MKE League Table

The league table for our MKE League will be updated on a weekly basis. The table below shows the  FINAL league standings after 10 weeks of play (all scores as of and including December 2nd, 2018)...

The top 20 teams have qualified for the post-season tournament game at Milwaukee Brat House Shorewood on December 11th. We will be emailing all team captains soon and sending out hints the day of the quiz via email. The higher you finished the more hints you got! 

How does the scoring work?
- All teams are awarded 10 points for attending a quiz

- A team is awarded additional points based on how well they do at a quiz...
----- 1st place = 5 points (so 15 points total)
----- 2nd place = 4 points (so 14 points total)
----- 3rd place = 3 points (so 13 points total)
----- 4th place = 2 points (so 12 points total)
----- 5th place = 1 point (so 11 points total)

- Any position 6th place or lower does not offer any additional points, so those teams earn the 10 points just for attending the quiz

- BONUS: We will offer "bonus points" for teams attending certain venues. Watch our Facebook page for announcements on where you can earn bonus points just for showing up. Most of these bonus venues will offer 20 points just for showing. Winning a quiz at such a venue will earn a team 25 points rather than the 15 points you could earn at a regular venue.


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