Quizmaster to repeal WEEKLY soccer question..... well, sorta.

Riverwest, Planet Earth...

It was announced Friday that Wisconsin's popular Quizmaster Trivia will be repealing it's weekly soccer question at it's quiz nights starting the week of November 12th, 2012.

The decision was made by Quizmaster founder and chief-question creator Ryan Wickens, who determined - despite being a huge soccer fan who came to the United States (from London) on a college soccer scholarship in 2003 - that it was in the best interests of the Quizmaster brand...

Yeah, soccer fans, blame that guy. English hooliganism at it's finest. 

So what does this all mean exactly?

"Well, soccer as a trivia topic at Quizmaster Trivia nights is not dead," said Wickens. "Rather, it just won't be a question EVERY single week. In other words you can still expect soccer questions to feature here and there - including the awesome football kit picture questions - just not as frequently as in times past." 

Comment below if you know the African country that football kit belongs to?

Wickens went on to further describe his decision saying...

"Honestly, when I thought about it we have five questions in the Sports & Leisure round each week, one of which is always a footy (soccer) question. That's a lot of football questions. And in recent times, I found myself creating soccer questions just for the sake of it. That's not what Quizmaster is about. Our questions are designed to create great fodder between our players on quiz nights and many questions are very topical... When it's Halloween we have a lot of questions about horror films, serial killers and other related topics. At Christmas similar themes follow. And likewise, when it's the World Cup we've had, and will continue to have, a great selection of soccer questions." 

Hmm. We wonder which color circle the ball should appear in. #CheatingBastard

Quizmaster also decided to make the decision based on how the weekly soccer question originally came about...

"Quizmaster started as a single quiz night at a single British pub - Shorewood's former Britinn - when a soccer question was totally appropriate for the venue and clientele. That was in 2006, and since then Quizmaster has grown and expanded quite a bit. Having said that, at venues such as the Highbury Pub and Three Lions Pub - two staple soccer bars in Milwaukee - you can still expect the soccer question to feature more frequently than say at other venues. Furthermore we'd like to also focus on broadening sports topics while still catering to the (largely) American market that plays our game. For example, if we'd like to have a rugby question one week perhaps that can replace the soccer question, rather than having both a rugby and soccer question on the same night." Wickens added.

Nonetheless, Quizmaster can guarantee the same great quality questions going forward in 2012 and beyond.


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