We have a Major League champion!! Prizes to be collected at the Three Lions!

We'd like to thanks all 25 teams that partook in the first ever Quizmaster Major League this spring 2013. What an affair it was, with many chasing the QUEEL around metro-MKE to rack up points, and donning their best country attire at Quizmaster Cup IX to record a huge one-time score!

But after 13 weeks and a lot of question-asking, drinking, thinking, a bit more drinking and rail gin consumption the results are in. We had a last minute scare as our website went all 1999 on us and deleted a bunch of results, so we had to go back and manually double-check everything. We corrected any errors and our top three teams are as follows:

1. 834 points: Fuckin Wolverine...

2. 832 points: 1.21 Gigawatts...

3. 798 points: Pluckers....

Each of those teams will receive beer and bar tabs and a full tally of all team scores can be found at the league standings page.

We also had a prize for the best-attended team --- sort of a pity prizes for teams that play a lot that perhaps aren't as trivially astute as others. This actually ended up being a tie between two teams:


And The Sea Words...

Both of those teams had a record attendance of 27 quiz nights during the 13 week Major League spell! We commend them, bravo!!

We ask all teams to join us at the Three Lions Pub this Wednesday June 5th at 8pm for its quiz night. We will dish out prizes for the Major League winners  at that quiz! If you can't make it let us know!

Quizmaster will be looking to implement another summer city-wide league, due to start before the end of the month. We've learned a little from our first Major League experience and will be making a few changes to make it even better this time around!!

We also would love to get some feedback and comments from you guys so please do so below or at our Facebook page!


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