Best team names of February 2017!

The Big Bang Theory Quiz
- I'd Like to give Penny a Big Bang
- Perpetual Motion Squad "PMS" We Can Go All Night Long
- We Were Tested and our Mothers Said We are Crazy
- Schrödinger's Pussy
- And as always, rock crushes scissors. By the way, we're the rock.
- Perpetual Motion Squad
- Soft Kitties
- The Bazinga Squad

ABV Social
- Jean Claude's damn van
- Your mom loves Fred Durst limp bizkut
- I want a man who lasts longer than 15 seconds
- Trivia is hard but so am I
- It takes a hipster to know a hipster

Bavarian Bierhaus
- I'm thinking of investing in snap of hands who likes dick pics
- Is #23 the Alabama pussies? Not to be confused with the hot pockets
- Your sausage smells like bigfoot's dick

Boomer's Sports Pub
- Cooler than Absolute Zero (maybe)
- I pooped today
- I don't care about your granddaughter's cheer video
- Beauties and the Beasts

Brass Monkey
- Beyonce Has More Black People in her than Trump's Cabinet
- We would've done better, but we're playing with alternative facts
- West Allis' Finest Penis
- Hey, I lost friends on the Death Star
- We have the best trivia team, believe me, trust me, I know trivia teams, believe me!!!!!!
- Parties are better with M. Night Shaymalan
- $15 Can Get You 15 Minutes or More with Quizmaster Katelin!
- I Am Sofa King Ahh Some, Sofa King So Low Style
- Cats are like Pringles, You can't just have one...
- I wish this microphone was a giant horse cock

Cafe Hollander 
- Where do the blackbirds hang out? The crowbar!!
- Brett Favre's junk

Caffrey's Pub
- The Inuit (not Eskimo) Brothers
- OK Go Fuck Yourself

- Visit Romantic "Butt Stuff" Ohio
- Eating My Feelings
- No More Shots, I Have to Douche It Tomorrow
- Kim Jung Nam No More Cuz He Dead
- Dr. Winston O' Boogie is My Proctologist

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Matt Ryan + Hilary Clinton: Blowing Big Leads to Rich White Guys w/ Hot Foreign Wives at The Last Second
- We Choked Worse Than The Falcons
- The Falcons Won The Popular Vote ...
- What the Fuck Is The Big Bang Theory
- Jeffery Sandusky...Like Father In Son...Oops, I Mean Like Father Like Son
- My Ex Girlfriend Gave Me The Nickname Mircrosoft
- Executive Disorder
- My Vietnamese buddy doesn't use his dong wisely
- Couple of sluts
- We Messed Up More Thank Bill Paxton's Surgeon
Camp Bar, Third Ward
- The Fat Burning Zone "Pounding Beers and Curling Cans
- Quizteama Agulera
- Inhaling a small amount of methane will also change the quality of your voice
- I don't like cocaine, I just like the smell of it
- What do you NOT want to hear when you're blowing Willy Nelson? That's not Willy Nelson.
- Straight Outta Wiscompton
- KY Jelly: I'm Lovin' It! 40 points
- This kind of pressure leads to erectile dysfunction 

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Late in the 4th, Roger Goodell's Ass Was Tighter Than Mr. Clean's
- Hey Adele, George Michael Says "F You... From the Other Side!!!"
- My Girlfriend Still Hasn't Taken Me to Red Lobster
- Like Father, Like Son-Dusky
- Wings or Porn: Either Way, You Have a Mess on Your Hands
- Last Time I Tried to Pay with Dong, I Got Arrested

The Fermentorium
- If Tomorrow is Groundhogs Day, Do We Have to Do This All Over Again?

Highbury Pub
- The first rule of trivia is don't talk about trivia
- Mardi Gras party crashers

- Over the Pants Hand Jibbers
- This is the first time Beyonce has carried two people since Destiny's Child
- My doctor says my blood pressure was eighty over Krispie Kreme
- Choke: the official drink of the Atlanta Falcons
- Survivors of the Bowling Green Massacre
- I Wish this Microphone was a Giant Horse Cock
- Aim for the small ball, Get the Big Load

Houdini's Escape
- Much like the plates, my dreams of winning are shattered.
- I pay for all my goods and services with my Dong

Jack's American Pub
- Jimmy Garappolo has more Super Bowl Rings than Aaron Rodgers
- Melania Trump, proving immigrants do jobs Americans don't want
- Omelette you finish
- Party like a GRONK star!
- There's no such thing as a romantic period
- Kevin Love was drafted by the memphis grizzlies, but Quizmaster uses alternative facts.
- We Stand with Sweden
- Uncircumcised Penis... The Real Hooded Snake

Loaded Slate
- I bet I've fingered more vaginas than you have
- I got my sweater from nates grandma. And my tits.
- Our couch pulls out but we don't
- Lionel hutz, attorney at law
- Falcon themed chokers now available at hot topic
- Miller lite weights
- Koala Bear Anal Fisting
- 70 Degrees In February Is Worth the Dead Polar Bears
- Jennifer Lopez is Still Old As Tits

Lucky Chance
- Jews for Jesus
- The Penis Mightier
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- And In 1st Place With 250 Points
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- Jews for Jesus
- Not Even Trying to Be Punny
- The Last Two Standing...thats funny because we are sitting

- NotMySuperBowlMvp
- Chuck Norris Doesn't Find Tom Brady's Jersey, Tom Brady's Jersey Finds Chuck Norris
- Bernie Sanders looks like my podiatrist
- Roses are red, you're not all that, cash me outside, how bow dat
- Cupid's rejects
- Square Metal Dildo
- I just stepped on a cornflake, now I'm officially a cereal killer
- Commander-in-Queef
- We do it for the free pen

Milwaukee Ale House
- Former Kellyanne Conway Fact Checkers
- Parties Are Better with Magnum Condoms
- We're Not Ashamed of What We Did For a Klondike Bar
- I'll Show You a Stick, and it Doesn't Bang Xylophones
- Homoerotic Volleyball Montage
- Nobody Puts Table 6 In The Corner
- Screwed Hillary and felt the Bern
- Sexual Favors for Answers
- Spicey Needs a Big Boy Nap!!
- We're Buying This Beer & Mexico Is Going To Pay For It
- Malcolm Xactly Right Answers
Milwaukee Brat House
- Dan Barwick: West Allis's favorite penis
-  I can't tell if this is a date
- Motel 7
- Flynn's Valentine to Trump: From Russia with love
- I have a picture of Vera tattooed on my wang
New Berlin Ale House 
- I'm not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks
- Just The Alternate Facts, Ma'am won best team name.
- Every Tuesday Is Fat Tuesday For Me!

- All of these are alternative facts
- Bilbo Blumpkins
- Kellyanne Conway's Snatch
- Spicy Spicer's Alternative Facts Squad
- The alternative immigrants
- It's only cannibalism if you swallow
- We are missing our large Asian friend

Red Rock Saloon
- The only currency your mom accepts is dong
- The Purple Nurples
- When is a door not a door? When it's ajar!
- A Starbucks cup can be a dildo if you try hard enough

Second Salem Brewing Co
- Answer?! I barely know her!
- The Titanic Swim team
- Red Hot Trivia Peppers
- Haikus are easy, sometimes they don't make sense, refrigerator

St. Francis Brewery
- Frederick Douglass
- As for Trump, I've Seen Better Cabinets at Ikea
- Three Men and a Groundhog
- "Hanging Chad" is My Stripper Name
- Dolores Umbridge for Secretary of Education
- Our Answers Aren't Wrong, We Just Have Alternative Facts
- Trump Calls This Fake Trivia
- Make Trivia Great Again
- Agent Michael Scarn
- The Real Question is...Quizmaster Heather, Do You Ever Feel Like a Transvestite?
- We Not Only Celebrate Fat Tuesday, We Celebrate Being Fat Everyday

The Tosa Tavern
- Russia Interfered with this
- This was more fun before we had kids
- Trump's Late Night Robe Tweets
- Winning trivia is good business and business is good
- We don't know shit
- Napoleon Boner part
- Pizza is vegetables

Three Lions Pub
- Who the fuck watches the new Apprentice?
- Circumcised and ready for the prize 

Von Trier
- The bowling green massacre survivors group
- Don't worry i'm a nurse, i can touch you there!
- That rug really tied the room together
- Karl Von Trier's drinking arm is strong. really strong.
- State of the Putin address 
- We're the kim jung illest
Whiskey Bar
- Milwaukee's worst Ice
- Wild Turkey hearts can't be broken
- Trick question: Biggie is still alive
- Ricardo's right buloock
- Ricardo's left bollock
- North Korea is Best Korea
- The whiskey dicks
Uptown Tavern
- Biden's Bitties
- Devil's three-way, plus some
- Fickle Pickle Ticklers


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