Best Team Names of May 2015!

Brass Monkey (West Allis)
- Bill Clinton's Shaggy (Anthony) Weiner
- We thought this was speed dating

Cafe Centraal
- Hey, are you coming? No, I'm just breathing hard
- Game of loans, interest is coming
- Popeye's forearms are so big because olive oyl never grabbed his spinach
- Chlamydia is not a flower
- I bought a push up bra and I still can't do a single push up

Cafe Hollander
- A Polyorchid man comes along more often than you'd think

Camp Bar (Shorewood)
- Helen Keller's School of Song and Dance
- Okay Ladies, Kiss One, Fondle One, Slap One: Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton. Go!
- Boney Loves Crotchy
- 19 Victims And Counting
- This Quiz Took 127 Hours
- America:  Back To Back World War Champs

Camp Bar (Tosa)
- Tom Brady had Polyorchism... Until He Deflated One Ball
- Josh Duggar's Bedtime Stories

Fixture Brewing Co.
- I like my women how I like my beer... Dark and yeasty
- Detroit cock city

Jack's American Pub
- A shart in the dark
- Jeffrey Dahmer's house of ribs
- Better Late than Pregnant 2
- Even my cats didn't show up
- Scissor me Timbers
- We went all bandidos on this quiz and killed it
- Better Late than Pregnant

The Loaded Slate
-  Tom Brady's tiny balls

Lucille's (Music to My Ears Event)
- Trivia Newton John
- Threeyonce
- Foot Long Pianists
- Bruce Jenner's Vagina
- Music to our Beers!
- Time to relieve my Blatter, it's in treble

- Keep your wife out of my yard and I'll keep my yard out of your wife
- My sister shaved her legs and wrecked em'

Miller Time Pub
- We don't deflate our balls

Milwaukee Ale House
- The team formerly known as prince
- My Grandma can't wrestle, but you should see her box.
- Multiple Scorgasms

Milwaukee Brat House
- I will go 3rd knuckle on your daughter like my name is Sgt. Slaughter
- Sandusky's Shower Caddie a.k.a. Don't Drop the Soap
- Ryan, I'm pregnant! Don't tell your wife!
- Derra Likc My Balls
- Stephen Hawking's Dance Party
- Jerry Sandusky: the coach of tight ends, penetration & tight ends (it's for the kids)
- Boobs are Yummy
- Google good trivia names
- Lemme Pikachu
- FIFA's Legal Team
- Don't Touch my Duggar
- "DD"ees Nutz

Mulligans Irish Pub
- Aaron Hernandez....from tight end to wide receiver
- Let's get quizical....quizical
- We Pee When We Sneeze

New Berlin Ale House
- The Persistence Of Mammories
- No One Drinks Like Gaston
- Bring Back McDreamy
- Always Swiped Left

- What the fuck does this have to do with Science and Nature?
- Oedipus and The Mother Fuckers
- Taj Mahballz

Red Rock
- They say Lake Baikal is the largest and deepest... but that's not what your mom said last night
- 10 body parts with three letters: hip, tit, ass tip, vag, dix, pen, lip, sac, bum
- Pretzel Dick and Cheese Dip
- 'Merica! Back to back World War Champs!
- Ass 'n Titties Ass 'n Titties Ass 'n Titties Ass 'n Titties Titties Big Booty Bitches Ass 'n Titties

SandBar Sports Pub
- The Ones That Got Away

Sprecher's Pub
- Do Tit, Ass, Nut, and Nip Count?

St. Francis Brewery
- I Guess Gisele isn't the Only One That Defates Tom Brady's Balls
- School of Bitchcraft and Quizardry
- Don't Call My Son Bozo
- Effluviant Flatulent Floosies
- Tee Jay and the Glow Fish
- 28 is Not a Real Song!
- FIFA Fo Fum!
- The Bell Can't Save Screech Now
- Nice Guys Always Finish Wherever You Prefer
- What Willis Was Talking About

Von Trier
- Jizzmaster?
- Jon Snow Dies in Book Five
- My Trivia Partner Doesn't Realize This Is Our First Date
- Sansa and Ramsay Bolton Marriage Counseling LLC
- Always Outnumbered, Never Outmanned

Whiskey Bar
- Your mom's chest is flatter than Tom Brady's balls
- Nepal... Shaken not stirred
- Kaiju is what I call my pants monster
- If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball
- Bark twice if you are in Milwaukee
- Quiz on my Face
- I killed Kenny...Fuck!


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