Best Trivia Team Names of February 2013!

Red Rock Saloon
  • I've always said that Nick Cage is a pussy 
  • Argo Fuck Yourself
  • Quiz in my pants
  • $20 says Ray Lewis' retirement speech mentions god more than the Pope's
  • Milwaukee Sewer Bombers
  • There's a huge gashole on Mason St., must be from all the Pfistering
  • Newsflash: Ray Lewis detained for killing the lights at the Super Bowl but was released on probation for snitching on his friends
  • Seriously, Rey Lewis killed a guy
  • Homocide 101: Never wear white to a murder
  • Oh, I'm queel in, and I'm gonna Iggy Pop, I just quizzed... 
  • 214 days until football season!
  • Purple Headed Yogurt Slingers

Cafe Hollander
  • I'll Show You Some American Beauty 
  • Seth McFarlane For Pope
  • "Nicholas Cage Is A National Treasure" Said No One Ever 
  • My Dog Ate My Nuva Ring
  • My Little John Makes It Harder And Harder To Breed
  • My Psychiatrist Asked Me To Identify These Pictures, But I Don't Know How He Got All These Naked Pictures Of My Mother 
  • From The Makers Of "The Social Network"; Daniel Day Lewis In "LinkedIn"
  • Giving Up The Papacy To Play More Trivia
  •  I Have A Very Sexy Learning Disorder, It's Called "Sexlexia"
  • Call Me The Super Dome, Cuse I'm Blacking Out Tonight
  • Ignorant Sluts
  • If Cupid Pokes You With A Burning Arrow, See A Doctor 

Caffrey's Pub
  • Sharon Stone's Neck Vagina
  • Oscar Pistorius' NUBS #bladerunner
  • Snakes and rattlesnakes: two things I don't fuck with
  • Other than that, did you enjoy the parade Mrs. Kennedy?
  • If you like it then you should've put a dick in it
  • Jasmine's Flying Carpet Munchers 
  • Looks bad but always wins, the penis
  • 3 dicks, 2 holes, you do the math
  • I call my penis the truth, because bitches can't handle it
  • Einstein's bush
  • My Drinking team has a Trivia Problem 
  • If a fat girl falls in the Forrest, do the Trees laugh 
  • Krikey! Throw another shrimp on the Barbie, you cheeky bastard 
  •  Here's to lesbians, thanks for nothing, love, the boner 
  • Ray Lewis killed another guy when the lights went out 

Camp Bar
  • If she says no, just sequester 
  • Scissor Me Timbers
  • Overworked, Undersexed, Overstressed, and Underpaid 
  • Danica may have grabbed the pole, but she’ll probably blow it
  • Hot Carl 
  • I got 99 problems but the Quizmaster's literacy is #1
  • My girlfriend can't wrestle, but you should see her box 
  • Terry Schiavo's Vegetable Garden
  • The Lesbian Girl Scouts #winning 
  • Ray Lewis and the Accomplices 
  • Who did Ray Lewis stab during the Superdome Blackout?
  • Who killed the lights at the Superdome? I bet it was Ray Lewis
  • New Orleans Electric Co. 

Two Bucks
  • Without Wrestling, the only place to see those positions is in the Olympic Village
  • And the $10 Gift Certificate for Best Team Name goes to the Geologists from UWM
  • Anne Hathaway's Nips 
  • Sliding off the pole like Danica at Daytona 
  • Chris Hansen is a Cock Block 
  • I didn't realize we invited Mel Gibson to this Trivia Night 
  • Pope Benedict's retirement begins the new season of Game of Thrones
  • Carnival Cruises New Slogan: A Million Ways to Have Fun...until it becomes an actual poop deck
  • Nazis and the Papacy, Two Things the Pope Quit
  • The Russian Meteorite had bigger stones than John Wayne
  • Is my dick a hipster or a frontman?
  • I Can Feel It, Cumming in Her Hair Tonight (as sung by the QM)
  • Bonus Round? More Like the "Boned Us" Round
  • Our score's blowing up like the streets of Milwaukee 
  • I wish my boyfriend lasted as long as the Pope 
  • "Damn, that waitress is hot" said Kourtney
  • Phister? I Barely Know Her!
  • Hand Crank, Candlestick, Rotary...19th Century Sex Toys
  • Ambiguously Gay Duo
  • Knocking New Orleans' Lights Out! 

Whiskey Bar
  • My girlfriend asked why I was blow drying my pubes. Apparently "warming up you dinner" was NOT the correct answer
  • That Oscar-nominated 9-year-old is such a cunt 
  • Your sister isn't cheap, she's free
  • I Wish I was a window salesman in Russia right now
  • Patent pending on "Pink Power Ranger" and "Pesky's Pole" for sex toy names
  • Danica Patrick has always been a pole sitter 
  • The Pope's Next Job: Scoutmaster or Penn State Coach 
  • If She's Old Enough To Crawl, She's In The Right Position
  • Saving Ryan's Privates 

  • I'm Only A Douchebag Because After I Fuck Your Mom She Smells BetterI
  • 'm Not Gay, But 5 Bucks Is 5 Bucks
  • Thought Bear Grylls Was Attractive . . . Til We Saw Him Eat Bear Shit
  • What Do You Call A Dick In Both Hands, One In The Mouth, One In The Butt, and One In The Vagina? YAHTZEE!!
  • Motivated, Legless Athlete Seeks Open-Minded, Expendable Supermodel
  • Morgan Freeman's Freckle
  • A Baby Seal Walks In To A Club
  • Manti Te'o: 99 Problems But A Bitch Ain't One
  • Pubes!!
  • These Fish Sticks Are Hard As Tits
  • Why Did Sally Fall Off The Swing? She Had No Arms. Knock, Knock. Who's There? Not Sally 

Fox River House
  • One Skin, Two Skin, Three Skin...
  • Yes We're Open. Really!! 
  • We Came On Time ;-) 
  • Saucy Monkeys

The Hotch Spot
  • We didnt realize 69ing was an olympic sport
  • Its not Uranus 
  • Brett Farves Text Message
  • If I were Pluto, I'd be orbit Uranus 

  • I Just Sequestered in my Pants 
  • The Jeremy Tugnuts
  • $tone Cold $tunner$
  • Is Oscar Prestorious a replicant? 
  • Michael J. Fox does the best "Harlem Shake" 
  • My girlfriend's 3 ft. tall and I'm nuts over her!
  • Obama and Biden: Drone Thugs N Harmony
  • Texts from last night: "Suck me"
  • Stop the bus and let me brother, Jack, off.
  • Boner Doner... Am I right, Ladies?
  • Did you hear about the explosion at the French cheese factory? All that was left was Da Bree!
  • We came to lose at trivia and drink beer, And we just lost at trivia

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Ron Tugnutt
  • Anyone want a racing sausage costume? $100 or best offer
  • I can't believe they didn't give an Oscar to "MILFs with big bushes 13"
  • Wet Dream Team
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor's inhospitable uterus 
  • My couch pulls out, and you should too! 
  • Going deep but not touching the sides
  • Shit I wanted that rail gin
  • The Pulmonary Artery is bigger than Swenson's dick
  • Too Quool to spin the QUEEL
  • Donald Driver hasn't retired from driving me

Major Goolsby's
  • A Dick In The Hand Is Worth More Than Two In The Bush
  • Drink, Drank, Drunk
  • The '81 Lady Popes
  • Ben Rapelisberger
  • Question Twenty-Sex I Love Sea-men
  • My Girlfriend Says I'm A Pedophile, But I Think That's A Big Word For A Five Year Old
  • Sex, Booze, And Orgasms

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Sequester?...I hardly knew her
  • The Red Headed Step children
  • Oscar Pistorus' defense doesn't have a leg to stand on
  • Megan Fox's Toe Thumbs
  • Two holes in a bucket? Phuket!
  • I don't always play trivia, but when I do, I have a shitty team name 
  • We are beating this quiz like Chris Brown. Happy Birthday Rhianna 
  • How did Oscar Pistorius compensate for his lack of legs? He had plenty of ARMS
  • What did the pope give up for lent? His Job. 
  • Make Like The Pope and Pull Out! 
  • The only thing harder than this quiz is a priest at a boy scout meeting

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Yes Ladies, The Carpet match the Drapes
  • Brains bigger than Kate Uptons Tits 
  • Sliding down the pole like Danica Patrick at Daytona
  • I Made Your Mother Cum, Twice
  • Doppel Bangers
  • I wish my Microphone was a penis
  • Going Balls deep like bucky in Northwestern
  • Gingers dont have feelings
  • The Butt Pirates
  • I'm Not Actually British, Seriously Though

Grafton Ale House
  • Celebrity death match - David Gruber vs Peter Francis Geraci
  • Dennis Rodman BFF
  • Tears for Beers
  • Free Mustache rides from the retired guy 
  • I'd sit on Danica's pole...
  • Just the tip of my Luxor 
  • Vincent Van Gogh - fire crotch extraordinaire
  • Do, Dump, Marry: Mila Kunis, J LO, Tina Fey
  • What's bright and white and cums outta my tip?
  • The Zac Poophole Band 
  • "El B.J." .... Spanish for the Blow Job 
  • I wish this mic was a cock
  • Other than that.... how was the rest of the parade Mrs. Kennedy?
  • On Sunday the pope woke up super-excited about the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead and then realized he had to work. He sighed and said, "fuck this shit, I quit!" 
  • Seriously they voted wrestling out of the Olympics? Why not get rid of horse dancing or whatever that shit is called
  • Gotye sucks just as much as Nickleback...
  • If Nickleback is on your "sex playlist" your girlfriend will leave you
  • Chad Kroeger sucks dick
  • ϟ ϟ ϟ
  • We love double d and we aren't talking about Donald Driver
  • If cub scouts change their rules to allow openly gay members, what are the requirements to become a "webelos"?
  • Ray Lewis stabbed a man with deer antlers
  • 60% of the time we win everytime!

The Highbury
  • I'm not gay, but 5 bucks is 5 bucks
  • Took a stab at this quiz, just like last night, with a coat hanger at my fetus - fingers crossed for a still born...
  • Danica Patrick qualified for my Pole Position last night making the Mississippi River the greatest discharge! Hi-yoooo!!! 
  • Dead babies have more personality than QM Kevin
  • Wesley Snipes wouldn't have needed 4 shots to get the job done. 
  • Pistorius; The Oscar Not Winning on Sunday 
  • Roses are red, Violets are glorious, Don't try to sneak up on Victor Pistorius
  • A woman that Pistorius you off leave you no legs to stand on, so I shot her 4 times for sexual healing
  • When we black out, it's for longer than 34 minutes
  • If Brazilians like their moist country, do Australians like their dry bush? 
  • The snow has not brought out this many people since Studio 54
  • No means sex, yes means anal.

Three Lions Pub
  • Snow Money, Snow Problems 
  • I haven't seen this much white powder since Charlie sheen's birthday party
  • What did Oscar Pistorious get from Valentines day? 20 years
  • Say hello to your Mother for me
  • Chris Hanson America's favorite cockblock since 2004
  • Queels Like the first time
  • Jeffrey Dahmer Uses Teflon pans so guest don't stick around for dinner
  • Three Lions One Cup
  • Nobody has freckels on their ass. Use a Condom 
  • Do all priests pull out prematurely lie the pope? I don't know ask little Timmy
  • Congratulations Amy Winehouse : 2 Years Sober
  • If Ray Lewis Can Get Away with Murder, we can win best team name
  • Did you know Lance Armstrong still has more testicles than Manti Teo has ex-girlfriends?
  • The Bitch that Gave Braun Herpes...Again

St. Francis Brewery
  • Danica Can Have My Pole Position
  • We Hate Only Two Types of People, Those Intolerant of Other Peoples' Cultures, and the Dutch
  • We Used to Hate Soccer...Now We Hate Tennis, Thanks Heather!

The Eatery on Farwell
  • Swallow or Sleep in a Wet Spot 
  • I Like My Vaticans Like I Like My Orange Juice, Pope Free
  • $5 Foot Schlong 
  • Four Guys on a Fact Hunt
  • Rosa Parks Didn't Call Shotgun
  • Oscar Pistorius' Defense Doesn't Have a Leg to Stand On
  • I'll Marty McFly Your Flux Capacitor 
  • Cupid Likes it in the Butt?!?
  • I'm sorry your trivia team wasn't clever enough to redeem your team's piss poor performance.

Vino 100
  • My Two Favorite Things In The World: Naked Ladies & Zebras
  • If The Prosthetic Leg Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit
  • Happy Valentine's Day! 
  • We've All Been Poked By Cupid's Little Arrow!T
  • eam Who Gives a Queel About NBA Draft Picks

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