Best Pub Quiz Team Names of the Month! July 2013...

Red Rock Saloon
  • Anthony Weiner was going to retire from sexting but decided to stick it out for one more year
  • 90 Obama's healthcare bill is going down faster than a Titanic full of Ryan Braun supporters
  • Carlos Danger's photo album
  • Now that Ryan Braun has admitted to using steroids the question remains: who has bigger balls, Braun or William and Kate's son?
  • Which has more old white balls... a 1920's tennis tournament or a tea party rally 
  • Who needs porn when toddlers and tiaras is on
  • What's the only thing more deadly than Aaron Hernandez? Sharknado 
  • Show me on the doll where he touched you
  • Somebody had to finish last
  • Andy Murray's Wimbledon win breaks the British tradition of losing that started with the American Revolution! Hurray!

Cafe Hollander
  • Too Much Or Not Enough, Either Way, Alcohol Is The Problem
  • Colectivo Is A Shitty Name
  • Early Orgasms . . . The Rest Of Our Team Is Coming Later
  • Thank God Quizmaster Trivia Doesn't Do Drug Testing 
  • What Do You Call A Cross Between A Penis And A Potato? A Dictator!
  • Besties WIth Testites
  • Fuck Soccer Questions
  • Our Score is a Steroid Free Performance!
  • Winter Is Coming
  • Q: What Did Cinderella Say When She Got To The Ball? A: AAAGGGGGAAGG!!OMG! 
  • Here Comes The Sharknado 
  • I Would Have Gotten Away With It, If It Wasn’t For These Meddling Kids And Their Dog Too!
  • North West . . . Terrible Team Name And Worse Baby Name
  • Ask They Healthy, Disease Free, And Successful Gentleman At The End Of The Bar
  • 69 Hot Dogs In Ten Minutes? I Smell A Team Name . . . Grown Ups 2
  • It Takes 69 Hot Dogs To Make A Respectable Hot Carl
  • As Soon As This Is Over, We'll By Selling Lakefront Brewery Tour Tickets In The Bathroom For One Dollar
  • Sorry I Can't Come To Trivia, I Smell Like Roasted Crotch
  • Mer Men, Mer Problems
  • After A Few Weeks In The Slammer, Hernandez Will Not Be A Tight End Any Longer

Caffrey's Pub
  • Money Shots...We Do Mean it That Way
  • #freehernandez 
  • The Bill Buckner's Fan Club
  • Clitty Clitty Gang Bang
  • Something gross about 69in hotdog
  • Purple headed yogurt slingers
  • 3 guys 2 dicks
  • Pacific rimjob 
  • Joey chestnuts on your face

Camp Bar
  • Throbbing Richards
  • 4 Dicks and a Chick
  • In the lead with 5000 points
  • Betcha thought we'd have a name about the Royal Baby
  • 19th Amendment.... worst mistake this country ever made
  • Don't shower with a pokemon, they might peek-at-chu.
  • "The Stigs" American Cousins
  • Squirrels Gone Wild
  • My friend just got married! All I got was the bouquet!

Two Bucks
  • Herb Kohl, The Real Dairy Queen
  • Jefferey Dahmer's House of Ribs
  • Braun's 8 Simple Rules: Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny
  • Brains over Braun
  • Between Osama bin Laden and Anne Frank. How good is my hiding spot?
  • Cockblockparty
  • The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters
  • I Wish This Microphone Was a Penis
  • We Won Last Week...Oops
  • The Price Is Wrong Bitch
  • Everyone In This Room Is Now Dumber For Having Played This Quiz
  • Strawberry Wasted
  • I Like My Women Like My Books, Bound in Leather
  • Date Rape Still Counts

Whiskey Bar
  • Why was Hellen Keller A Terrible Driver? She was a woman!
  • Not Even Krypton Can Stop Anthony Weiner
  • My girlfriend called me a pedophile and I told her that was a pretty big word for a 5 year old 
  • Imma let you finish, but Kim had the best delivery of all time
  • More alone than the guy googling "Carlos Danger's girlfriend."
  • I am worried that by declaring bankruptcy, Detroit might transform into some kind of hellish, depopulated wasteland.
  • Unfortunetly for Kate Middleton lovers, the royal baby's first crowning wasn't televised
  • On a Scale of Casey Anthony to Jerry Sandusky, How Much Do You Like Little Kids? 
  • Looks Like It's That Time of The Month - Sharknado
  • If A Plane Crashed Every Time I Came (in) Slow, Nobody Would Fly Into San Francisco. Too Soon? 
  • So Does That Make Kim Kardashian's Vagina the Northwest Passage?
  • The Difference Between Hungry and Horny Is Where You Put The Cucumber

  • Subway Is Like Prostitution. You're Paying Someone Else To Do Your Wife's Job 
  • I Like My Women Like I Like My Scotch, 18 Years Or Older 
  • I Think Those Fuckers In The Back Are Cheating 
  • Alex Trebek's Love Children 
  • The Royal Baby can kiss my American, freedom loving ass, we're team USA, and we're going all the way 
  • For 2 points: Would you rather sit on a dick & eat a cake or sit on a cake and eat a dick?
  • The Royal Baby weighed in at 8 pounds, what is that in dollars?
  • I'm Ron Burgandy?
  • Turdburglars For The Win!!!
  • What Would It Take For A Beatles Reunion? 2 More Bullet
  • Team Fact Hunt
  • No Means No, Yes Means Anal!!!
  • Quizmaster John? More Like Quizmaster Bates!
  • 2 Dudes, 1 Tube, NO LUBE!
  • I Feel Like I'm Watching A Porno When I'm Watching Tennis, A Lot Of Balls Going Back And Forth 
  • My Last Girlfriend Said I Was A Pedophile . . . Pretty Big Word For A 12 Year Old!
  • Team America . . . FUCK YEAH!

Fox River House
  • The Royal Baby's Name is Carlos Danger 
  • Ryan Braun apologizes for fathering Baby Cambridge 
  • Jehovah’s Witness Protection Program
  • Heroin Makes Me ‘Glee’ful 
  • Just ugly enough to win (Wimbledon) 
  • Everyone turn this way and blow as hard as you can
  • The $30 will be used towards Aaron Hernandez’s bail, barring he doesn’t murderous

The Hotch Spot
  • Stop the bus and let my Friend Jack Off
  • Richard Nixons Hips Dont Lie 
  • Red Headed British Men Are Hot
  • I Call My Dick Cheney Because it Shoots People in the Face
  • Not Gonna Lie, I'm Pretty Drunk 
  • Team Treat it, Don't Beat it
  • I Love The Eastsider Said No One Ever - Especially the Bathrooms
  • 4 boobs and 10 balls
  • The Wet Dream Catchers
  • Fuck it we Suck
  • Rectum... Damn near killed 'em
  • 4 Racks and a Sac

Aviator Sports Bar
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • That 70's Team

Titletown Brewing Co.
  • They found Jimmy Hoffa…in my pants
  • No mean yes, yes means anal 
  • Aaron Hernandez, no longer a "tight end" 
  • How long is your Javelin?

New Berlin Ale House
  • I Don't Always Play Trivia, But When I Do I Have A Shitty Team Name
  • Today's Special At Ryan Braun's Restaurant Is Crow
  • Better late than pregnant
  • Ma! The Meatloaf!!! Fuck!!
  • We Know How You Kids Like Them Sloppy! 
  • Chocolate Wasted 
  • I Wipe My Own Ass

  • We're Here for Free Beer!
  • Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase, Haunka Matata ain't no passing craze. It means go fuck yourself. 
  • You can't motorboat personality
  • All Brains, No Braun
  • Hi Kevin, PBR Light Me! 
  • I might be drunk, but I'd still bang Alicia Keys with a beard!
  • The only thing worse than our score is our team name 
  • Monster Cereal: Wheaties w/ OJ Simpson on the cover

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Florida's stadium should be called "the prison"
  • What did the French ever triumph over?
  • America: back to back World War champs
  • A schmuck, a canuck and an ugly fuck
  • Anthony Weiner's Photo Club 
  • Terri Schiavo: live and unplugged
  • Is it just me or does Prince George look like the Quizmaster
  • It's nice to see a member of the Royal family emerge from a dark tunnel alive for a change 
  • If waterboarding was an Olympic sport USA would always win gold
  • Coitus Interuptus featuring Smegma Riot with special guest Karmic Thrust 
  • Sharknado is stirring.... in my pants
  • George Zimmerman has 99 problems but Trayvon aint one
  • Tara Reid's first boob job looks like she got attacked by a Sharknado
  • Austin? As in Austin Massachusetts....
  • Ryan Braun's Urine Sample
  • Budweiser is latin for "suck a bag of dicks" 
  • Stars and Schlitz forever
  • The sun never set on the the British Empire.... until July 4th, 1776
  • Prom Night Dumpster Babies

Major Goolsby's
  • Team Clay Aiken
  • Jogging or Yogging... Apparently You Just Run
  • By The Beard Of Zeus

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • What was the last thing on Princess Diana's Brain before she died?
  • Why do men pay more for car insurance? Women can't get road head.
  • Tickle Monsters
  • Aaron Hernandez: Patriot Minuteman ready to shoot in a minutes notice 
  • What does a necrophiliacs complaint about sex? They just lay there!

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Tim's Printing, Borderling, Self-Medicating and looking for hooters online, and I'm just sitting here masturbating.
  • Damnit We Lost
  • Again, I was Left to Come Up with a Team Name and I Failed
  • Which is Cleaner? Ryan Braun's Urine Sample or Bradford Beach?
  • Unlike Vietnam, We Dont Pull Out 
  • My friends Prefer Vagina's, But I Will prefer Penis
  • I told you it was Jessica Simpson you Mother Fuckas
  • This Shit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S
  • Any Takers to Suck An English Cock before I Leave on Friday

Fire on Water
  • Mark Chumura's School For Teenage Girls
  • Prince Brunswick von Poopy Pants
  • That's Not My Bellybutton, But I Didn't Say Stop 
  • It's My Birthday Today - Literally

Grafton Ale House
  • We're getting married Saturday then moving to the Twin Cities, so this is our last Quizmaster Quiz
  • Everything is always better down under! 
  • I thought you mom's slogan was billions and billions served 
  • If only Gandalf was at Tianamen Square... "you shall not pass"
  • Pocahontas... 99 billion John Smith's served
  • The real housewives of the OC: Ozaukee County AKA Dream Team
  • We crash and burned again like Asiana Captain Sum Ting Wong and co-pilot Wi Fli Tu Lo
  • Does Whoopi Goldberg talk to Patrick Swayze now?! 
  • Ringo Stars in our eyes

The Highbury
  • Can I call you gasoline? Cause even though you're expensive, I'd still pump you in my van.
  • I wish this microphone was a hot, wet Colin Firth 
  • If I lived in Canada, I would overdose too 
  • Cheerapunji. Actually second wettest place on Earth after Kevin's Mom's vagina
  • Democracy is great until your military says NO
  • The Legend of Tea Bagger Vance
  • PMS jokes aren't funny. Period.
  • Bar Close Premiere League 
  • Bono, fuck off, boner
  • Paula Dean and Arron Hernandez sitting in a tree, who gets racial slurred and murdered next

St. Francis Brewery
  • Guess Who! Guess Who Didn't Get the Answer Right!
  • It was Ryan Braun, in the Clinic, with the Testosterone.
  • Detroit Motto: Lions, Tigers, and Bankruptcy - Oh My!
  • Summer NBA or Royal Baby Watch, Which is More Boring?
  • Trivia Domination or Bust! Ok, Bust it is!

The Eatery on Farwell
  • The no thumb delivery makes power stroking challenging 
  • Casey Anthony has some Junk in her Trunk
  • Watch Sharknado 
  • Finding a box of melted dildos: Priceless
  • The NSA Knows My Answers

Vino 100
  • Carlos Danger and the Weiners
  • Pinot Evil
  • Who Invented The Mexican?
  • Porcupine Is My Favorite Position


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