Best Team Names of April 2018!

The Office Trivia
- Snip Snap Snip Snap
- Here comes treble
- Michael Scott’s Dundee muffling Scranton Meredith Palmer memorial celebrity rabies awareness pro am fun run race for the cure participants
- I declare bankruptcy
- Dwight and the ignorant sluts
- Butt licker our prices have never been lower
- The oaky afterbirths
- Kelly’s Tape worm
- Little kid lovers
- Serenity by Jan
- People persons paper people
- Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them. Or he quits them, because they are unfair
- Team Voldemort
- How do you like your eggs in the morning?
- Serenity by Jan Stockholders
- Why waste time think team name when no name do trick?
- Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
- James Trickington's Garden Party
- This score puts us in the Stamford Branch
- Todd Packer's Sexual Assault Victims
- Meridith, Where Are Your Panties?
- Pam Beasly in the Streets, Meredith Palmer in the Sheets
- We Got Kicked Out of Applebee's
- Dumper Muffins
- Here Comes Treble
- If They Catch Us, They Will Rape Us
- Tan Everywhere, Jan Everywhere

42 Ale House
- What the Ale?!
- I had a ping pong paddle shoved up my ass, Ive been shitting pancakes ever since

Bank Shot
- The Law Offices of Hupy and Abraham
- The Brewsual Suspects
- Liverworst
- We Thought This Was Speed Dating
- Fairly Odd Parents

Brass Monkey
- Winter is *STILL* Coming
- The Book of Moran
- My Mt. Vesuvius Erupted Last Night... Twice!
- Giannis Can Eat My Taco

Caffrey's Pub
- The Dallas Texans are still better than the Bears

- SOUP...There It Is
- COworCKers
- We're On Fire Like Trump Tower
- Just Here for the Sausage Party
- Food So Good You'll Camino Pants
- Miss Piggy Had a Frog in Her Throat, but Kermit Pulled Out
- Boob is a Palindrome
- Not Even Michael Cohen Can Defend Us
- Why Won't Melania Hold My Hand?
- Justice for Topsy!

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Gary Busey's Teeth
- Six Balls and Two Fun Bags
- Harry Potter's Gilly Weed Dealer
- Scrabble Isn't A Fucking Sport
- Just Like The Host Country, We Always Come In Last
- Round 7 Is Nap Time
- That Whale Is Compensating For Something...
- At Least We're Not Bel Air Cantina
- The Brewsual Crew

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Joey Triviani
- Oscar Pistorius really wanted a new bathroom door, but his girlfriend was dead against it, 60 points
- Showering with my Dad until age 14
- I Border Collie Tonight. I ShihTzu Not
- The Thought of Tiger Woods Comeback Made Sister Jean Wet
- Joey Triviani 61 points
- Our score is lower than the # of girls Tristan Thompson banged while Khloe was pregnant
- Jesus Will Be Forever 21 in Our Hearts
- Great Scott, My McFly is Down!
- The Cleveland Browns Don't Have a Logo Because They're Embarrassed
- #Bucksin9
- Not quitting our day jobs

Camp Bar, Tosa
- If you see our wives, were at an AA meeting
- Dem short shorts bring all da thighs to the court
- An Odorless Fart Makes No Scents
- Sweet Lips, Dildo, or Big Arm... Your Choice
- Syria Has Nothing on My Gas Attacks
- Some guy tried to sell me a coffin; I told him that's the last thing I need
- Giannis Doesn't Have To Wait 10 Minutes for My Taco
- What's Brown and Sticky? A Stick
- Bill Cosby Mixes a Mean Cocktail
- Bill Cosby Likes His Women Like His Pudding Pops... Passed Out and Cold
- The Capital of Wisconsin is 'W'

Club 400
- Rum Guzzlers

Cork N Barrel
- A cups get you nowhere

Dugout 54
- My sex life is currently DIY
- Clueless potluck
- We showed up!

Enlightened Brewery / Twisted Path Distillery:
- Idaho? You Da Ho!
- Quizteama Aguilera
- My Video On YouTube Got 3 Hits Yesterday!
- That's Mark Wahlberg's Walrus!
- It's Not About the Length of the Vault, But the Size of the Pole
- Some Clever Pun About One of Tonight's Answers...Ah Forget It...Mike Pence is an Asshole

Izzy Hops
- I only come to Trivia because my boyfriend is smart
- Trump's Forecast: Stormy
- Who the FUCK is Casey Jones!
- Giannis can earn my taco anytime ;)

Jack's American Pub
- Let's get quizzicle!!!
- Quiz in my pants

Loaded Slate
- Uncle sams ballsac “is that your final answer?”
- Power rangers porno “look it up”
- The Shawshank's get out of jail free
- Is a dead body in front of the Milwaukee art museum considered abstract art?
- Penis lint

Lucky Chance
- We're Too Sad About Becky Leaving to Think of a Clever Team Name
- Menage A Twats
- The Pied Piper of Bad Life Choices
- I'm Playing Without A Team Tonight, On a Completely Unrelated Note Does Anyone Know an Easy Way to Dispose of Four Bodies?

Milwaukee Ale House
- How man humps does YOUR camel have?
- William Shat-ner-face
- What do you call a baby with a hairy chest? Chest hair
- Zuck it, Mr. Senator
- My ex boyfriend is just like Usain Bolt. He finishes in 9.81 seconds
- Can you really be a billionaire if you're dead?
- Tequila mockingbird
- MAGA - my attorney got arrested
- Buck the Celtics!

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- My Dick is a Mile Long, if you Spot me 63,358 inches!
- I Left my Husband & 4 Kids at Home
- Word of the Day: Hotel. Trump Pay That Actress 130k, but That Hotel Everything
- This is Not A Drill, Please Evacuate the Bar Now!

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- I’ll take my top off if you clap and cheer
- If you’re one of those jerks that filed your taxes late, Brian is at work because of you. Thanks
- Steven Tyler’s massive mouth
- Clap if you hate anagrams
- Comey get us
- I guess giannis isn’t the prince of bel aire
- Verne Troyer lived a short life
- Save a seat for giannis

- Apollo O’no he didn’t
- Ed Gein’s Custom Upholstery and Lampshades
- Damn Daniels, you Stormy
- This is the hardest we work all week
- Tequila mockingbird
- No Tacos for the Greek Freak
- Rosa Parks and Rec

New Berlin Ale House
- Eating Tide Pods, Snorting Condoms
- The King Is Dead And So Is Our Trivia Score
- Tacocat is a palindrome!
- Avicii’s New Hit—Eternal Slumber

- Baby I compare you to a kiss from a Rose on the grave, the more I get to view the stranger it feels now that your rose is in bloom a light hits the gloom on the grave
- Downstairs beards
- Screaming ovaries
- Vincenzo stole my virginity
- I hope someone clutches my snake later
- Mexican flag is what your mom called me last night cuz her talons were all around my snake

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- My Jacket Potato is Obtuse
- Make Meth Legal Again
- Half a Bubble Off of Plumb
- The Guys Across the Room are Cheating Dicks
- Collaboration of Inebriation

Rally Time Sports Bar
- Sofa King's Mart
- Trivia Virgin - never even played around before
- Chunky Dunkers
- Quizzical Test Tickles
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- My drinking team has a trivia problem.
- Quizlamic State (Allahu Quiz-Bar; Praised be they!).

Red Lion Pub
- Trump pulled out of Syria faster than he did Stormy Daniels.
- My safe word is "Dil-Don't"
- Giannis can always eat my taco
- Pied Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers
- Here's to thinking positive and testing negative.

Red Rock Saloon
- The brewers lost but I’m still going to score tonight
- I eat asp
- Milwaukee Amateur Gynecological society
- Two men one cup
- Gaping blackholes
- Cameltoes vs moose knuckles

Safe House / The Newsroom Pub
- We’ll Be Gentle, It’s Your First Time
- Quiz In My Pants

Second Salem Brewing co.
- Les Quizerables
- Useless? Yes. Knowledge? No

The Tosa Tavern
- I think we Schlitz'ed Ourselves
- I have a screamin case of diarrhea right now
- Team Tide Pod
- Golf rules: Lowest score wins!
- We couldn't give a buck
- Covfefe
- Brett Favre's Jorts

Three Lions Pub
- DVR Stands for Dildos, Vibrators, and Re-used Butt Plugs
- Teachers with Guns

Safe House / Newsroom Pub
- Mission Kimpossible

Sobelman's, Richfield
- Harry My Potter
- Who Would Ever Divorce Ryan Reynolds
- Skeeter Nation
- The Hostess is Our Sister

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Bruce Spring's Team

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- In dog beers, we have only had 1 beer
- If you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing
- Thanks, Facebook for getting me into Cambridge

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Ben Dover
- Well, I guess we didn't win trivia
- Saving Ryan's Privates


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