March's Best Team Names...

Milwaukee Ale House
  • The thing less believable than Mandy Moore's Simpsons boobs is Nicholas Cage's Oscar
  • Trick question! John Travolta won "best actor" as Nicholas Cage in Face/Off!
  • To say Dick Cheney got a heart transplant implies he had one in the first place
  • What is the only thing to go down faster than the Titanic? Owen Hart
  • I can't believe counterfeit DVDs were not invented in China
  • Half Human, Half Vulcan, all Sex Machine
  • Rattlesnakes and Condoms - two things I don't fuck with
  • Sandpaper Handjobs
  • I'd rather be impregnated by Eddie Murphy than see 21 Jump Street
  • Does my dick make these jeans look skinny?
  • Being the fastest mouse in all of Mexico won Speedy Gonzalez many races, but it also lost him many girlfriends
  • Michael Jackson and the lost boys... talk about tainted love
  • Elton John loves a bit of Santorum!... in the face!

Cafe Hollander
  • If Nicholas Cage Has An Oscar, How Many Does Vin Diesel Have?
  • Do You Like Fish Sticks? What Are You, A Gay Fish?
  • It's Good To Meet A Girl In The Park, But Better To Park Your Meat In The Girl
  • No Kissing, Just Anal
  • Kim Jong No Longer Ill
  • How Many Potatoes Does It Take To Kill An Irishman? NONE!
  • Here's To Nipples.... Without Them Titties Would Be Pointless
  • As A Pedophile, I Find It Hard To Fit In
  • You Look Like A Homeless Guy That Just Got back From A Soup Kitchen

Caffrey's Pub
  • Rape: Not so bad with a reach around
  • New York will corrupt Tim Tebow
  • Blumpkins are #1 ... or wait... #2
  • Zoey, Pete gave us a blowjob everytime we won- want to continue the tradition?
  • I lost my virginity but I still have the box it came in

Whiskey Bar
  • Virginity is like candy, easy to take from a baby
  • No Means Yes, and Yes Means Anal!
  • A toast to the three rings of marriage...the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering
  • Why Do Mermaid's Wear Seashells? Cos B's Are Too Small And D's Are Too Big
  • Troy, I See You Out Drinking After Calling In Sick To Work! Gotcha Bitch!..
  • No, We Don't Want To See 21 Fucking Jump Street
  • My Girlfirend Said No To The Idea Of A Rape Roleplay. I Said, "Thats A Good Start"
  • I'm Sorry I Can't Hear You Over The Sound Of My Own Awesomeness
  • Athletics AKA Running
  • I Tried To Clean Out My Closet But Tom Cruise Wouldn't Come Out
  • Rush Limbaugh Thinks "Amen" Means Slut.
  • My Pharmacist Asked Me If My Daughter Was Sexually Active, And I Said She Normally Just Lies There
  • The Worst Thing You Can Do To A Blind Man Is Leave The Plunger In The Toilet.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Trampoline And A Dead Baby? I Take My Boots Off Before I Jump On A Trampoline.
  • Vagina Jokes Aren't Funny. Period.
  • Bernie Madoff Can Eat My Fannie Mae
  • What Is The Hardest Part About Being A Pedophile? Fitting In?
  • The 5 Second Rule Does Not Apply To Dropping Babies
  • Do These Shoes Make My Cankles Look Fat?
  • Since The World Is Supposed To End December 21st, I'm Not Using Condoms Past April!
  • Yeah, I'll Admit It, I Make Her Call Me Quizmaster During Sex

Cans Bar
  • The 3 shortest books ever written: Jewish Business Ethics, Italian War Heroes, and Black People I Met Sailing.
  • Dead Girls Don't Say No
  • Why does Helen Keller masterbate w/ one hand? So she can moan w/ the other
  • I host Trivia on Tuesdays cuz my Boyfriend works late

Bert's Bar
  • O My Liver
  • Kim Jong Illin
  • My wife is useless at quiz night... Love you honey..

Upper 90 Sports Pub
  • All's Well that Beds Well
  • Ryan Braun's Pharmaceutical Consultants
  • Snooki's Baby Daddies

Milwaukee Brat House
  • I'd eat them: Sanigav spelt backwards is vaginas
  • Holywood is my new porn name
  • It's not our fault we're dumb... we graduated from Whitewater
  • Jenna and the Jenna-tals
  • In order to win the Super Bowl, the Broncos sacrificed a virgin
  • George Takei likes to Bangkok
  • The golden girls have golden vaginas and so do we
  • Your sister has the whitest teeth I've ever come across
  • If the Spanish Steps were in the USA they'd be deported for illegal immigration
  • Who needs a goldeneye when you have a golden vagina
  • Scuba... more like screw ya

Spitfire Pub
  • Wankers
  • Simple Minds
  • Cock N' Balls
  • The Moatboaters

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • You ever take a crap so big your pants fit better?
  • Amberzombie and Bitch
  • Panthers are black, tigers are orange, but cougars can be any color as long as they are over 40
  • My Girls friend is three feet tall and I'm nuts over her
  • We don't know Jack, we're just drinking it
  • My mom can't wrestle, but you should see her box!!!

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • Jessica Simpson's Water Breaks; Floods L.A.
  • Last time I got drilled like that, he at least bought me breakfast.
  • At A Loss For Words And Trivia Answers.
  • Rush Linbough Seen In Gay Bar With More Than His Foot In His Mouth!
  • Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Questions.

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Do you think Queen Elizabeth gives good carriage head?
  • Fuck Team Jacob, My Mom was eaten (out?) By Wolves!
  • Evidently the Broncos had to sacrifice a virgin for a chance to win the Super Bowl
  • Sharks dedicate a week to us
  • Slicked back undercut: Look up Blue Waffle on Google Images
  • Sam, Tell your mom the child support check is in the mail!
  • Inspector Gadget? I just met her.

Grafton Ale House
  • Who went deeper? James Cameron or Bill Clinton
  • I know a lot of girls who can eat more than 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes
  • Mayor McCheese's gherkin is high on the the Scoville Scale
  • My bracket's fucked!!!
  • We love your Ralph Lauren Panties
  • I Stevie Wonder if Quizmaster wants to part George W's Bush
  • I'm too sexy for my shirt and so is Lou Ferrigno
  • We like how you say Harvard.... Harvard Harvard Harvard
  • Fuck Dumbo
  • If Susan Boyle and LL Cool J got together would that be tainted love?
  • Thank Christ you pixelated Susan Boyle's Face!
  • You mom gave me a love bite

The Highbury
  • Fat kids are harder to kidnap
  • What do you call a baby in the middle of the ocean with no arms and no legs? FUCKED
  • Get your fingers out of my vagina, until later, when you can put them back in
  • How many dead babies does it take to paint a house? Depends on how hard you throw them.
  • What's blue and yellow and at the bottom of the pool? A baby with slashed floaties. What is red and yellow and at the surface of the pool? Floaties with a slashed baby.
  • Snooki's pregnant; In other news, Santorum's now pro birth control

Three Lions Pub
  • Lets Play Titanic...When I Say Iceberg, You Go Down
  • The Gosselin Kids were So Cute I Wanted To Murder Them and Wear their Skin
  • This Dick is Not Going To Suck Itself
  • I Got Kicked Out of Boy Scouts For Eating A Brownie, Her Name Was Kelly
  • In the US Flipping the Bird Means a One Fingered Gesture. In the Uk it Means its Time for Anal
  • Now That Justin Bieber is 18, We Can Fuck His Ass us Legally
  • If the Team with 27 people wins, I'm flipping a table
  • This Microphone Smells Like My Dad's Cock
  • Whitney Houston Just Made A Sequel To The Body Guard..."The Body Bag"

Replay Sports Bar
  • What does the Marquette Basketball team and their girlfriends have in common? SWEET 16 BABY!
  • I gave Ryan Braun the herp
  • If you count the number of times I fucked Susan Boyle, it's more than Goodfellas, Scarface, Good Will Hunting and Dumbo combined.
  • We hope margaret thatcher pops out of a cake in a thong for the Quizmaster's birthday!

Duke of Devon Pub
  • This is easy... that's what she said
  • Sig-Horney Weavers
  • Quiz in Yo Face!
  • Whitney Houston's Faulty Snorkel
  • Dear God, get this baby out of me!
  • Sex Panther: 60% of the time we win all the time
  • Balls Deep Brits
  • Can't spell for crap

Crisp Pizza Bar
  • Tiger Woods Drive Shaft
  • Our couches pull out, but we don't
  • Not only is her bracket busted, so is her hymen
  • Koney 2012? Uganda be kidding me!
  • I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look
  • I would eat absolutely anything off of Bradley Cooper's body
  • Santorum's Milk and Cookies
  • One lonely drunk who knows too much.. yes ladies, I'm available!
  • One Legged Midget Stripper


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