Best pub quiz team names of the month! Sept. 2014...

Brass Monkey
  • Shitty Shitty Bang Bang 
  • Adrian Beaturson 
  • "Rape Me" is my Safe Word

Cafe Centraal
  • I Shaved My Balls For This? 
  • Oscar Pistorius: Shoe Don’t Fit You Must Acquit… 
  • Centraal Intelligence 
  • Talk Nerdy To Me Quizmaster

Cafe Hollander
  • Quiz-lamic State Of I Rock
  • Ray Rice's Wife Threw The First Punch: # FreeRayRice
  • Ray RISIS
  • Quiz On Her Face 
  • I Hate Thinking Of Names, If I Have Kids They Are Getting Numbers
  • Samuel Hunt Had a Brother, Mike. He Was Dirty
  • 99 Problems...And A Quiz Ain't One

Caffrey's Pub
  • Adrian Peterson's Whipping Boyz
  • Camouflage Condoms - They Never Saw Us Coming
  • Save a tree, eat a beaver
  • You're a quizzard, Harry

Camp Bar
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Have An Airport Named After Him
  • When The Quizmistress Screams "Fuck Me" I Say "Yes Please, Thank You"
  • You Know I'm All About That Bass, Bout That Bass, No Salmon
  • Jay Cutler's Little Ditka
  • DVD's: Diseased Veiny Dicks
  • We Had a Filthy Team Name Picked Out, But Our Boss Showed Up at the Bar 
  • Adrian Peterson: Out on a Limb
  • Fuck Ray Rice
  • Home Alone? Squirt Some!

Club Garibaldi
  • Rodger Goodell's Ethic's Committee
  • Janay Rice Takes The Stairs: Take 2 
  • What Do You Call Cows That Are Best Friends? Brovines

Fixture Brewing Company
  • Pro: I Showed Up For Trivia. Con: Now You Have Ebola 
  • Beauty And My Beast
  • We're Safe From Ebola In Wisconsin, The Bear and Vikings Can't Catch Anything
  • Scotland May Have Said No, but Your Mom Sure Didn't
  • Sweatpants Boner
  • Just Like These Aborted Fetuses, We Weren't Born Yesterday
  • We're Gonna Beat You Like An NFL Player
  • Hit Me RayRay One More Time 
  • I'm Not A Gynecologist, But I'll Take A Look
  • I Hope The Cannibal Who Ate His Girlfriend Started With The Lips (It Means Vagina)

Fox River House
  • We're not Wisconsinites... please don't deport us
  • The coalition for casual public nudity
  • My couch pulls out, but I don't
  • Sexy ISIS
  • Ray Rice's Boxing Coach

  • Ray Rice's Left Hook
  • You Had ONE job, Nate
  • Drakes on a plane
  • The way you ask those questions makes me want to quiz all over

The Highbury Pub
  • If Adrian Peterson beats another kid, he gets a free sub
  • You can take the scotch eggs from our kilts, but you'll never take our FREEDOM
  • Fo' Shizzle My Quizzle

  • Will You Go With me To Homecoming? So I'm Not At Home Cumming
  • No Matter How Hard they Try, They Cant Beat Ray Rice

Miller Time Pub 
  • Jean Claude Van Daaaay-um Girl!
  • We Don't need no stinking picture sheet!

Milwaukee Beer Bistro
  • Adrian Beat-her-son 
  • "I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face, and a big butt, and my butt smells, and I like to kiss my own butt"
  • Febreeze Brothers, Because it's so fresh in here

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Name the three branches of my dick
  • I think we lost
  • Don't get trapped in Oscar Pistorious's water closet 
  • I hear ISIS gives good head

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Our Team is Mad At Us 
  • Who needs sex when you have beer

New Berlin Ale House
  • NFL Switches and Bitches

  • One Ball That's All
  • Fallopian Swim Club
  • We're having a Yabba-Dabba-Doo Time!
  • Adrian "Beats His Son"
  • Ray Rice: A Love Story
  • Beats by Ray (Rice)
  • Two girls one blumpkin

Red Rock Saloon
  • Squirt her with your Frankenfurter
  • The only thing more beatable than our score is Ray Rice's Fiance
  • Gynecological Enthusiasts
  • When is a Door Not a Door? When it's Ajar 
  • Milfwaukee Screwers

Riverwest Filling Station 
  • Maybe we should have gone bowling...
  • Would a Wu-Tang Clan sweater get me suspended?

St. Francis Brewery
  • Batman Movies and the Royal Family Suck
  • Tom Cruise is the Ultimate Fudge Packer

Titletown Brewing Co.
  • Illicit Downloaded Photos of Obama's Tan Suit
  • Cloudi with a change of meat boobs
  • The Homeless Guardians of Miley Cyrus's Galaxy

Two Bucks
  • "Beat It" Michael Jackson ft. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson
  • In the words of William Wallace "FREEDOM...unless it's too complicated" 
  • Switch It Up Adrian Peterson Children, the only one the Vikings beat
  • Beatz by Ray 
  • Something about Nazis...always kills 
  • Mike Hunt Presents Grandma's World Famous Pube Salad
  • Good thing I bought those shares in Elevator Surveillance Technology

Whiskey Bar
  • Is It Wrong When You Are Locked Out Of Your Car and Go To Planned Parenthood And Ask For A Coat Hangar?
  • Adrian Beat-Your Son


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