August 2015's best team names!

Game of Thrones Quiz:
- Imping Aint Easy
- It's hard out here for an Imp
- Cooking with Stannis
- Theon's dick in a box
- Varys' Vasectomy
- Crows before hoes
- Samwell Tarly's O-Face
- What do you call it when Hodor picks up a broken stark? Rasin' Brain
- Tyrion always pays his debts but he's a little short
- Winter's not the only thing coming
- Shireen's Baratheon's burning sensation
- Westerosi wedding planners: "till death do us part"

18 West
- MILFS Night Out
- Ronda Rousey Knocks Out Girls Faster Than Bill Cosby

Appleton Beer Factory 
- “Rochelle, Rochelle”: A your girl’s erotic journey from Milan to Minsk
- Quiz on my face

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Why Is Choosing A Team Name The Hardest Question?
- Butt Fumble
- Dick Van Dyke's Iron Chin
- Quiz in my Pants
-  If Donald Trump Wins This Election, There Will Be Hell Toupee.
- We Love 3.14159265 35897932384626433832795028841971693993751 (Pi)
- No Guts, No Glory Hole
- Now Watch Me Gump, Now Watch Me Jen-nay
- Pill Cosby

Cafe Centraal
- Sandusky's Urban Achievers
- Deez Nuts! President 2036
- Tequila Mockingbird

Cafe Hollander
- I'm not your father, but your sister calls me daddy
- Under the sea-section
- Isis Isis Baby
- Nevada: When no one is looking, it touches Mexico
- Gryffindor in the streets, Slytherin in the sheets.

Camp Bar
- Donald trump has blood coming out of his goldmember
- Happy campers
- Straight outta Krypton crazy mothafucka named Kal-el
- Tricky Dick, The Bruce Jenner Story
- Jennifer Garner Got Tired Of Ben Affleck's Tricky Dick
- I Met mallory on
- Jarred's kids menu: 1/2 off $5 foot longs
- What's the opposite of Christopher reeves? Christopher Walken
- Kanye may become president but Kim k will never be a First Lady

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Horny Bandits: I'll Cream on your Puff
- Trump's Bloody Discharge

Fixture Brewing Co.
- My Fire extinguisher shoots white foam, too!
- My couch pulls out, but I don't
- In the news, tornado rips through new bag of Dickistan
- Bill Colby's sleeping beauties

Hogs and Kisses
- Muffin Grabber
- Washington Foreskins

- Grandpa's Vanilla
- Skankee Doodle Went to Town!!!
- Stick to Handjobs
- Ain't Too Proud to Beg for Points
- Blarney Stoned: Suck our Dingle
- Better dead than Redhead
- Irish we were better at trivia
- Kiss me, I'm the luck of the potato famine

Jack's American Pub
- I last as long as Ronda Rousey's opponents
- Your dad boils his hot dogs
- Gluten Free Singles (Acid Reflux Friendly)
- I flew all this way for a hot dog eating contest?
- For Tampax, I'm Donald Trump
- I cums before U
- New category on Pornhub: Subway
- At Subway? Hold the mayo...
- Show me the Eddie Money!
- 4 people and a cell phone

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Camouflage Condoms: She Never Saw Us Cumming
-  I have nipples, Quizmaster, can you milk me?

The Loaded Slate
- Is there a packer game on or something?!
- Drew Peacock
- Mckinley's porn stash

- I'm great with sexual innuendo. ..blowjobs
- Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see.
- Jared Fogle's footlong fan club
- Falls deep in Donald Trump's hair

Miller Time Pub
- Milkbone Undies, "It's a dog eat dog world"
- Scott walkers great wall of Canada

Milwaukee Ale House
- Do you think Donald Trump's carpet matches the drapes?
- Bill Cosby, Subway Jared & Josh Duggar all walk into a bar...
- John 'Trivia'olta & O'trivia' Newton John

Milwaukee Brat House
- Jared likes his "cheddar" aged 12 years
- Jared's footlong kids meal
- This week Subway introduced "the Fogle", complete with Candy!
-  I heard a tornado took out Waukesha, thank god!

Milwaukee Irish Fest
- Don't say no to craic
- The Gaelic-my butt
- Who Kilkenny?
- The Blarney Stoners
- Uecker? I hardly know her!
- Leprechauns on stilts
- You'll find the answer under my kilt
- Irish I were better at trivia
- Argyle "Sweat - ers"
- Can I limerick your face?
- The most common Irish venereal disease is Lepra-chlamydia

New Berlin Ale House 
- If you give me a million dollars, I can lick-your-stein
- The Octoropolous Quartet
- One Direction Stand Ins

- Beer Scrotum
- 6 inches ABOVE sealevel 
- Trump's Tumble-weave  
- If JD Sallinger was alive he would write a novel with Kim Kardashian's stage name, "Catch one in the eye" 

Red Lion Pub
- 19 Kids & Cheating
- Quizlamic State
- My Trivia Partner doesn't know this is a date
- Jenner Neutral

Red Rock Saloon
- Daredevil + Pearl Harbor = Armageddon
- Multiple Scorgasms

Sprecher's Pub, Glendale
- Flounder on me until I scuttle my nuts
- What The F*** Do We Know?"
- President Door County!

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells
- I smell Sprechs and Candy... yeah
- Actrivia: Keeps you Sprechular
- Insprechtor Gadget
- Kiss my Abacus

St. Francis Brewery
- The Wet Bandits
- Thank God We're Not Home Watching the Debate
- Horn Dog Tarantulas
- Jared is Going to Get a Few $5 Footlongs in Prison
- Ashley Madison Called...Your Information is Missing
- Human or Gorilla? Investigating Trump's Toupee 2016
- No Hair, No Care #DonaldTrump
- Jay Cutler's Resting Bitch Face
- Trump and Grind
- Jared's Having a Footlong as We Speak
Three Lions Pub
- I guess we have to call it 2 lions, cause that asshole shot one!
- The lady is a Tramp and so is your Mother
- Marcellus Wallace DOES look like a bitch
- I'll let you see my pokemon, if I can get a PiK-a-Chu!
- I hope Hilary deleted my dick pic!
- Drink Apple Juice because OJ will kill you

Von Trier
- The Salty Seamen
- Nailin Palin
- Significantly Less Than 10 People
- Geno Smith's Glass Jaw
- I Quizzed My Khakis
- Walking Talking Stephen Hawking
- Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Describe the Pain
- Stephen Hawking School of Tap Dance
- Whistling Straits Mother
- Get Rich or Die Trying at Woodmans
Whiskey Bar
- Nobody cares that the Detroit Lions get killed every year
- Screech stabbed me on baltic avenue
- The secret ingredient is love...and a little jizz
- Fogles footlongs for five year olds


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