Quizmaster T-Shirt Finalists! Vote Now!

Well, we must say, Wisconsin's finest came out with some great creative efforts for our first (annual?) t-shirt contest this year.

We received several fantastic submissions from queeps hailing from all over the state including Milwaukee, Grafton and even Appleton, but after careful and sleepless deliberation, we've chosen three finalists. And YOU guys are going to help us decide which design will be the winner! The three finalist's designs are seen below...


Design 1:
Lizzie Dunfee's "Drink While You Think" derby (bowler) hat design.

Design 2:
Jake Rathkamp's "bulb in a stein" design.

Design 3
Gretel Bubnik's "Monocle" Quizmaster logo design.

Now that's sorted, we're asking our loyal queeps to vote on their favorite design. We ask that before voting you consider the design itself (the t-shirt colors above are just examples and will likely be altered). Consider the shirt you would most likely wear at quiz night, or just anywhere for that matter - consider the shirt you might buy if you saw it in a store

We must stress, however, that the results of the poll will not necessarily determine the winner! We already have an idea of which one we are going choose, but perhaps if there is an overwhelming favorite among you guys we might just change our minds! We just want to see what our queeps are thinking, as we already know what you're drinking!

Now go ahead and cast your vote!....


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