in the face
  • Is it strange that my doctor had both hands on my shoulders during my last prostate exam???....
  • Brokeback Mountain, The Story Of Rick Santorum
  • When you pull my Christmas cracker, stuff comes out too...
  • One of the Olsen twins should just O.D. already so we can stop guessing which one

The Highbury
  • What's the difference between Jam and Jelly? I can't Jelly my dick in your ass!!!
  • Without Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky will be like an Italian ship captain looking for new recruits
  • I only watch the playoffs. Who are the Vikings?

Daddy's Rockin' Steakhouse
  • The drunk & the restless
  • If you think Columbus is bad, you should try Toledo

Three Lions Pub
  • Condoms and Rattle Snakes, and Tink...Things I Don't Fuck With
  • My Granny Doesn't Fight, Bit You Should See Her Box
  • Let me Get This Straight : Joe Paterno Coughed up a Lung in The Shower and No one Reported it?!
  • Discount Double Choke
  • Italy can now be known for fine women, fine wine, and shit Sailors
  • In China Too Young is Just a Name
  • Unlike The Italian Cruise ShipCaptain, We go Down on Things we Screw
  • On A Scale of Casey Anthony to Jerry Sandusky, How Much Do You Like Kids?
  • What's The Difference Between Tebowing & Teabagging
  • I Thought it Was the Brit that Burned Down, Because this Place is on Fire

Duke of Devon Pub
  • I told my girlfriend it was "Tebow Time" so she would finally get on her knees
  • Turtles breath through their anuses
  • Anyone want to go on an Italian Cruise?
  • Big Test Icicles
  • Eat Fresh... Summer's Eve
  • Andy Dick Tracy Morgan Freeman


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