July 2014's Best Team Names... so far!

Marvel and DC Movie Quiz:
- Batman vs. Superman "the punch from space that exploded Batman's internal organs... or did it?
- The Incredible Buldge
- The Insidious Six Inches
- Missing Question: How many movies feature heroes with nipples on their costumes
- Teplinsky and Wurm, Avocodoes at Law
- We are playing Galaga during this Quiz
- Rebecca Romijn's (colon) | Blue Paint, Blue Taint
- My parents are Deeeeeaaaaad!
- Bastard Son Of Jor El

Appleton Beer Factory
- Can I See Your Bocce Balls?

18 West 
- I had a bad teacher in high school
- Donut Licking Freedom Haters
- Hit it and Quit it
- Go Home Milwaukee Lion, you're drunk
- Tom Brady's Deflated Balls

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Beavis and Pornholio
- Cosby's Victims
- Softer than Tom Brady's Balls

Cafe Centraal
- 7/11 was a part time job
- Yom Kippoints (Mazeltov!)
- Summer nights with O'Trivia Newton John
- Our house looks like shit
- Baseball bat? Powdered donut? Potato, potato; tomato, tomato
- Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill For Starters, and I Don't Mean Appetizers
- Somebody Told Me Hugh Grant Had Athletes Foot
- If I Were Flying, Goose Would Still Be Alive
- The Washington Foreskins
- Hozier's Designated Driver (To Church)
- Scott Walker's Carefully Hidden Bald Spot

Cafe Hollander, Tosa
- Shart-nado
- Better late than pregnant
- We are not ashamed of what we did for a Klondike  Bar

Caffrey's Pub
- Right or left girls are the best... At cleaning

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- I'd fozburry flop on all the single ladies tonight
- So many questions about Canada make me crave beaver
- Camping is like moving and being homeless
- Big lebowskis urban achievers
- Jared's $5 Footlong
- Almost Famous: the Clay Aiken Documentary
- I'll French your horn
- Ashley Maddison got hacked so we came here
- Wolf pack - howl at me
- The White House used to have its own zip code and then your mom moved to Wisconsin
- Dolphin Handjob 

Camp Bar, Tosa
- My Date Stood Me Up, so I'm Playing with Myself Tonight 
- We are O-Town's Liquid Dreams
- The Confederate Flag was Lowered, but I'm Still at Half Mast
- Brett Favre: 4 on His Jersey, 4ever in our Hearts, 4 Inches in His Pants

Estabrook Beer Garden
- We need the money because we're Greek MCTS bus drivers
- Walk (er) don't run
- Adam Levine is Blake Shelton's Ashley Madison password

Fixture Brewing Co.
- Respiratory therapists suck the deepest
- Subs aren't the only thing Jared likes fresh
- Jared fogle always eats fresh
- Our asses are as red as a baboons
- 3 legs and a cankle
- We Nominate Kristin for the Republican Presidential Nomination
- She Put a Bag On My Head.... still Counts! 

Greene's Pour House
- Birthday bimbo and the boner beaters
- Better late than pregnant

- My trivia partner doesn't know this is a date
- Bill Cosby said I can put this on His Tab
- Jamie Lett Curtis here, for AcTrivia Yogurt

Humboldt Park Beer Garden
- Milwaukee's Elusive Lion
- We got a new dentist, no lion

Jack's American Pub
- I'm Voting for Monica Lewinsky's Boyfriend's Wife
- Five-Year-Old Footlong
- Jared 'Fondles' Fogel
- Hopefully Winning Gets us Laid
- The People in the Corner Use Google!
- Kourtney will never suck that disick again
- I'd let Hope Solo Beat me too
- I've got 99 problems and only 50 cent
- Bruce Jenner, eat snickers... you're not you when you're hungry
- Not a great night to be a racing sausage...#mkelion
- Leinie's and Jack Dawson, the two best things to come out of Chippewa Falls
- Don't hate us cuz you Anus!
- Dr. Huxtables anti-energy elixer
- Kendall Jenner's Milf(s)
- Keep Bill Cosby away from our drinks!

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Live Hoyt Nudes
- I'd like to quid Sherrie for 21 seconds

The Loaded Slate
-  My trivia partner doesn't know that this is a date

- Don't move I'll get a towel
- It's raining dicks and balls

Milwaukee Ale House
- Up and under is the best thunder
- We used tom Brady's phone

Milwaukee Brat House
- The French Toast of Bel Air
- Quiz in my pants
- On Sunday, the U.S. is gonna drop another bomb on Japan!
- Jared, "Eat Fresh"... subs not kids
- Dr. Huxtable prescribes Rudy a quallude
- One for all, all for one.... in my pants
- Call Us Caitlyn
- ATV - Ass, Titties, Vagina
- The 2016 president to be from Wisconsin.... Aaron Rodgers!!!
- Turds on Third
- Where is the love? In my pants!
- 99 Problems but a Quiz aint one!

New Berlin Ale House 
- Red, White and Bubblicious
- Has anybody seen my lion?

- Pabst Schmears
- Do my legs make my dick look skinny
- I aint lying I saw the MKE Lion

Sprecher's Pub, Milwaukee
- Knowledge Ascending...
- Slipped Minaj The Discus
- Donald Trump's moral compass is whichever way his hair blows

St. Francis Brewery
- Don't David Sweat the Small Stuff
- Les Quizerables
- We Sold Our Souls For Carrie Underwood Tickets and Here We Sit Soulless!
- Scurvy Prevention Society
- Did They Really Find a Footlong on Jared's Hardrive?
- The NFL Firework Safety Commission
- The Unorganized Poor Man's Answer to Donald Trump Fundraising 
- Hi, My Name is Bill Cosby, Can I Buy You a Drink?
- 15 Republicans and Counting Got Cancelled
- Our Other Teammate Got Eaten by the MKE Lion
- Obie Wan Kan Blow Me

Three Lions Pub
- I aint lion, happy birthday brian!
- Moist Cum Farts
- Bill Cosby Bombs, Half Off!

 Von Trier
- Adam Loves His Mom
- Anyone Who's Seen the Milwaukee Lion Say YEEEAAAH
- This is not a drill.  Please evacuate the bar.  A lion was spotted on the patio
- Lion Sightings: 0  Milverine Sightings: 1
- John Wilkes Booth and the Showstoppers
- Beauty is in the Eye of the Beerholder
- Shitty Beatles, not just a clever name

Whiskey Bar
- Lil jon eats popcorn for dinner
- Have you tried the brat? Its the wurst!


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