We smell trouble at Replay! Quiz Bowl II Recap!

It was a day to remember at Replay Sport Bar this Sunday January 29th, as Milwaukee welcomed back Quiz Bowl, having had the massive inaugural event back in March 2011.

And just a reminder that more photos from the event can be found at our Facebook page.

And over 100 of Mke's finest queeps (yeah, that's quiz+peeps) flocked to Replay at 1 p.m. to challenge each other for a whole host of prizes...


Each team got a bottle of Wisconsin's original Black Dot Vodka just for participating, and as well as the "massive" Quiz Bowl trophy for the day's champions, over $300 in Replay gift cards, Marquette University men's basketball tickets, Milwaukee Admirals tickets, Qdoba gift cards and various other swag was up for grabs...


And yes, because we at Quizmaster like to rewards both the thinkers and drinkers, we even had some gear for our lower placing teams, most notably a copy of the Comedy Central's Roast of David Hasselhoff...


Forget the money and free booze, that's what Milwaukee's quiz elite were after!

And so, the quiz got underway with a rapid-fire lightning round, testing team's knowledge of NHL points leaders, "the Fight of the Century" and NFL helmets, and although no team scored a perfect 10 out of 10, some came close. Notable Grafton quiz stalwarts Squad 666 got off to a flyer with a score of 9 from a possible 10 lightning round points...


As did Milwaukee queeps Urethra Franklin's Hidden Pickle...


The question is where... (is the hidden pickle, that is?!)

And Quiz Bowl debutant Calculus Assemble also had a near perfect score of 9 in the opening round...


Squeezed in the corner booth :)

And so the quizness continued, with a familiar pen-and-paper format for the rest of the days questions.

And like we said, all teams got FREE Black Dot just for being awesome enough to be in the vicinity, and newbies Awesome Stellar Superstars weren't complaining...


And A drinking team with a trivia problem certainly had their priorities straight, as their name suggested...


And so the Bowl rolled on, with a couple of tense wager rounds featuring, as well as a sports-related Music Clips round, but the summit of the day's game came in the shape and form of the final video round, which featured an 18-point question to conclude...

Just make sure you keep an eye of the referee in Question 27 when you view the answers...

We think quizzers got a real kick out of that one!

And before the results were tallied, quizzers had the chance to win tickets to Marquette basketball games courtesy of the rather delicious "Caption Contest..."


Teams had to simply fill in the speech bubble with a clever or crude (most likely crude) caption to win the MU swag.

Some funny ones included:

  • "This is how many times I've been to class this year"
  • "This is the weirdest glory hole I've ever been to..."
  • "I have zero student debt! Bwahahahaha!"
  • "Money shot. Right here!"

But in the end the winners were Clan Mcleod with their moniker "Hey Bucky check out my other 'Brown eye'!"


They hold the prestigious title of being Quizmaster's longest-serving team, dating back to the days of the former Britinn. They also got a signed MU poster on top of the tickets. Cheers lads!

But being the rather spectacular event that Quiz Bowl is, we also had additional MU tickets and so Highbury won the additional swag...


They are gentlemen at heart, really!

And so the results were almost in. And a whole host of teams were vying for glory, including Why is all the rum gone?...


And the Perfect Pints recent form at their home-bar had been good, meaning they were looking strong going into the event...


And veterans Text and Drive placed at the last Quiz Bowl...


Could they repeat again this year?

And so, after 100 points, two video rounds, two wager rounds and a rather tricky music clips round, the top five teams would walk away with automatic prizes, and In My Pants, runners-up at November's Quizmaster Cup VI, would swallow up an honorable fifth position...


Lakefront Brewery Tour tickets and a video game for them!

And, because we're all inclusive at Quizmaster, we tried to make sure everyone got something, and so Marcia's Minions, finishing in 19th place (out of 19) got the Hasselhoff and Bob Saget roast DVD's and some shot glasses...


Fourth spot went to Unbelievably Gooden, who's rather good score got them Lakefront tour tickets, some Admiral tickets and other various swag...


And Quizmaster Cup IV champs, the notorious, Schlitz-guzzling (say that three times fast) Fuckin Wolverine would take third on the day with a rather hungover squad of players...


And inaugural Quiz Bowl champions, going by the moniker Our Higher Power is Tim Tebow on the day, would finish in a respectable second spot, as they only missed seven points with a score of 93...


They were instructed by the Quizmasters to "Tebow" for their post-quiz photo and they had no problems doing so! They got a $100 Replay tab and Lakefront beer for their awesome effort!

But, it was the legends of Pluckin Aint Easy, regular quizzers and attendees at all recent Quizmaster events, that stole the show, as their massive score of 96 out of 100 was all they needed for ultimate glory!...


They also each got a bottle of Black Dot for finishing top of the standings!! Yep, as we said it was about time they won a big one!


And if don't forget to check the Facebook page for even more pics!

Quizmasters Ryan and Sam, the day's hosts, thank all the fantastic queeps for their participation in the event, and Quiz Bowl III will undoubtedly return to Replay, most likely in late 2012. Furthermore, watch this space as Quizmaster Cup VII which will be coming to Milwaukee this Spring!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday January 29th, 2012 Quiz Bowl II scores:

  1. 96 Pluckin’ Aint Easy
  2. 93 Our Higher Power is Tim Tebow
  3. 90 Fuckin Wolverine
  4. 89 Unbelievably Gooden
  5. 85 In My Pants
  6. 84 Abnormaly High Testosterone
  7. 82 The Perfect Pints
  8. 82 Urethra Franklin’s Hidden Pickle
  9. 80 Squad 666
  10. 79 Every Time You Text and Drive
  11. 78 Clan McLeod
  12. 77 The Highbury
  13. 70 Calculus Assemble
  14. 63 Awesome Stellar Superstars
  15. 63 Why is all the rum gone?
  16. 59 Sunday Sloths
  17. 58 Nancy Grace's Kidnap Countdown
  18. 57 A drinking team with a trivia problem
  19. 36 Marcia’s Minions


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