Quizmaster turns 10! Register for the MKE League now!

Quizmaster Trivia turns ten (yes, 10!) this December and we want to thank you for helping us making it an entire decade in the quiz business. To celebrate, we're launching our MKE League, an 8 week trivia league, on October 17th...
The Need To Know Info...
- Begins: week of October 17th.
- Final week: December 5th
- Post season tournament: week of December 12th (date and location TBA)
- Play as many times as you like, at as many different participating venues as you like.
- Register your team below for FREE. 

MKE League FAQs:

Do we pre-register, sign up online? 
Yes! Registration can be made below. If you don't register online your scores will not be counted at the bar.

What is our "league number"? 
Once your team registers below, you will be emailed a three-digit "league number". Be sure to include this after your team name (on your answer sheet) each time you play. This way you can change your team name each week (to try to win the "best team name" prize), but it'll still be easy for our Quizmasters to track your score.

How does the scoring work?
Teams are awarded points for attendance and #winning also. Every time you show up and play a Quizmaster event you receive 10 points. The top five teams at each quiz receive additional points too: 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, all the way down to 5th place.

Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on scoring bonus points. Select venues may have additional points awarded for attending on any given night (i.e. 5 bonus points for teams at the Ale House tonight). 

Can we play anywhere?
Almost. Seeing as the 414 is our home base and where it all begun for us in 2006, this will be a mostly Milwaukee-based league. Venues to tally points include...

- ABV Social, Wauwatosa, WI

- Bavarian Bierhaus, Milwaukee, WI
- Boomer's Sports Pub, Pewaukee, WI
- Brass Monkey, West Allis, WI
- Cafe Hollander, Wauwatosa, WI
- Caffrey's Pub, Milwaukee, WI
- Camino, Milwaukee, WI
- Camp Bar (Shorewood, Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, WI)
- Fat Jack's, Whitewater, WI
- The Fermentorium, Cedarburg, WI
- Hotch, Milwaukee, WI
- Jack's American Pub, Milwaukee, WI
- Loaded Slate, Milwaukee, WI
- Lucky Chance, West Allis, WI
- McGillycuddy's, Milwaukee, WI
- Milwaukee Ale House, Milwaukee, WI
- Milwaukee Brat House, Milwaukee, WI
- New Berlin Ale House, New Berlin, WI
- O'Lydias, Milwaukee, WI
- Panga Bar and Grill, Oconomowoc, WI
- Red Lion Pub, Milwaukee, WI
- Red Rock Saloon, Milwaukee, WI
- Second Salem Brewing Co., Whitewater, WI
- St Francis Brewery, St. Francis, WI
- Three Lions Pub, Shorewood, WI
- Tosa Tavern (inside Whole Foods), Wauwatosa, WI
- Von Trier, Milwaukee, WI
- Whiskey Bar, Milwaukee, WI

Can we register late?
Yes! We understand some people may become aware of our awesome MKE League at a later date. No worries... you can register at anytime and still rack up points. So if you join in mid-November you still might have a shot at making the tournament!

Can we back-date scores?
We're afraid not. If you had been playing Quizmaster but hadn't registered we can't backdate any score that would've counted. There's not a reliable system in place and way of us truly knowing what your scores were, so no dice we're afraid.

Is there a limit on how many times we play or play per week?
Nope. Rack up as many scores as you like. We want to award teams that are loyal and play a lot, hence why teams get 10 points just for showing up. Also, if you know you're going be out of action for a week or so (say around Thanksgiving) you could perhaps hit the quiz circuit two or three times the week before. So even if you SUCK big time, you've still got a chance of making the top 25.

Will teams be seeded (in the post season tournament)?
Yes, teams will have seeds that correspond to their league finish. This may result in additional perks at the post-season tournament and also just make it more fun when the one seed finishes 10th, haha.

Okay, how much is it? 
Zero dollars. Yes, sign up for the league is free, but players will still have to pay the $1/person entry on the night, where applicable. Hey, remember all those $1 fees go straight to your Quizmaster host... their beer money for the weekend.

What are the prizes?
We'll have some prizes for our top league finishers, but the bulk of the prizes will come at the post-season tournament. These will include gift cards, beer, Quizmaster swag (t-shirts, koozies), and cold hard CASH (up to $1000!).

Can people under 21 play?
We like to include queeps (quiz peeps) of all ages, but this is venue-specific. Some venues let under 21's play, others do not. We encourage players to call the bar directly to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 
Yes, our team limit of 8 players will be implemented during our quiz nights.

Do the same players have to play every time?
No. Usually there will be a core nucleus of three or four players for each team, with other randoms joining here and there. As long as you use the same league number, your score will be counted all the same.

Do scores from themed quizzes still count?
Yes. In this case they will. Watch our social networks to see what bonuses certain themed events might serve up.

Please register your details below. Note that your below "team name" will just be a standard name to identify your team; you may change your name at quiz nights (to win the "best team name" prize). Just make sure your "league number" is on your answer sheet each time you play…

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