Talking the talk, and walking the walk… our Walking Dead quiz recap!

The Walkers were out in full force at Jack's American Pub this past Sunday night for our Dead Man Quizzin': The Walking Dead quiz!!!

And that was the picture sheet from the event, in case you missed it!

In the end 13 teams converged on Brady Street's Jack's American Pub for the chance to take home some prizes and be crowned the last man standing: Walking Dead quiz kings.

In the end though it was the unlikely trio of 112 Ounces of Pudding that put up the tally of 60 (from 65 points) to claim the crown

Congrats to them!

And we had some great team names too, although Caaaaaahhhhhrrrrllll was deemed the winner from the onlooking crowd when team name were read.

Great times, look out for the Game of Thrones quiz on March 30th!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday March 2nd, 2014 scores:

  1. 60 112 Ounces of Pudding 
  2. 57 My ex-girlfriend moaned more than these zombies
  3. 57 Will Daryl and Carol just fuck already? 
  4. 53 Our Governor is a Walker!
  5. 52 Sophia's farmhouse riot
  6. 50 Ouch! Charlie bit me
  7. 50 I Woodbury Hershel's amputated leg up Lori's vagina
  8. 48 I fucking hate Carl!
  9. 48 I want to eat you brain... and your ass (Zac and Miri quote)
  10. 44 Caaaaaahhhhhrrrrllll
  11. 35 "Stuff... things"
  12. 31 A necrophilia's aphrodisiac
  13. 30 I understand Zombie better than I understand British


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