Best Team Names of December 2016!

 Star Wars Quiz Night
- Wookie Leaks
- #SarlaccLivesMatter
- Like a Bossk!
- Tusken raiders of the lost ark
- Is that a light saber in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
- Why don't jedi use condoms? They use force pull-out
- Tattooweenie
- We can't lose, we have the high ground
- A bed I in the sheets but a sith in the sheets
- Han shot first, Leia came second
- Anakin Skyhumper
- "It's a trap!"
- Jar Jar Drinks Qui-Gon Jin & Tonics
- Ewok this way

ABV Social
- At Least we Tried
- Dr. Driedel: he brews the rhymes like no other

Bavarian Bierhaus
- I Call People From Tampa Bay Tampons
- Trump Is President, Now There's Hell Toupee
- How 'Bout That Crow Mitt?
- Trump's cabinet is full of termites
- They Think We're Shopping

Boomers Sports Pub
- Corn Hub

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- A name that will live in infamy
- The only thing harder than this quiz is my nipples
- Nine Inch Males
- Fra-Gee-Le, It Must Be Italian
- Condoms Prevent Minivans 
- Our couches pull out, but we don't!
- Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines. Alan Thicke, flatline.
- Merry Christmas, your present is in my lap. Open it up, you have the clap!
- Times' Person of the Year should be the Grimm Reaper
- 2016 Sucked!
Cafe Hollander, Tosa
- Santa is Rampagin'
- I saw mommy Scroggins Santa clause
-  Will dance for cheese curds 

Caffrey's Pub
- There's a tenderloin in my tender groin

- Flick the Cloud Gate
- What Do You Call A Bear Without Teeth? A Gummy Bear!
- Menstrual Krampus and Rudolph's Scarlet Surprise
- Chewbackin' Dat Ass Up
- This Trivia Is Killing Our Marriage

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- We're Going to Ask for a Recount Even Though It Won't Make a Difference
- Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor
- Insert Hilarious Semen Joke About Sperm Whales
- Mallory's Pronunciation of Words During Trivia is a Djokovic
- The Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
- How's My Hair Cut? It's ALT - RIGHT
- 50 Shades of Christmas: 5 Golden Showers
- Quizteama Aguilera
- Your Mums Couch Pulls Out But I Don't AKA Billy Bushs

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- I swear I didn't pee myself
- We're not ashamed of what we did for a Klondike Bar
- Did you know eggs are chicken periods
- Two Dudes and another Dude
- My Harry Potter has Hogwarts
- Cool kids hang with their parents for trivia
- Donald Trump's tiny penis

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Not the First Time Penn State's Come from Behind
- Pistol Grip My Rod... Stewart
- I Can't Believe They Let a Redhead Be President!
- Dishwalla? Uganda Be Kidding Me!"
- Mrs. Claus' Yoga Pants Gave Her a Wicked Case of Mistletoe!
- Five Golden Rings Around Your Dickens
- It May Be Chile, But Da Bears Still Suck
- Just When You Think 2016 Deaths Are Over... then WHAM!

The Fermentorium
-  Get Behind Me, Santa
- AcTrivia: Pooping out Knowledge
- If you are having trivia problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems and winning might be one...
- Quizzed on Your Face
- This Playlist is a real reindeer on my parade!
- Stephen Hawking's school of dance instructors
- May The Ferm Be With You
- Make Trivia Great Again
- Smart Makes Us Beerer

- Doesn't Really Matter, Does It?
- Jagger Sperm
- Have a Very Merry Hotchmas
- All I want for Xmas is the Cheerleader in Question 25
- After ruining New Years Eve, Strauss only had one thing to say: "I
dropped the ball"

Houdini's Escape
- Ermergehrd...mash't taters and gervy
- Getting Blitzen’d this Christmas

Jack's American Pub
- There aren't a lot of great things about Switzerland but their flag is a big plus
- I wanna make a joke about sodium, but Na...
- Balls deep, so hard
- Jeff Fischer: Still a bigger winner than Hillary
- Drink Apple juice because OJ will kill you
- The First Xmas without Harambe
- Stephen Hawkings School of Dance

Loaded Slate
- Bloody tampan
- Eat my taco
- There's no I in team but I can be in you
- Oh come on me faithful

Lucky Chance 
- My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
- Dickless Delights and Sprinkles
- Save Betty White from 2016
- The Bearded Lucky Whammy Joes

- I quit drinking yesterday, but tonight I celebrate my come back!!!
- I thought this was speed dating
- Trump's Curtains Match His Drapes
- Crack Smokin Mayors of Toronto

Milwaukee Ale House
- 12 Days of Beermas
- Ain't saying she's a gold digger....but she looks like one on all these meds
- It's white, wet, and on your face...I'm talking about snow!
- Mr. Peanut's Codpiece
- Oakland Fire Survivors
- NASCAR is a sport
- I'll Let You Trim My Tree ;)
- Santa's Fat Sacks
- 99 Problems, 2016 was #1
- Grabbed By The Putin
- Center For Kids Who Can't Quiz Good
- Don't Be Surprised, Everybody Dies #RIP

Milwaukee Brat House
- I left my o-face at home
- Hugh Hefner's Magic Johnson
- Idaho? No, you da hoe.
- Fucking partridge in my pants

New Berlin Ale House
- Poker, I Barely Know Her
- Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- Just like Hilary, we never won in 2016. 

- Saving Ryan's privates
- "I carried a beehive 27 steps before I realized it wasn't my doll" - Helen Keller
- Green Bay: Wisconsins crapital city
- Is the toilet paper capital of the world not Kim Kardashian's bathroom?
- Liam Neeson as a fish: I have a specific set of gills
- Extremely confident and horribly wrong-why I don't have a girlfriend
- The jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse
- For the first day of xmas the electoral college gave to me, a douchebag presidency

Panga Bar and Grill
- Beauty and the Geek
-  I want for Christmas is Harambe 

Red Rock Saloon
- We must be in Hawaii because someone's getting lai'ed tonight
- Santa, we know him!
- Schlitz Heads

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- You're a quizzed Harry
- Jiggle balls and the merry hos

St Francis Brewery
- We'll Eat Your Heart Out Like Jeffrey Dahmer #nomnomnom
- If We Don't Win, We Demand a Recount!
- We Are From Tampa, We Are Tampons
- Bill Cosby For Head of FDA
- Godspeed John Glenn
- I Didn't Choose the Thug Life, My Mom Picked it Out for Me
- I Dropped Out of Chem 101 and Now I'm Secretary of Agriculture
 - If the Packers Can't Beat the Bears, Trump Should be President
- Buzz, Your Girlfriend! Woof!
- STD: When You Care Enough Not to Send the Very Best
- Wrap Betty White in Bubble Wrap
- Just Because it's the Paralympics Doesn't Mean it's Called Crippled Volleyball!

Three Lions Pub
- Aiken to put my Pitt in your Bush 

The Tosa Tavern
- These Tampons are going back to Tampa
- Color’s that end in ‘urple
- Notoriously B.A.D.
- I saw Mommy Spanking Santa Claus.

Uptown Tavern and Rooftop
- If the worst thing in 2017 is Donald Trump getting impeached, I think it'll be a good year
- David Blow-me
- Starboy Club

Von Trier
- I got my BFA in trivia. ...still no job.
- The Cuban mistletoe crisis
- Donner Trump and Rudolf Hitler 2020

Whiskey Bar
- Hillary Clinton Should have been cast as Grinch
- Anne Frank's hide and seek club 
- Quiz. In. My. Pants.
- Merry Fistmas
- 2016 don't take Betty White


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