Quizmaster Cup ~ Pop Culture Edition ~ is August 10th!! Registration now open!

Good news Wisconsin quiz kids!!

After a 15-month hiatus, Quizmaster is pleased to announce that Quizmaster Cup, Milwaukee's pub trivia tournament, returns on Sunday August 10th! (If you've got the info already, REGISTER HERE).

Given the recent success of our numerous specially-themed trivia events, this Quizmaster Cup is being dubbed the "pop culture edition." Expect fantastic questions from the topics listed above as well as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, Lost and more!!!

This will mostly be a TV and movie quiz but will touch on other aspects of pop culture too!!

Quizmaster Cup FAQs

Do we pre-register, sign up online? 
Yes. This is one of our few pre-registration quizzes. Based on the venue's seating arrangement, and for our convenience organizing the event, we're allowing teams to register in groups of 4, 6 or 8. No individual sign-ups this time out. Teams can REGISTER HERE.

Okay, how much is it? 
$10 per person early bird special! Sign up online before the event and save. $15 at the door. Online registration will close Friday August 8th at 6 p.m., 48 hours before the event.

What's the seating arrangement?
A floor plan of the Lakefront Brewery can be seen below. Here's the deal:
  • Lakefront Brewery has seating for up to 240 people. 
  • There is room for a minimum of 32 teams. 
  • Tables in blue have room for 8 players (the limit for this event).
  • While tables in green seat 6. 
  • Teams of four will likely share a larger (blue) table with another team of four. 
  • Quizmaster will allocate tables to teams upon sign-up. The first teams to sign up will get the best seats (close to the stage and bar).

Can I wear a special outfit or costume?
Absolutely. Our sponsor for this event is Irish Fest, so we're encouraging any Irish-themed outfits. At the very least WEAR GREEN!!

What are the prizes?
We've lined up numerous prizes for this one. Of course, first place gets the coveted Quizmaster Cup trophy, plus we'll be giving away...

  • Irish Fest tickets
  • Lakefront Brewery beer & tour tickets
  • Gift cards to local Quizmaster pub venues
  • CDs, t-shirts and other random swag
  • FREE HUGS from the Quizmasters (okay, just kidding about that 'prize', but really we will be hugging freely).

Can people under 21 play?
We'll get back to you on that ASAP. Still waiting to hear from the venue. However, we suspect people under 21 will be allowed in.

Will Lakefront Brewery be serving food?
No. Unfortunately, the brewery usually only serves food on Friday night's and bringing in a caterer for this event would be quite an ordeal. Please take note and plan ahead.

What else?
Quiz veterans who've participated in previous Quizmaster Cup events should know that we've cut down on costs for this event (chiefly the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals we previously had), so we could pass the savings on to the quizzer. At previous Cups entry has been $20-$25, and this time around the $10-15 fee is much more modest. The more quizzers the merrier!!!

Check out the video below to see a previous Quizmaster Cup event...

 Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us.  


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