Best Team Names of November 2018!

Parks and Recreation Trivia
- The Moon Shall Join Your Coalition!
- Ya Heard With Perd
- Are We Getting Paid? Knope
- I’m Perd Hapley and this teams name is the name of this team!
- Three Skin (Formerly Four Skin)
- Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole.
- The Perd-verts
- Joan Callamezzo's Powdered Vagina
- You had me at meat tornado.
- The questions on this page were answered by the team that is called "the Perd-verts."
- Gary, Jerry, Larry, Terry Gergich Gengrich
- Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the computer and it says you have network connectivity problems
- You had me at meat tornado
- Jerry’s fart attack
- I’m a feminist, if I had to have a stripper name it would be equality
- PCP makes it fun
- I’m perd Halley and our trivia name is the name of this trivia team
- Stop. Pooping.
- Jan cooper will give you chlamydia

42 Ale House
- Our chances of winning are about the same as the packers making the playoffs

Bavarian Bierhaus
- I can’t say that name out loud

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- We would have won trivia if not for those meddling kids
- I would do anything for best team name, BUTT I won’t do that

Black Husky
- Jeff Sessions- Former AG, current Keebler elf
- I would do anything for best team name, BUTT I won’t do that
- Stallis Lives Matter
- Mary Poopins

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- I voted for One Eyed Willy on ERECTION Day
- Tiger Woods loved to drop anchor in Victoria!
- In my recreational activities, ATV stands for Ass to Vagina
- Josh didn't draw a penis on his receipt this week!
- Fallopian Swim Team

- Weapons of Mass Seduction
- Lick Us on Facebook
- Plaid Parenthood
- Tear Gas or Bust
- Peyton's ManThing

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- I Mustache You A Question, But I'll Shave It For later 
- Still Spending All Our "Camp"aign Funds on Booze
- Crossing Swords, But Not In The Men's Room
- What's The Difference Between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump? A White Russian
- Cause Here At Camp, We're Better Than You and We Know It
- Lay Off The Coke, Eleven
- It's Okay Pluto, We're Not A Planet Either
- You Eat Pieces of Shit For Breakfast?!

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- The Sun is as close to Uranus as I want to get
- Andy's Mom's Toys
- Gobble This!
- Camp Bar Cyber Monday Special

Camp Bar, Tosa
- George Washington Spent His Campaign Money on Boobs
- How much booze does it take to get to Uranus?
- Tis Nothing But a Raw Horse Flesh Wound
- Second Hand Sex Toys R Us
- That McDonalds Question Made Me Grimace
- Winston Churchills Pee Wee
- Color Outside the Lines Like Michael J Fox
- We Trusted the Jew with the Money Question but He Got It Wrong
- Monica Lewinsky Votes Republican Now Because Democrats Left a Bad Taste in Her Mouth
- Pluto? I'm waiting for a high definition picture of Uranus!
- Escape or Die Frying is Mel Gibson's Holocaust Story

Caffrey's Pub
- We Can Still Get Wood
- Almost Famous: A Clay Aiken Story
- Wet Farts at the Fiserv Forum
- Claps For Everyone

Club 400
- Bees and condoms, 2 things I don’t mess with
- Does anyone know if an olive is a fruit or a vegetable?

Colectivo Lakefront Cafe
- Kingdom of the Quiz-tal Skull
- To infinity and Beyonce

Compass Bar
- Like a suburned penis, we can't be beat
- Trivia Newton John
- Titanic: the first ice bucket challenge
- Bite the sheets I'm coming in dry
- Malaria heaters and small pox blankets
- In dog beers, we've had 1
- Moaning myrtle's chamber of secrets

Izzy Hops
- Check out my midterm erection
- In Soviet Russia Tennis Plays You
- Some if us are dating, some of us are just friends BN: Galapago fuck Dick Cheney
- Diamonds Are Forever, but Tindr is more fun
- William (the "J" stands for "Jerk Me Off") Clinton

Jack's American Pub
- Mexican Wrestling: Only summer olympic sport requiring a mask
- "All my life I wanted to be a Quizmaster"
- See(C) Yo(U) (N)ext (T)uesday
- Ivanka Trump's private email account

The Kerry Piper
- The Nation of Quizlam

Loaded Slate
- The touchables
- Wait there’s 2 cities in Oklahoma?
- Make the packers great again
- Tom Brady in the streets, Greek freak in the sheets
- Michael got Cohen-Ed

- The Last "L" Country

- Winter Came
- Gang Green Bay Packers
- Cirrulous Black is my Patronus
- McCartney would be a better coach than McCarthy

Milwaukee Ale House
- My couch pulls out but I don’t 
- Ding dong the witch is dead 
- Last weeks losers
- Stuffing her before thanksgiving
- Bungee jumping with condoms
- Zipping up your testicles, not as old as the phone?
- Ye oldie mcboaty Constrictor? I hardly know her!
- Trivia: cures what ales you
- Tubes and turkeys
- Stuff my turkey
- Lettuce cure your ecoli
- The smashed potatoes
- Condoms and Rattlesnakes: two things we dont fu$# with
- Foccacia be kidding me!!!!
- I come faster than the trolley
- Not your Grandma's Bingo
- One fish, two fish, red fish, penis.

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- We couldn’t think of anything so we drew a penis
- I like to get stuffed like my turkey
-  I earned those Facebook points

Milwaukee Brat House
- Eva, Can I Stab Bats in a Cave?
- Kung Pao Chicken: China's 5th Greatest Invention

New Berlin Ale House
- Getting quizzy with it 
- Thanks to viagra, tonight is erection night! 
- Uncles with benefits
- Trump only comes when his showers are golden
- My pants of mass destruction
- Florida recount committee 8th
- Quizards of oz
- Don't look up body building children online
- Moisturizer?  I hardly know her!

Newsroom Pub
- I drug my boyfriend here with promises that football would be on the TV

- 1864 Olympic circle jerking hold medalists
- We don't always drink PBR... But when we do we also drink whiskey
- Quiz in my pants

Raised Grain Brewing
- I Quizzed in my Pants
- Go Hang a Salami, I'm A Lasagna Hog (its a palindrome)

Rally Time, West Bend
- When we lose, we still booze.
- My Trivia team has a trivia problem

Red Lion Pub
- Countries that start with the Letter L; El Salvador

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- The shia la boeuf holes
- At least we got third

The Tosa Tavern
- Quizmaster hiring? I work well with difficult people, signed Jeff Sessions
- The one time we trust Wikipedia
- Binge watched the Simpsons So we could get #13 right

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Checkers @ Walmart
- Thanksgibbon
- Tequila Mockingbird 

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Contact your Doctor if this ELECTION lasts more than 4 hours
- Hermione Texas Granger
- Couches pull out and so should you
- This thanksgiving: trump eats the turkey and pardons himself.
- How can global warming be real when my feet are so cold?

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Not in Sessions Anymore
- Hitman In a Porno Movie
- Banned from All Press Conferences
- Jive Turkeys
-  Paul’s Manafortication

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- They did surgery on a grape!?


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