Best Team Names of the Month! April 2016...

Game of Thrones Trivia Night
- The Real Housewives of King's Landing
- Crows before hoes
- My grandpa finishes faster than George R. R. Martin
- Reek's Sausage Shoppe
- Arya's little clam, freshest in the city!
- Jamie - you ARE the father!
- Stab her right in the Hodor
- We drink like Tyrion but know nothing like Jon Snow
- When it comes to Hot Pie, consider us Jason Biggs
- Arya Stark's School for the Blind
- Wight Walkers and Shite Talkers
- Feel the Burn: Dany/Drogon 2016
- Now Watch Me Imp, Now Watch Me Hodor
- Team Low Brow - Winning Is Coming
- Dornish Game Hens
- Cooking with Stannis
- House of Tits and Wine
- Little Finger's Little Finger
- The Onion Knight's Diddling Digits
- The Stannis Inquisition
- The Team Has No Name, We Are No One
- A Flock of Sigils
- The little fingers
- Mareen Bay Packers
- The Team of many faces

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Debbie Does Stallis
- We Only Swipe Left... When we Wipe!
- Fuck This Place, We're Going to Brass Kracken
- I'll Tap You on the Shoulder When I'm About to Quiz
- Jizzmaster Trivia: Dropping Loads of Knowledge
- I Quizzed my Pants

The Brown Bottle
- Go Home Brewers, You're Drunk
- Hilary's long Cruz Bern'd her Trump
- Nutting Hill
- Prince Should Have Taken the Stairs
- More Cowbell, Please
Cafe Hollander
- I didn't realize Uranus was so big and blue
- Hulk Hogan’s  next sex tape: Snap into a slim Jim
- How do you organize a space party? You planet!

Caffrey's Pub
- I Travolted in Buschemi's Anus
- Betty White Supremacy

- Casey Anthony's Daycare
- #NeverDatedDonaldTrump
- Bark Twice If You're In Milwaukee
- The Fighting Beer Snobs

Camp Bar, Milwaukee
- I Thought This Was Speed Dating
- Our Competition is Like Our Wood...Soft
- The Next Question Better Be About F'ing Bollywood
- Pitching a Tent at Camp Bar
- Status Update: Jon Snow Is Still Dead
- Volkswagon Emissions Testing Group

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Q: What Do You Call The Surgery Where You Add A Penis To Youself? A: An Addadicktome
- Some Say The Skin Is The Largest Organ; Those People Havent Seen My Phalloplasty
- We Got Levi A Phalloplasty For His Birthday So He Can Win The Battle of the Bulge
- Alaska, Nebraska, who gives a shit?
- Ernie Els and The Broken Putters
- Anyone Who Doesn't Include the "S" In Garth Brooks is a Dumas
- After A Few Drinks, Mallory Asks, "What's That Question"
- An Anagram for Nicholas Cage is Chic Anal Ego

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Is that a smack of jellyfish or Paris Hilton's vagina?
- Real or Fake: They're real and they're spectacular
- I Got My D-Pad, Did You Bring Your Joystick?
- I Screwed Hillary Last Night and Woke Up Feeling the Bern
- It Should Have Been Kanye, Not Prince!!!
- Shirts vs. Blouses

Central Standard Distillery
- Prince Is the Only Guy Who Could Steal Your Girl And Her Wardrobe at the Same Time
- Quiz on my Face
- Blondie from Ohio State drinks too much Stella Artois 

Fat Jacks
- I swear to drunk I’m not god

The Fermentorium
- Kiss my abacus
- The Fermented Ducks

Hogs and Kisses
- It Berns During My Election
- Big Fact Hunt
- The Wet DreaM Catcher
- The Shit Apples
- The Thing Song By Cisco

- Wiggers with Attitude ft. Paul
- She told me it was razorburn
- Better Late than Pregnant
- The Two Lookers on the Grassy Knoll
- Betcha Can't eat just one...Jeffrey Dahmer Edition
- Let's Make North Ave Great Again
- It Purple Rained on my one night in China
- My "O" is invisible too...;)
- Game: Blouses
Houdini's Escape
- Bern in Hill, Trump!
- Donald Trumped Ivanka with his Caucus
- Gastro Shackle & Chain Me...Trust Me
- The Ladies Call Me "E.T", Why? The Sex is OUT OF THIS WORLD
- Why Is My Blanket Sticky

 Jack's American Pub
- Spieth scored more points on hole 12 than we did in trivia tonight
- Go home jukebox, you're drunk
- Registered Sex Offenders
- Hillary Clinton sends me dirty emails
- Lil wayne plays the skin flute
- Herpes #feelthebern2016
- It's not a purse, it's a satchel
- Bite the pillow, I'm coming in dry

Landmark Lanes
- Trump Campaign - Clear and Present Dange
- Camel Toe and Oates
- Judy Dench Made me MI-6 my pants
- Trojan condoms, taste the feeling
- My drinking friends have a trivia problem

The Lodge
- Indiana Jones and the wrong Jonathan Edwards
- Suck it Trebek

- When I pee, I feel the Bern

Milwaukee Ale House
- Only time I "feel the Bern" is when I pee 
- Donald Trump's Tiny Dick Hands 
- Money Shot Heard Around the World
- Milwookies!!!
- In dog beers, we've only had one!
- My drinking team has a trivia problem 
- Better late, Than pregnant 
- This quiz is harder than my ex-boyfriend
- Vladimir Poutine
- ASSOLS - Antonin Scalia School of Law Students
- Make Trivia Great Again (29 points);
- Our lemonade kicks Jay-Z to the yard
- If you #boycottTarget, you're an asshole 
- Quiz on my face and tell me that you love me
Milwaukee Brat House
- It's only cannibalism if you swallow
- Kerry Collins is a Real Slut
- Daryl Hall's Mustache Rides
- Put Charles Dickens in Whistlers mother
- Jeffery Dahmer's Rib House
- Parachute Testers: Now Hiring

New Berlin Ale House
- I Voted
- In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon
- If a blind prostitute tells you you have a big dick, she was probably just pulling your leg
- Going to the chapel this Saturday!

- Hotel Motel Holiday Itch
- Quiz On My Face and Tell Me You Love Me
- Colonel Mustard, with the ball gag, in the dungeon
- I May Bit Feel the Bern, but Cruz Gives Me the Creeps

Panga Bar and Grill
- Bottom feeders
- Quizmaster, bait and tackle
- Boats N Hoes
- Mike Hunt's neighbor is an ass hole
- Purple reigning Champs

Red Rock Saloon
- Butt... I thought Uranus was brown
- Drunk pieces of shit
- The largest organ in my body is actually my penis
- Blind hookers, you gotta hand it to them
- Hocus, Poke-Us
- Quizteam Aguilera
- God Melisandre, put the necklace back ON!
- "GAME... Blouses" - Prince

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- "April Fool's" - Donald Trump, 2016
- Our Couch Pulls Out, But We Don't 
- Crouching Woman, Hidden Banana 
- Camoflauge Condoms: She Never Saw Me Comin'
- Endless love: the stevie wonder/helen keller tennis match.
- Quiztopher Reeve Horseback Riding Club
- Obama's Big Black Caucus
- It Was Either This or Masturbating
- William Shatner's Pants
- Gonorrhea is Nothing to Clap About
- Pabst Schmear
- Make Second Salem Great Again!

Silver Creek Brewing Co.
- Don't quiz in my hair!
- Please stop the bus and let my brother jack off
- The Eukaryotes

Sprecher's Pub, Milwaukee
- Monica loves Clinton-Dix.
- Ask Oates For A Moustache Ride
- Dr Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, esq
- The Know-Nothing Party
- I'd like to do nasty things to Shawn with my Johnson

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells
- Sext Teletubbies
- Here for the beer
- Trumpnots and hiLIARees
- Here for the Beer!
- Dazed and confused
- Jay-Z's 100th Problem

St. Francis Brewery
- Cousins Subs Are Not Actually Made From Your Cousins!
- 60% of the Time it Works Every Time #pullingout
- Trivia...Now With More Kanye Than the Kardashians!
- Rachael Ray Made a Taco and Jay-Z Had Sex With It

Three Lions Pub
- Brokeback mountain was meant to be called 'Twink Peaks'
- 420 wankers
- I remember two things about baywatch and neither were her name

Titletown Brewing Co.
- #FeeltheFreezerBern
- Sanders Trumps Clinton, while Kasich Cruzes to Victory
- Turkish Royalty
- No Trump
- Primary Schmimary - We Vote for Trivia!

Von Trier
- Ron Swanson is a hairy true-man
- Animal balloon massacre
- More like jizz-master ro$$
- OBGYN Kanobi
- Did you bathe in the waters of Lake minnetonka?
- I have the reflexes of a cactus

Whiskey Bar
-  I thought this was Simpsons trivia night
- Bill Clinton 2016: It still wasn’t me
- I got 90s problems and that bitch ate cum
- Macaulay Culkin masturbates at home alone


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