September 2015's best team names!

The Friends Quiz:
- The Identical hand twins
- Snow, Paper, A GHOST!! 
- Pivot. Pivot! PIVOT!
- 7...... 7...... 7.... 7.. 7..
- 15 Yemen Road, Yemen
- Gum would be PERFECTION
- Just take your shirt off and tell us who won
- The Salmon Skin Rolls
- The Messers Become the Messies
- Joey Triviani
- Team Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
- Here comes the meat sweats
- Sup with the whack Playstation sup!
- Show me your WENUS (weekly-estimated-net-usage-statistics)
-I touched myself to the ugly naked guy
-Smarter than the average palentologist
-Two Heaving Beasts and The Nubbin
Appleton Beer Factory
- Cutler sucks fishdicks
- Tronald Dump 2016

Brass Monkey
- Trump's Got Hell Toupee
- Dana Scully didn't believe in aliens, but she still did her fucking job.
- Caitlin Jenner and the New Additions
- Black Olives Matter
- Titsburgh Feelers
- Camouflage Condom: She Never Saw Us Coming

The Brown Bottle 
- Brown Bottle-Necked

Cafe Centraal
- The Barnacles of Narnia
- Resting Bitch Faces
- Cherry Pope'in Daddies
- Thank God For Space Jamz
- "Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand" - THATS WHAT SHE SAID
- Trump-le Stiltzken
Cafe Hollander
- Rodham? I barely know him!
- Nerdgasm

Caffrey's Pub
- Why Play Fantasy Football When You Can Play Trivia?
- We Get More Head Than ISIS 

Camp Bar
- I'm Voting For Cutler in 2020, So He Can Overthrow ISIS
- Charlie Tuna's Name as Written On His Hat You Idiots!
- Stephen Hawking's School Of Song And Dance
- Beauty and the Shaft
- John Kerry's Nile Shaft
- I'd Like to Ruff Ryde Pandora's Box

Fat Jacks
- Armagettin' it Done
- Anne Frank's Hide and Seek Club
- Quiz in your Face!
- Fatties on the Beach

Fixture Brewing Co.
- Yes We Kanye
-I'm surprised Gare doesn't need a booster seat to drive his hearse

Greene's Pour House
- Moose knucklin Thunder farts

- The Crotch Spot
- Pill Cosby
- Handlebar Mustache Rides only!
- Idaho? NO! YOU DA HO!

Humboldt Park Beer Garden
- Son of a MITCH! Where's Kayla?
- Eiffel off the wagon
- Maybe bigfoot is just blurry...

Jack's American Pub
- I'd put my penis in Venus
- Quit tot blockin' me!
- What's the difference between an oral and anal thermometer? Well... besides the taste...
- Which Walker crashed harder - Paul or Scott?
- You just got Mitch slapped
- Smirnoff Isis
- Our answers got worse once women's volleyball came on T.V

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- David Petraeus's Ashley Madison Account
- So, any of you ladies on Ashley Madison?
- I have to sit over here because I'm not allowed any closer to the pool
- Wiz Khalifa's taller brother, Burj
- Team Name: Walker's not a runner

The Loaded Slate
- Citizens for a wall to keep out the fibs
- Kanye For Pressy - Hellen Keller's Seeing eye dog
- I get excited I quiz in my pants
- My salary agrees with trumps tax plan

- Kanye 4 prez
- This quiz is harder than me on viagra
- I'm going to pretend we got 3rd out of ten teams
- Turn down for Watt

Milwaukee Ale House 
- Kanye West is totally a Hufflepuff
- Kanye's Fiscal Policy...Fuck Bitches, Get Money
- Jared loves his "cheddar" aged 12 years...... 
- Quiz all over your face
- A center for kids who can't reed good and want to learn to do other stuff good too.
- Scott Walker Drops it like it's hot-
- 60% of the time, we win everytime
- The Mil-Walkie Talkies
- Well hung jury
- Pope Francis: Kim Davis' Next Baby Daddy

Milwaukee Brat House
- Do llamas spit or swallow?
- Penis Vagina Corporation #PVC
- Dahmer? Don't even know her!
- Terrence and Phillip's Asses of Fire
- Donald Trump.... does the carpet match the drapes?
- Girls just wanna sing inappropriate rap songs #backseatwindowsup
- Illegal immigrants 4 Trump
- I love it when you call me Big Poppa Francis
- When you come to a fork in the road, take it
- My couch pulls out but I don't
- Mars is wet and Matt Damon is cumming!

- Quiz in my Pants
- Altar Boy Shower- I got pope in my eyes
- That train was longer than Walker's Presidential Campaign
- Call your doctor immediately for a Boehner lasting more than 4 years

Red Lion Pub
- Just like our idol, Scott Walker, we quit!
- Coitus interruptus

Red Rock Saloon
- We're as good at quiz as Cutler is at football
- Spermicidal panties and the screaming seamen!
- I caught your mom @ Guitar Center licking all the trumpets

Second Salem Brewing Company
- Quiz all over your face
- Let's talk about quiz, baby
- Iggy Quizelia
- My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
- 3 Girls 1 Cup
- I'm Not a Doctor, But I'll Take a Look Anyway
- Boom Goes the Vaginamite

Sprecher's Pub
- We're not getting the puss, just the boot

St Francis Brewery
- We Thought Deflategate Was a Phallic Reference
- Wall Around Canada...Genius Hey?!
- Uber or Gruber #OneCallThatsAll
- Mistress Heather's Submissives, AKA Grandpa's Got a Ball Gag
- Happy Birthday Heather, the Bears Still Suck!
- Walker Took One for the Gipper
- Se-currrr-itee!

Vino 100
- Balls Deep

Von Trier
- Total Eclipse of the Shart
- Meryl Strep Throat
- Freddie Starr Ate My Pussy
- Kim Davis is Free.. God Bless!!
- Let me Slytherin to your Chamber of Secrets
- What do Beyoncé and a Skiier Have in Common? They both ride moguls.
- Route 69 is my favorite route

Whiskey Bar
- How many fucks I give


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