Best Team Names of the Month... July 2016!

Harry Potter Quiz
- Spoiler alert: Dumbledore dies
- Legalize gillyweed!!!!! 
- Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down
- If you show me your wand, I'll show you my golden snitch
- Snitches get stiches
- You're mom is so fat, her petronus is a cake
- It's Wau-wa-TO-sa, not Wau-wa-to-SA!
- I caught a golden snitch in Pokemon Go... 150 Points to Gryffindor!
- Hagrid's Big Dick & the Huffle-pussys
- Umbridge in the streets, Molly Weasley in the sheets
- Albus Dumbledore Center for Kids Who Can't do magic but want to learn how
- That Snitch Cray
- Cold Hearted Snitches
- The Screaming Mandrakes
- Those who shall not be named
- It ain't over til the fat lady gets attacked by a prisoner from Azkaban in the middle of the night
- Dolores Umbridge sucks Slytherin's big one
- The kitchen thinks LOTR and Star Wars is better
- Snapes on a plane
- Harry was a pothead and the sorcerer got stoned
- Swipe left for muggles
- Too legit to Quidditch
- 10 pints to Gryffindor
- Slytherin into your Chudley Cannon
- Neville Dongbottom and the head girls
- We brought an invisibility cloak to save $5
- Slytherin when wet
- The horcrux when your partner leaves a little bit of himself inside you
- Everyday I'm mugglin'
- The one's who make Moaning Myrtle moan
- It puts the potion in the basket

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Just Died In Your Arms Tonight: The Aaron Hernandez Story
- Why are condoms so baggy?
- Is butter a carb?
- My pokeballs make you squirtle
- Horton Hears Domestic Violence and Doesn't do anything about it
- Camo Condoms: She never saw us coming
- Michelle Obama's 2008 Team Name
- Melania Stole Our Team Name
- I Like it When She Squirtles
- I'm Sweating Like a Priest at a Little League Game
Cafe Hollander, Tosa
- We came for Pokemon, we stayed for trivia
- Best name went to What did the Pirate say when he turned 80? Aye Matey!!
- She is still looking for the cochlea
- Make Trivia Great Again
- My couch pulls out but Donald Trump never does

Caffrey's Pub
- Sea wards
- Tiger's wood
- Team Shame
- Girl, are you a small loan given to you by Donald Trump's father? Because you look like a million bucks.

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Every Day Is A Weekend When Your Unemployed
- John Wilkes Butthole
- We Have A Right To Arm Bears: Trump 2016
- Uterus Canon
- Make America great more questions about One Direction!
- Fuck You Delaware!  You Are a Garbage Colony.
- Ed Gein's Discount Leather
- Hey Kids At The Bar, I Have Candy And Pokemon In My Van Out Back, Meet Me In The Alley After Trivia
- DNC Deez Nuts
- I Asked Adolf Hitler If He Knew How Many Times 50 Cent Had Been Shot. Do You Know What He Said? "Nein"

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Gotta Catch 'Em All
- Pokemon Go! Fuck yourself 
- Uncles with Benefits

Camp Bar, Tosa 
- My Diglet Will Make Your Venasaur Squirtle 
- Last Time She Was in my Cockpit, I Sprayed Her Deck 
- Napoleon Boner-Fart
- I'll Mount Your Olympus

The Fermentorium
- I Like Those, But I'm Not Allowed to Play With Them
- Proud Mary Keeps on Fermin'
- Gotta Quiz 'em all!
- The Moops
- Just here for the Pokemon
- A Random Guy Who Does Not Care About His Score
- Spermentorium

Houdini's Escape
- oh this is trivia? I was promised a super rare Pokemon and a place to train my Charizard
- It's Bethany's Goddamn Birthday (Bitches)

Humboldt Park Beer Garden
- Leona Helmsley can suck my Spaceballs
- Trump and Putin sitting in a tree leaking documents from the DNC

Jack's American Pub
- Helium prices are rising due to inflation
- For the first time this year, Hilary Clinton got off
- Pokemon Go Fuck Youself
- Got arrested for showing some kid my Weedle (best name of the night)
- Mitch fell in a Ditch while looking for Pikachu
- Paul Walker driving school
- Will we win even if we lose; Thank you DNC

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Insert team name here
- We won so we won't waste a team name
- I'm content with my ignorance of country music
- Don't Pikachu in the shower
- Pokeman, no!
- Otrivia Newton John
- The Tara Reid festival has a totally different contest involving saliva
- I got so excited about Pokemon I squirtled
- Watch out! She's a squirtle
- We corrected our own page
- Hey Putin! Hack Quizmaster for next week's answers

Loaded Slate
- Make America Great Britain again
- Ed Gein's discount leather
- Other than that Mrs. Kennedy, how was the parade?

Milwaukee Ale House
- Hillary Clinton Emailed Us The Answers
- Too Dumb For Trivia
- Ash Made Me Squirtle
- Squirtle's Demise
- I Thought This Was Speed Dating
- Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself
- Tell Melania To Sop Copying Our Answers!
- Better Late Than Pregnant

Milwaukee Brat House
- Straight c's
- We stole this team name from Michelle Obama

New Berlin Ale House
- What the hell is a salmon ladder?
- Pokemon Go Get a Job
- And All This Time I've Been Trampolining Just For Fun.

The Nines
- FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots)
- One or D Udder - Moo
- I Really Wish I Would Have Branched Out In My 20's
- 10 Pints for Gryffindor
- We Got 99 Problems, but a Snitch ain't one! 
- Can I "Slytherin"?
- Team Who Shall Not Be Named
- Slytherin Into Your Hufflepuff
- The Team That Shall Not Be Named

- We can catch trivia points faster than you can catch Pokemon
- In the Loo I got a Pikachu
- O'Labias
- 3 Holes and a Pole
- Joe Ran a 5K
- Moderately Disheveled Paper Napkin
- A blonde, a brunette and a red head walk into trivia 

Panga Bar and Grill
- Lower Nemahbin Fireballs
- Global Gym Purple Cobras
- G00gling on G00gle, 0nly 92 m0re zer0s t0 g0
- Gotta guess 'em all
- Squirtle Squad
- The Team has no name

Red Lion Pub
- Pokemon Go home you're drunk

Red Rock Saloon
- Pokemon lives matter
- Pokemon go! F*** yourself

Sprecher's Pub, Wisconsin Dells
- Taking Dave Moon to the Cleaners

St. Francis Brewery
- The Unknowledgables!
- Britney Spearo, Catch Me Baby One More Time
- Your Mom is the Largest Living Organism in the World
- My Harry Potter Has Hog Warts
- Pocahontas' Silhouette Gave Me a Tromboner
- Make America Poop Again
- Trumpsters For Michelle Obama
- Yuge Combovers
- My Power Stroke Gets Me Jiggy Wit It
- Tweening, Power Stroking, No Thumbs Delivery, Isn't That Just Called Masterbating?
- Anne Frank's Hide and Seek Team

Three Lions Pub
- Aaron Hernandez went from a tight end to a wide receiver
- "I have a dream" - Melania trump
- Question 2 was a trick question... Obama was born in Kenya

Titletown Brewing Co.
- I Emailed Hilary but ISIS Responded
- This Week We Probed Jupiter, Next Week, Uranus
- Delete This Hilary

Von Trier
- Rumple foreskin
- That's not a climbing harness, it's a sex swing. Trust us we'd know.
- Feel the Bern, or feel the Johnson! 

Whiskey Bar
- Hunter S Thompson: the tale of Projectile Vomiting
- Might Morphin' Menstrual Cramps
- As Melania Trump once said,"that's on small step for man, one giant leap for man kind"
- "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"-Melania Trump
- Pokemon Go.. Away 


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