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Negan is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead. He is the leader of a group of roughly 70 survivors in The Sanctuary, called the Saviors, a group that steals from others. The character's appearance is based on Henry Rollins, as confirmed by Charlie Adlard; Robert Kirkman worked in his excessive use of profanity, derived from other people he knew. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays Negan in the television series of the same name and first appeared in the series' sixth season finale.

After Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors agree to begin a trading relationship with the Hilltop Colony, they are ambushed by the Saviors and are forced to obey Negan's orders to give the Saviors half of their supplies, as the other communities do. Negan resides in an abandoned factory, where most of the attractive women, formerly other men's girlfriends or wives, act as his wives. He soon grows fond of Rick's son, Carl Grimes.

Negan has a unique personality: a purer form of psychopathic typification than that of The Governor, who had sociopathic tendencies and often engaged in emotional outbursts. Negan is feared and respected as a king; his is the first and last word on the activities of his group, the Saviors. He controls his subordinates by power, intimidation, and punishment. Brutal, foul-mouthed, and possessed of a twisted sense of humor, Negan carries a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat he's named Lucille, named after his late wife (as Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed in an interview).

Negan is inexplicably violent at times and kills people unaccountably. However, his behavior in certain situations might not always be construed as evil. While he can be merciless and unrelenting when getting a point across, he is also (at least superficially) understanding of others, willing to spare those he sees as potentially useful, and has been shown to be reasonable when people attempt to negotiate with him. He has a genuine disgust for the act of rape and affirms that his wives are with him voluntarily.


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