Halloween Spooktacular Quizzin' October 31st...

It just so happens that Halloween in 2012 will fall on a Wednesday and we at Quizmaster are taking advantage of the scary holiday by providing YOU - Wisconsin's finest queeps - with a fitting night of trivia.

Particularly, the Milwaukee Brat House, 1013 Old World Third Street will be featuring numerous specials during their weekly quiz (7pm start time), including:

  • $1 Schlitz beers (like all good things in this world, they come in pairs)
  • $4 Schlitz lunchboxes
  • $3 Coors products
  • Miller and Coors giveaways (expect slutty girls to be giving this stuff away too!)
  • An additional $50 gift certificate for the best INDIVIDUAL costume....

Please, no one come dressed as Quizmaster Ryan this year! West Ham costumes are encouraged though!

We advise teams to arrive just little bit earlier than normal as the Brat House will likely be hopping for the event - so be sure to grab a good seat!

If the Brat House isn't your cup of tea though, never fear as all other Quizmaster venues that night will be holding a Halloween-themed trivia showcase too!

We advise that all queeps check the schedule just to be sure about which venues are quizzing that night!


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