March 2016's best trivia team names!

Harry Potter Trivia Night 
- #TrumpVoldemort2016
- Make Hogwarts Great Again
- Muggle lives matter
- It's mi-mo-sa, not mimo-SA
- Pureblood witches for mudblood bitches
- You can ride my broomstick
- The Gryffinwhores
- Gryffindor in the streets, Slytherin in the sheets
- Did you survive avada kedavra? Because you are drop dead gorgeous
- Snapes on a Plane
- Neville Wears Prada
- Hung Like Hagrid
- Hungry Hungry Hippo-griffs
- Draco doesn't always give Hedwig, but when he does it's always 9 3/4
- Deez Knuts
- The artist formerly known as the half-blood prince
- Siriusly, we'll Neville loose
- Your mother's a whore-crux
- Snitches Ain't Shit but Horcruxes and Trick Wands
- Umbridge's In-quiz-itorial Squad
- Dumbledore/Snape - 2016 Presidency
- I Could Go for a Good Swish and Flick Right About Now
- Teach Me How to Buckbeak
- Hogwart's Express Lane 15 Items or Less
- Team that Must Not Be Named
- St. Mungo's
- Golden Snitches Get Stitches
- Snakes on a Plane
- Snitches Get Stitches
- Hungry, Hungry Horntails
- Alas, Earwax!
- Boo, you Whorecrux
- The Quizengamot
- Real House Elves of Diagon Alley
- Huffle Puff my Dumble Dildo
- Everyday I'm Mugglin'
- Harold and Kumar Escape from Azkaban
- Educational decree number 69: wizards must keep wand 6 inches apart
- Dumbledore had it coming
- Highway to the Granger Zone!!
- Is your girlfriend's name Dumbledore? Because she's a real headmaster.
- If your petrificus totalus lasts more than 5 hours consult Madam Pomfrey
- Neville Gonna Give you up, Neville Gonna let you down
- Gilderoy pop and Lockhart
- Yo momma so fat her patronus is a chocolate frog!
- My patronus is Clay Matthews!
- The golden snatch
- Dobby's socks

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Donald Drumpf's Baby Hands
- Boy These Questions are Tough!
- I'll Give YOU a Taco Tuesday Special!!

The Brown Bottle
- Together We Can Make the Kardashians Irrelevant
- The Schlitz Alps
- Oculus Porn
- We're Gonna Make America Great Again! China!
- Bark Twice if you're in Milwaukee

Cafe Hollander
- Injured in a car accident? One call thats all
- #makedonalddrumpfagain
- Trump Vodka: the real best name in vodka
- Pis of March
- Trump University-because our score is terrible

Caffrey's Pub
- Trump's small hand
- We beat the bouncer again!
- Tears for Xavier
- Birdie sanders

- Clean Latifahs Maid Service
- Nedward Flanders
- Cock Ringers
- Wide Set Vaginas
- Boaty McBoatface
- Make America grate again: ban pre-grated cheese
- Cheese Curders In Paradise
- Tokyo Swallows, Beijing Spits

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- The Scientific Name for Our Team Is Boner Boner Boner
- Better To Be Served Than Severed
- True or False: Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla is the Scientific Term For My Sex Life
- Suck It Trebek
- The 8th Dwarf Was Horny
- Come Hungry, Leave Happy: Planned Parenthood
- Too Bad Trump's Mother Didn't Go To Planned Parenthood
- Dorothy misses Kansas, Toto misses the rains down in Africa
- I Saturn Uranus
- Taylor Swift Was A Fat Little Bitch Wasn't She?
- Minnie Asked Mickey For A Divorce, Mickey said "What Are You, Fucking Crazy?" Minnie replied "No I'm Fucking Goofy" 

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Trump, the Biggest Dick I Know, but It's Not in His Pants
- You Know What They Say About Trivia Teams with Small Hands...
- How Was the Parade Mrs. Kennedy?
- Trump University Graduates
- My NCAA Bracket Looks Like Kim Kardashian's Vagina... Torn Up & Full of Black Ex's
- Scatman vs. Pooperman: Dawn of Just Shit
- I've Got a Reptile Dysfunction, but I can Still Skeet Shoot
Fat Jacks
- I swear to Drunk I’m not God
- Dora’s Sexual Explorers
- Tip of Kyle’s Crooked Dick bench squad because they didn’t quite make the cut
- Regis Philbin’s Climax
- Boom Goes the Vagina-Mite

Fixture Brewing Co.
- 6 ass Gary and the cunt flutes
- We suck!

Hogs and Kisses
- Washington Foreskins
- How do you like this caucus
- Better later than pregnant
- Were not gay but $20 is $20 
- You Make Me French Horny
- Other Than That, Mrs. Kennedy, how was the parade
- The Group Across The Bar Are A Bunch of Cheating Bitches 

Houdini's Escape Gastropub
- Gettin' Quizzy With It
- I just Quizzed my Pants
- Slutty, Sweaty, Douchey, Shameful, Tipsy, Sloppy and Dick
- Just Give Me the Vodka and No One Gets Hurt
- Give me the Vodka or I'll vote for Trump

- Donald Drumpf's 3-inch Footlong
- Would the loud girl please shut up so we can hear the question?
- Your Mom made my Sweet Sixteen Sweet
- Donald Trumps Manbun
- Hilary Clinton's Pant Suit
- Trump's Tiny Hands
- The Price is Wrong, Bitch!
- Casey Anthony Daycare Center
- Better Looking than Ted Cruz's Wife

Jack's American Pub
- Bob Loblaw Law Blog
- The Blackest thing about the Oscars was Chris Rock's tuxedo
- Bo Ryan's Hoes
- Your sports questions were fucking stupid this week
- The more I drink the less I think
- Put it in your international woman
- Well behaved women rarely make history... Or trivia questions
- We stopped caring about winning as soon as we got our tater tots
- "Cue it up"... isn't that the Viagra slogan?
- You can't fake a steak...but you can fake an orgasm
- Oedipus + The Motherfuckers
- Chrumps
- ISIS. You sis. We all Sis, For ISIS
- Your mom was a Screamin' Demon
Lake Dillon Tavern
- We are shit hammered

The Loaded Slate
- Straight outta condoms
- In-quizitive thinkers

The Lodge
- Deeze Nuts Ain't Workin
- One Pump Trumps
- Nine Inch Males
- The Hershey Squirts

- 2 beards are better than one
- Shots be to Jesus #holywater
- Even if I played trivia against myself I'd still lose
- My Trump Berns

Milwaukee Ale House
- Want to sit on my Pesky Pole? 
- Pesky Pole Dancers
- The Notorious M.K.E.
- Vote for Trump: One day you'll have toupee
- Make Donald Drumpf Again
- Presidential Mustache Rides
- Donald Trump Has Penis Fingers
- Just 3 simple dudes who popped outta the same vagina
- Not Milwaukee's Bes
- Letting Loose Like Letterman 
- We still think Uranus has more gas
- Hulk Hogan Mustache Rides: 140 Million Dollars 
- Steve Harvey said we were the winners 
- I'd Give Kate Plus 8
- Two Girls, One cup, Refried Beans, Laxatives, and a Locked Room
- Just 2 single guys "kinda
- Vice President Omarosa
- Take a dump on Donald Trump

Milwaukee Brat House
- If the carpet is on fire, I'll open my Marty McFly
- I die hard when you blow my French Horn
- Honey bunches of scrotes
- Donald Trump's shrimp cock...tail

New Berlin Ale House
- Marky Mark and the Kerplunky Bunch
- We're not ashamed of what we did for a Klondike bar
- Worst Team Name Ever!
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- Only Slightly Smarter Than A Fifth Grader
- Too Many Holes, Not Enough Glory

- My couch pulls out - but does your dad?
- Ban Pre-shredded Cheese.... Make America GRATE again!
- I lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes... once
- Ted Cruz's Cowboy Hat Collection
- French kiss butt hole
- Show us on the answer sheet where he touched you
- I'm so glad Apple made an iPhone small enough for Donald Trumps hands
- Trivia makes me moist

Point Burger Bar
- Condoms and Rattlesnakes: Things I Don't Fuck With
- Trumpin' Titties!

Prohibition Junction
- Quiz in my pants

Red Lion Pub
- We are harder than a bear's butt plug.
- Tiny fingers, big penis

Red Rock Saloon
- What's the scientific name for my dick? Penis Penis Penis
- Wish my dad was proud of me
- Unlike BJ Raji we didn't take the night off
- Bifur, Bofur, Bombour, Balin, Dwalin, Fili, Kili, Gloin, Oin, Dori, Ori, Nori, Thorin AKA the Real Dwarves
- USA, carrying Europeans through wars since WWI
- Quizzin' on yo face!
- The Queen says "cheerios!"
- Call me Han, cos I fly solo
- 60% of the time we win every time
- Hip, Hip Hop, Hip-Hop-Anonymous

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Quiz Inside Me
- Titanic Swim Team
- Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber
- Quiz in My Pants

Silver Creek Brewing Co.
- Please Bring Donald Drumpf Back
- Whiskey Made Me Do It
- Our couches pull out, but we don't
- Trump 2016. First we win trivia then we win the White House
- Bicurious George and the disappearing banana

Sprecher's Pub, Milwaukee
- Monica had oval lips in the office
- Meat spin or tailspin?

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells
- The talking walking Steven Hawkins
- Free Beer Here!!!
- Quizzed in my pants

St Francis Brewery
- I Wish My Cell Phone Service Was As Good As the Winners
- I'll Give You 10-20 Inches in Diameter #PintheV
- We Drank Too Much and We Forgot to Think
- #thanksObama
- How Many Wonders Can One Sphincter Hold?
- You Don't Want to Know How Many Wonders My Cavern Can Hold #gaylord
- I Would Like to be Poor for a Day. Being Poor Everyday is Just Awful.

Titletown Brewing Co.
- Shine Your Spotlight on the Revenant of My Big Shirt and Watch The Force Awaken
- 366 Days is Quite a Leap
- Trump/Palin 2016
- Fat Kids Always Win at See-Saw

Three Lions Pub
- Trump can suck my Caucus.
- Camouflage condoms, you never see us coming
- Fat kids are harder to kidnap
- Uranus is massive

Von Trier
- Everything is Coming up Milhous
- Cock Ring Ken
- Dead Girls Can't Say No! 
- #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain
- Jon Voigt's Son Stole the Declaration of Independence
- Quizlamic State
- If Hillary was the right woman for the job, we wouldn't know Monica Lewinsky
- Tequila Mockingbird
- Van Gogh's Hearing Aids
- I Feel the Bern when I PeeIf 
- Squad isn't the plural of squid, I quit English
Whiskey Bar
- Batman's Rock Hard Nipples
- Uncles with benefits
- Can I Rubio your back with my small hands
- Quiz on my face and tell me you love me
- Quiz me I'm Irish
- Hulk Hogan's $140 million broken ego


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