Best Team Names of December!

Star Wars Trivia Night
- Roy Moore Mauls Younglings in Alderaan Places
- Totally Snoked
- Oh Sith! Been Looking for Love in Alderaan Places!
- Here's Some Money. Go See a Star Wars
- Roy More for Galactic Senate: At Least He Didn't Kill Any Younglings
- Take a Hoth Sith on Princess Leia's Tatooines
- What kind of Star Wars Quiz has no Jar Jar Questions?
- Screaming Porgasms
- The Dark Side would have Won but Darth Maul had to Split
- Pulled Porg Sandwiches

- Chocolate Chip Wookies
- Are Those Two Suns Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
- The Outer Rim Job
- Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders
- Force Choke Her? I Hardly Know Her!
- R2-DTF
- Han Yolo, and Ewok of Shame
- Hey Princess Nice Buns
- Emperor's New Groove
- C3 of us?

Bank Shot
- Pimpin Ain't Easy
- Le Tits Now
- Camouflage Condoms: She Won't See You Coming
- Dixie Wrecked
- My Couch Pulls Out...But I Sure Don't!

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Three Muskabeers
- This years hottest holiday gift- grope on a rope
- Introducing Mrs. Claus' line of toys: "Santa just doesnt do it for me
- Reeses Pieces, Frozen Feces

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- We'll Rump Your Pump #love
- Aaron Rodgers is gonna turn those Panthers into Pussies!
- 1 Venti Latte, 1 Bowl of Ramen, and 11 Days Without Sleep = Dream Date with Quizmaster Katelin

- Trump Has the Smallest Penis of Any Mammal
-  Even If He Wins, Roy Moore Still Isn't Welcome At the Mall
- Don't Cry for Moore Alabama... Seriously Don't
- Babysitters Club 2: Given Consent-A Roy Moore Film
- I At Least Made My Sick Girlfriend Some Soup Before I Left For Trivia
- The Dilly Dilly's
- Yippee Kayee Motherfucker
- A Festivus for the Rest of Us
- What Makes Rudolph's Nose So Red? Freshly Fallen Blow
- 2017: The Year That Was...A Dumpster Fire
- Santa Came Too Quick

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- I'd Give My Man of Steel to Denise Richards
- 99 Problems But Roman Numerals Aint One
- Flabby spice needs tummy tuck to score with swagman
- The Wet Bandits: Stealing Women's Hearts since 1990

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- At Least We're Better than the Browns
- Eight More Would Have Been Nice
- Quiz on my Face
- What Does Kevin McCallister's Dad Do For A Living That He Can Afford A Trip For 9 To Paris? And Then Florida?
- How The Grinch Stole My Virginity
- All I Want For Christmas Is.... A New President

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Mary Poppins Doesn't Need a Spoonful of Sugar to Make Her Go Down
- Pretty Sure Most of These Team Names are Sexual Harassment
- What Do You Call a Lesbian Dinosaur? Lick-a-lotta-puss
- Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Every Brett Has His Porn
- I Used to Hate Speed Bumps, but I'm Slowly Getting Over It
- The Wet Dream Bandits, AKA the Sticky Bandits
Club 400
- Oh cum all ye faithful

Dugout 54
- Katy Perry's boobs
- Less (age) is moore
Walking Talking Stephen Hawking

Izzy Hops
- How many rings are around Uranus?
- Half Your Age Minus 7: The Roy Moore Rule
- Simba, I am your Father
- Butt or Milk Biscuits
- When Does Karaoke Start??
- Buzz, your girlfriend...woof!
- Poo-Poo Putin's Favorite band is Pee-Pee Top

Jack's American Pub
- It may not be one of the fifth most spoken languages but 1 out of five virgins speak Klingon
- Russia wins the US elections but loses Olympics
- Jackie Channing Tatums
- Nuts Roasting on an open fire & tiny tits all aglow...
- Merry Quizmas
- Jerry Richardson's Leg Shaving Services

The Loaded Slate
- Harvey Weinstein’s jerk off plant
- We'd rather be watching Star Trek
- I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants
- The quizlamic extremists
- Who invited the nursing school bar crawl? Get out. Like seriously leave now
- The only thing “trickling down” is shit down Paul Ryan’s leg
- A gargle is a group of pornstars
- What Do You Think Of Kylo Ren Shirtless

Lucky Chance
- Aaaargh....Quiver Me Timbers!
- Does Strawberry Milk Come From Hippopotami

- Alabama Voter Registration
- I thought this was speed dating

Milwaukee Ale House
- Roy Moore's Underage Fan Club
- Quizmaster Ryan Can Go Rumpy Pumpy Himself
- The Real Answer to 20a is "Nipples"
- Matt Lauer's Secret Button
- 1 in 10 conceived on ikea beds, billions of brothers and sisters lost on ikea sheets
- The most glorious Kazakhstan all stars - number one manufacturers of uranium
- Roy Moore's Jewish Lawyer
- Paul Ryan's Wet Dream...Tax Cuts
- I'll Put a Krampus In Your Ampus
- Unemployed hand model looking for hand jobs
- We can’t fit all the planets into Uranus

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- Roy Moore can eat all of my shit! I'm glad he lost! ROLL TIDE!
- Koala's and your mother have epic clymidia
- BUZZ.... Your girlfriend... WOOF!
- Santa's South Pole

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Freudian slippers
- Meet me under the mistletoe Matt Lauer
- I thought I signed up for speed dating
- No means Moore
- On the 1st day of Christmas the brat house have to me a gift cert so we could drink for free
- Condoms are for quitters
- Mrs Claus' yoga pants are giving her major mistletoe 

- Unemployed Hand Models looking for A Hand Job
- Gay Jokes Aren't Funny...Come On Guys
- T + J (Tits, Not Johnsons)
- LOL: Ladies of Liquor...and Dan

New Berlin Ale House
- We’re hoping for the best, but are going to be the worst. 
- Have a Holly Jolly Quiz-mas!
- This is like golf, right? Lowest score wins?
- White Christmas sounds very exclusive

- Rumpy-Pumpy sat on my balls
- Mike Pence's Hot Daughter
- The only recorded 10 on the Richter scale happened last night with your mom
- They call your mom a Loonie because she only charges a dollar
- All I want for Christmas is booze
- Mike Pence's Hot Daughter
- C3P-Bros
- Santas HO-HO-HOs

The Tosa Tavern
- Real Housewives of Wauwatosa
- We can't look up the answers anymore without paying the FCC
- Roy No-Moore
- (A drawing of a penis)
- Lets Taco Bout it
- Merry Christmas you filthy animals
- All I want for Christmas is Trump to Die Hard
- My microphone is a shake weight
- Throat Boners -
- Santa cums down chimneys, stuff stockings, and is always talking about hoes
- Imma Let you finish but the Champagne tastes like Cola
- The Last Jedi was only OK

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Palatine anti sobriety society
- Poop chisel
- All braines baby
- Bend the knee 
- Dr Taco meets Denise burrito

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- No Moore, More Horse

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Santa's all-weather favorite sunshine or rain-deer

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Cheeses of Nazareth 
- Mother Teresa’s favorite position is missionary. 


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