September's Best Team Names...

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Don't hassle the hoff
  • A week before Lincoln's death he was in Monroe, Maryland... a week before Kennedy's death he was in Marilyn Monroe!
  • Getting mauled by a Detroit cougar meant something very different in the 1920s than it does today
  • Happy New Year Ethiopia! Party like it's 2005!
  • I don't know what you call your cock, but I don't call mine cornelius!
  • Charlie Sheen did enough cocaine to kill two and a half men
  • I missed my fantasy football draft for this!?!
  • I would hate to be a bathroom attendant for George Michael

Cafe Hollander
  • I lost my flux capacitor in your bermuda triangle
  • You know how I know your gay? You like Dave Matthews Band 
  • Dear God let it be November 7th already
  • We are never, ever, ever gonna win trivia 
  • Fosters, Australian for terrible
  • Don't Drink and Drive, Smoke and Fly
  • It Turns Out Cameron Diaz Is Allergic To My Face Paint 
  • There’s A Hoe In My Garden 
  • I Watched Brokeback Mountain With My Mom

Caffrey's Pub
  • I Can't Think Of A Better Joke Than The End Of That Game
  • This Scored Was Judged By The Replacement Refs
  • Cutler Is A Bitch
  • Is That A Mirror In Your Pocket? Cause I Can See Myself In Your Pants... Dan?
  • My Mom is Cooler than yours.. and Smarter 
  • Go Ahead and Make Michael Clarke Duncan's day

The Backyard
  • Misguided Carrier Pigeons Eating Sour Patch Kids
  • Hey Jude, No One Drinks Fosters in Australia 
  • New Jersey's Newest Parking Lot

Whiskey Bar
  • Touchdown Seahawks!
  • Brett Favre is unretiring now that interceptions count as touchdowns
  • I've seen better decisions on 16 and Pregnant than by the Refs last night
  • I hear Penn State is changing their song to "Put me in Coach"
  • To say that BLIND RETARDED MONKEYS could officiate an NFL game better than replacement referees is an insult to BLIND RETARDED MONKEYS!!
  • We couldn't decide between a Shaun White joke or a Kate Middleton this is what you get instead.
  • Pandas: sitting on their babies to make their dicks look bigger since the ming dynasty
  • What do churches and 9 year old boys have in common...priests come in and out of them
  • Is this the comment box where I complain about my shitty bartender?
  • Duct tape makes "No! No! No!" sound more like "Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!"
  • Men are from Mars and Bitches be crazy
  • Some choose their virginity, others have it thrust upon them 
  • Question 25 is a trick question because lets be serious, women's basketball isn't a real sport
  • We thought a white dwarf was an albino midget?!?

  • Why Do Clouds Hate Telling Jokes? They Go Over Everyone's Heads
  • We Want The Looper Gear Because We Are Super Queer
  • What's Blue and Smells Like Red Paint? Blue Paint
  • A Threesome is with 3 people, A Twosome has 2, So I Guess It Makes Sense Why My Mom Calls Me Handsome 
  • Jay Cutler Loves Big Hard Sacks
  • Who would Guess The Guys From San Francisco Would Stick It To The Meat Packers 
  • Like Clay Matthews, I am A One Man Show On Defense
  • As A Child, Hitler Had Trouble Pooping. To Help, His Parents Sent Him To A Constipation Camp! While There . . . He Had Gas!

Fox River House
  • I dream't I got screwed by zebras, and then I woke up and it was Roger Goodell…ouch!
  • I've seen better decisions on '16 and Pregnant'

Upper 90 Sports Pub
  • Helen Keller Called, Mr. Goddell, She Wants Her Job Back 
  • Lockout With Your Cock Out

  • I'll polio the shit out of you
  • The Puppy Bowl Refs Do Better Who Wants To See My Tits?
  • Democratic national Condition

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Release the Kraken... from my pants
  • Andy Fronek gave Obama a big, fat, thick, juicy sausage last weekend. True Story!
  • Ma$e makin $ cool way before that bitch Ke$ha
  • Do you know where pirates like to eat? Arrrrrrrbys
  • Ryan, were you talking like a pirate or an Aussie
  • My name is Laika, I died in the stratosphere 
  • Jizz. It can happen in a second, but lasts a lifetime
  • A big penis is something to be admired, a big vagina is not

Major Goolsby's
  • Cromartie and Kate Plus 8!
  • Drew Peterson's Gaping Asshole
  • Stop The Bus And Let My Friend Jack Off

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Clever and Witty pub trivia name
  • We are replacement Quizzards
  • Don't Arrrgue with usRomney is a Forty Seven Percenter 
  • Quiz Wars: Return of the Mallmanns

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • Steve sabol is the only thing deader than the Vikings Superbowl chances.
  • Pete, Pussy and Penis all start with a "P", just a coincidence, I think not!
  • I Had Such Rough Sex I Tore My Bonaparte.
  • Michael Clark Duncan Was Really Dog Tired This Time.

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Aww, Shit, Darren Sharper!!! The hardest hitting safety in the league!!
  • OMG Shakira's Preggo
  • I've got to stop drinking fanta, I think my hair is turning .... Oh Wait. Fuck!!
  • I bet that Quesadilla tasted a lot better than prison food Blake!!

Grafton Ale House
  • One mystery about the royal couple still evades us, what has more hair? 
  • Will's head or Kate's bush 
  • I didn't know 69 was an Olympic sport
  • Alternate Olympic pictogram titles, Part 2: walk like you have three balls
  • Unlike the Titanic I don't believe Mother Theresa ever went down

The Highbury
  • I've got some bad news... you should get tested
  • 23 wasn't John McEnroe?!? You can not be serious!
  • If Paul Ryan were Quizmaster he would just make the answers 
  • 35 years ago today, someone "quizzed out" Pete
  • This XBox bra is missing the power button, how do I turn her on?
  • Necrophilia - The uncontrollable urge to crack open a cold one

Replay Sports Bar
  • Semen Farts 
  • Five Poles, One Hole
  • We Showed Up 5 Questions Late And Still Didn't Finish Last

St. Francis Brewery
  • If It's Thursday, It Must Be Belgium 
  • I Was Told There Would Be No Math!

Duke of Devon Pub
  • The Disciples of Ken Jennings
  • Eight is Great (It's our 8th anniversary)
  • Spotted Dick and the Legitimate Crepes
  • A "Harry Situation"
  • A pastor, a theologian, a farmer and an engineer walked into a bar

Vino 100
  • We've Had to Reschedule This 3 Times 
  • The Replacement iPhones 
  • The Team Next To Us Is Cheating
  • Ocho Cinco's Anger 
  • I Wanna Be On You, Like Now! 
  • Clint Eastwood's Chair Under Bill Clinton's Desk 
  • Shave Before You Get A Pap Smear- The Stranger


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