Best pub quiz team names of the month, May 2013!

Red Rock Saloon
  • I, Ryan, think 'Merica is the greatest country in the world
  • I am not seeing a movie called After Birth
  • Great Britain: the only Olympic team w/o dental plan in their benefits
  • We think you meant "Harry Twatter and the Breastly Hallows!"
  • We fucking hate coming up with a team name!
  • I prefer Harrison Ford in: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Poon
  • Can we trade Lindsay Lohan for Jodi Arias?
  • Team "he didn't come up with a clever name so he's not getting laid"
  • We just got our shit pushed in
  • Mr Cactus, you have a giant erection
  • I think I hooked up with Midwest Jennifer Aniston this weekend 
  • When do you think Romo and Cutler will come out?
  • We got 99 problems but winning aint one

Cafe Hollander
  • What Would THe Crossbreed Of Michael Jackson & Marylin Manson Look Like? Bob Dole!
  • I'll Shatner My Pants If We Get 3rd Again
  • I Just Finished My 2nd Year Of Med School And All I Learned Is . . . Herpes Is 4Ever
  • The Rape Sloths
  • Kim Jong Un's Bubblegum Express
  • Somalia: They Got 99 Problems But Jason Colins Ain't One
  • 99 Problems And Nicolas Cage Is Definitely One
  • LSD: Taste The Rainbow
  • Nicholas Cage Is A National Treasure, Said No One Ever
  • I Don't Like The Bulls, But I HATE Lebron

Caffrey's Pub
  • Captain Pussycrushers and the sperm whales 
  • International Affairs u not a real major
  • Free cum shots for bar skanks
  • I got 99 problems and herpes is a recurring one
  • Four bad bitches and 2 shitheads
  • Jason Collins was the first...Lebron's next
  • Rumple fore skin

Camp Bar
  • It’s Ok. My First Time Was Painful Too
  • Gonna Get Last Place 
  • Nobody Wants To Be Panhandled in Utah Anyway  
  • I know the Easter Bunny but not in the Biblical sense 
  • If storks bring white babies and blackbirds bring black babies what birds bring no babies.... SWALLOWS 
  • 50 Shades of awesome
  • Two guys, a girl and a pizza place
  • This one time at band camp? I mean this one time at Camp bar
  • My couch pulls out but i dont
  • Boobs (.)(.)

Two Bucks
  • Camo Condoms - Can't See Them Coming Through The Bush!
  • There Will be Only 7 Planets After We Destroy Uranus
  • Life IS Sexually Transmitted
  • My Couch Pulls Out, But Milwaukee Doesn't
  • Into Darkness: also the name of my new porn film
  • Nelson Mandela Can Knit, Can You?
  • Ronald Reagan+Nicholas Cage+Jason Collins Eiffel Tower=Taste the Rainbow 
  • 2 Men Enter, 2 Men and a Baby Leave
  • I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bedrock

Antonio's Sports Bar
  • Nobody At This Table is Hungover
  • We Need More Help!! 
  • Itchin' for a Bitchin'
  • Surprise!! I'm Flying Solo 
  • Boo Boo, I Still Love You After What You Did Last Night 
  •  If You Lick the Tip It Will Work
  • We Just Want to Beat the Bitches that Cheat
  • Hoof Arted

Whiskey Bar
  • Deep Throat Got Both Clinton and Nixon In Trouble
  • The Parapeligic Horse Riders
  • Ask Me Again When I Give a Fuck New Quiz Rule, the Music Clip Must Involve an Actual Musician
  • Would Terry Schivo's Husband Be Considered a Vegetarian?
  • Angelina Jolie Could Have Cured Cancer By Auctioning the Right To Fuck Her Tits Off
  • If You Have Locked Your Keys In The Car, Is It Wrong To Go Into Planned Parenthood And Ask For A Coat-Hanger?
  • You have the whitest teeth I have ever come across
  • Honey Boo Boo Strikes Again
  • Sand Cutter Sounds Like Having Sex With An Ugly Chick On A Beach
  • Guns Don't Kill People, Cripples With Guns Kill People

  • Christopher Reeve's Wheelchair Is Super 
  • Who Knew Kryptonite Was Found In Horses
  • What's The Opposite Of Christopher Reeves? Christopher Walken
  • My Team Is In Mexico, I'm Stuck Here
  • We're On A Blind Date
  • How Do You Turn Your Soup Into Gold? You Add 24 Carrots! 
  • Coming In 2014: The Most Dangerous Game, Starring Dick Cheney 
  • How Do you Find A Blind Guy In A Nudist Colony? It's Not Hard
  • Guilty Sunday Morning = Herpes and Hangover
  • You Are What You Eat, Which Is Why I'm An Asshole 
  • What Doesn't Kill Me, Gives Me Boners 
  • Why Don't They Televise The Paralympics....?

The Hotch Spot
  • Why are you on the Freeway, I said I want a Threeway 
  • Live Long and Spocker
  • Wendy Doesnt Need The Easy Button

  • Always the Bridesmaid NEVER the Bride 
  • The Analrapists
  • Eat my organic, gluten-free ass!
  • The Best Part of Brewers Season is Packers Season 
  • I'd rather drink out of a toilet than drink Smirnoff Ice Cake Flavored Vodka
  • I couldn't keep up w/ Hunny boo boo in a race, so I got a Kardashian Ass!
  • The
  • What's brown and rhymes with Snoop? Dr. Dre 
  • The only thing that gets around more than the QUEEL is Carmen Electra
  • So Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy... can I have the leftovers?
  • Ya gotta relax your lips, don't forget to cup da balls!
  • "Quizster-bation-station" 
  • Dere-Lict My Tears 
  • Kurt Russell kicked the Soviet's Ass in 1980
  • Axe the Axeman
  • Dingle Berries are good for you

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Lewis and Kelly Clarkson
  • I'll show you some African geography!
  • Michael Vick's Doggie Daycare 
  • Rita Repulsa made me morph in my pants
  • Naked Cowboy is my pawn star name 
  • Sean Connery pubic toupee
  • The > hairy, juicy and full of cum < sausages
  • Asian math Crwub
  • Don't drop the soap Jody Arias
  • Our Vagines hang like sleeve of quizard
  • 3 cocks-a-graving
  • Taint Funny
  • I thought fairy floss was what "futbol" players clean their teeth with
  • Angelina Jolie's imaginary mamories
  • Do we get extra points if one of us has made out with a racing sausage?
  • Anna Kournikova made the Hindenburg explode.... in my pants
  • Jason Collins takes it hard to the hole... not that there's anything wrong with that
  • Compton is the lowest point in California
  • Summer of 69, the best days my pants
  • Anne Frank's 2nd Place Hide and Seek Champs

Major Goolsby's
  • Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary
  • Oops I Quizzed It Again
  • The Blackhawks: Unlike Every Other Chicago Sports Team, They Have Won Something Recently
  • Knights Of Columbus, That Hurts!!!
  • A Glass Case Of Emotion
  • 99 Problems But A Quiz Ain't One! 
  • I Wish This Mike Was Mike Tyson's Dick
  • Shit For Brains

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Im SofaKingdom 
  • Hey look theres Angelina Jolies Boobs...and then they're gone 
  • Fierce Mullets and Flaming Mirkens 
  • The Camel Toe Chubby Chasers of SW Wisconsin 
  • Our team captain didn't remember our original name so i had to write this answer instead.
  • My Brother got cut in half but he's all right

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • I'm William Spurway and my Carpet Matches the Drapes 
  • I Wish this Microphone was my Own Penis
  • Act like I'm an N.E.S Cartridge and Blow Me
  • Not My Cup Of Tea Bagging
  • Sick of Fucking My Sister
  • Flowin Mr Load 
  • How Gay is Jason Collins?
  • Wipe Harder
  • 99 No's and 1 Yes Means Yes
  • He Called the Shit Poop 
  • This Wedding is Horse Shit

Grafton Ale House
  • What's the difference between work and your daughter? I'm not coming into work tomorrow! 
  • I get walking dead and 60 minutes mixed up
  • Congrats Chris and Kati! Power Couple! 
  • Ryan do the curtains match the pants?
  • "BBW" seeking a magic johnson
  • And I though John McCain only came once a year!
  • All chaps are assless, jackass 
  • Future debt payers of America
  • Oh yeah?! Well my dick ALSO touches three oceans
  • Rolly Fingers mustache rides
  • Three girls, one kidnapper 
  • I found out the hard way the Dairy Queen is really a drag queen
  • Britney Spear's vagina smells like cabbage
  • No wonder why Jason Collins' favorite move was boxing out...

The Highbury
  • Dick's Casino: "Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear"
  • Two Guys, One Trivia Team.. Is that a sausage-fest?
  • Professional Hot Mess 
  • 4 people and a fake Jew
  • More skills than a blind pole vaulter
  • Will Your Dog Lick Peanut Butter Off My Nuts?
  • We take better mug shots than Reese Witherspoon

Three Lions Pub
  • I'm sorry, sir, I thought I could mount him Bollocks! 
  • These cops have guns!
  • Do you like handcuffs as much as I do?
  • I Did a Mustache Ride with your mom ; she should really shave that thing p.s we did anal too 
  • My Pants are called Snickers b/c they're full of nuts &; leaves you satisfied
  • Hey Urlacher, don't let the door hit your Bear ass on the way out 
  • I'm not a ball handler but I'll Handle your balls
  • We do it doggy-Style because she's 18 in dog years
  • Are you walking alone to your car ; where are you parked?
  • You can dere-lick our vaginas 
  • I heard "don't" and "stop" so I thought she said "Don't Stop" 
  • How Does Make His Tea? Hebrews it
  • Sgt Peppers lonely Farts Club band
  • Jason Collins...We Should have known when he bought WNBA Season Tickets 
  • Bad news London, the Germans haven't been this powerful since 1940
  • That's not razorburn

St. Francis Brewery
  • Mick Hucknall is My Co-Pilot
  • Here's to Our Heroes, We Salute You. Happy Memorial Day!
  • Braun Loves Rodgers Like Joanie Loves Chachi
  • $1 Quizmaster, $8 for a Burger with Fries, $7 in Gas, Winning Quizmaster with Friends, Priceless...Some Things Money Can't Buy, for Everything Else There's Beer.
  • Insert Awesome Team Name Here

The Eatery on Farwell
  • Remember the time I sucked your Dad's dick? ...I'm glad we can laugh about it now
  • We've got a guy who fights elevators, what've you got? 
  • Every time Ricky Weeks strikes out, a kitten is murdered
  • We are all jizz masters, sorry that's all we've got
  • Cancer?!? Please, worst excuse I've heard for a boob job
  • Morning mean my wife's alarm clock?
  • My American friend wants to know how available our server is to grab a drink sometime
  • She Told Me It Was Razorburn
  • Blowjobs, because you're worth it!
  • Being Locked in a Basement for 10 Years Leaves a lot of Time for Trivia
  • Morningwood Construction: For a Quick Erection, Call Us!
  • The Tugboat Captains, because "The Chronic Masturbators" is too harsh

Vino 100 
  • Why Does This Place Not Have Cristal?
  • I Just Sprayed My Bathroom With Fruit Scented Febreeze and Now It Smells Like Shitrus 
  • Face Raping Slut Destroyers
  • Fuck Google We Have All The Answers
  • My Girlfriend is 3 Feet Tall and I'm Nuts Over Her!
  • Who Would Have Guessed That The First Gay Athlete To Come Out Wasn't Tebow?


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