Best Team Names of December 2018!

Christmas Team Names
- Ho ho holy shit were bad at trivia
- I accidentally swallowed a Christmas ornament now I have tinselitis
- All I Want for Christmas is Mariah Carey Toasting My Marshmallows
- The most moist bandits
- I want for Christmas is Joulupukki
- Joyful and Triviamphant
- Mel Gibson's Hanukkah Party
- 69 on Miracle Street
- Ronald Saw Nancy Kissing Santa Claus? I Pity the Fool!
- The mistletoe was hung like a holiday armadillo
- Die hard is out favorite Christmas movie
- It’s the most wonderful time for a beer
- Hohohold my beer
- Yellow’s just extra flavor
- Merry Quizmas!
- Christmas is Coming, I'll Have Another Drink
- Sorry that our trivia host had his Appendix out, but you have a much better sound system! Merry Christmas
- Ghost of Christmas Passed Out
- Jingle my bells in chains
- Deck the balls
- Jingle your balls
- Why is Santa so damn jolly? He knows where all the naughty girls live
- Jingle my balls
- The Noel it alls
- He sees you when you're sleeping
- Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins
- Jingle ALL the way. No one likes a half-assed jingler
- Kiss Me Under the Mistle Toad
- Tits the season
- Rudolphs red rocket

Friends Trivia Night
- I’m Rhonda, and these aren’t real
- First, a layer of lady fingers, then a layer of jam. Custard - which I made from scratch. Raspberries, more lady fingers. Beef sautéed with peas and onions. More custard, sliced bananas, and then I put whipped cream on top
- Silly putty foreskin
- You will always be the man who peed on me
- Ft ugly naked team
- Princess, Comsuela, and the Banana Hammocks
- They don’t know, that we know that they know
- Joey Trivianis
- “The one where only 1 person watches Friends sometimes”
- Hey Regina, get your hands out of my carpetbag and off my WENUS
- Miss Chanandler Bong
- Gum...Would Be Perfection
- I Know It's Not My Place, But Please Don't Name Your Team Phoebo
- The Hermaphrodite Cheerleaders From Long Island
- A Who's Who of Human Crap
- We're Kick You in The Crotch Spit on Your Neck Fantastic
- Phoebe's Bitches
- The Transponsters
- Ugly Naked Team
- Chandler's Angels
- Fun Bobby featuring The Nubbins
- The One With All The Answers
- Did Actresses Not Wear Bras in the 90s?
- They Don't Know That We Know They They Know We Know
- Regina Phalange + The Space Cowboys
- Monana...It's Pennsylvania Dutch
- The Moo Point
- The Phoebo's
- Jamepelle Claude
- The one with gayges kahn
- WE Ate Ross's sandwich
- 7....7... 7. ...7.........

42 Ale House
- I’ve been dreaming of a McCarthy-less christmas

Bank Shot
- Four Idiots Walk Into a Bar (61)
- The 29 Year Old Virgin AKA Bday Boy Paul (
- Dixie Wrecked
- Dirty Pirate Hookers

Ale Station
- Four Drinks a Drunking

Bavarian Bierhaus
- It's the most wonderful time for a beer

Black Husky Brewing
- One of us is sleeping with the quizmaster and we still can’t win

Brass Monkey
- What takes a billion years to form and is unbreakable? My erection.
- $60 buys you Mediterranean Avenue and Quizmaster Katelin for a night of hot, steamy fun!
- My Stocking - Not the Only Thing St. Nick's Gonna Stuff Tonight

Caffrey's Pub
- B&O is a stinky railroad

- Do Corellians Dream of Electric Sheep?
- Participation Trophy Wives
- We Had to Google a Team Name

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Mike McCarthy Has A Better Chance Of Getting Struck By Lightning Than Getting Hired Again
- The Shart Line Railroaders
- Pluto May Not Be A Planet, But Uranus Is A Black Hole
- The Dicks of Hazard
- Let's Get Ready to Stumble
- We Did About As Well As McCarthy
- Who's In My Mouth

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Splooge McFuck
- What's the difference between Snow men and Snow women? Snow balls!
- Dwayne "The Rock of Gibraltar" Johnson
- There's a Yeti in my Spaghetti
- Crack Dat Nut

Camp Bar, Tosa
- I'll give you a 10" that ends in an "O"
- The Cardinals were McCarthy's Red Scare
- Want to hear about acorns? In a nutshell, it's an oak tree
- Dicks of Hazard & Genital Lee
- Spokane like a rusty trombone
- Jama Khashoggi Never Saud it Coming
- The Crackers R Lookin' For a White Christmas

Colectivo Lakefront Cafe
- What do ET and the male anatomy have in common?

Compass Bar
- Cunning Linguists
- Your mom has the whitest teeth i've ever come across
- Duran Duran best band ever (if you don't vote for us Ryan will fire you)
- Michael Cohen's tight butthole

Jack's American Pub
- No puzzles no puzzles no puzzles
- McCarthyism was lame anyways
- Quiz on my face
- Add us on farmer's only
- Lindsay Lohan's bleached butthole has a yellow hue from crack rocks

Loaded Slate
- Oooo Kelly Clarkson
- Flat earthers
- Feel the rhythm feel the rhyme, look out loaded Slate it’s trivia time

McFleshman's Brewing Co.
- Are you there Kayne? It's me Margret
- We're not here on a date
- Ok Google, when is my father coming home?

- Babraham Flincoln
- Wax on Brazilian Wax Off
- You know nothing about the Olympics, Jon snow
- Swigging swooty, we’re coming for Djibouti
- Die Hard for Die Hard
- I’m about to quiz!

Milwaukee Ale House
- Santa's big package sliding down your chimney
- String of lights on a limp dick
- I once found a brown M&M in my skittles
- Tennis grunt
- Miss dunkin donut 2003

Milwaukee Brat House
- Your mom costs $60 in Monopoly money!
- Poor Santa Only Comes Once a Year

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood 
- Clits tits and baseball mitts. May your hand always be on one
- Where did planet Jupiter sit? He Saturn Uranus
- My right hand set the land speed record
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- Lick us on Facebook

New Berlin Ale House
- My dong goes a long way in Vietnam
-Dorothy Mantooth is a saint
- We got 99 problems..... help!

Newsroom Pub
- And the most creative team name goes to...

- This is our first date so if we win can we get a big prize so we can have a second date?

Rally Time West Bend
- We Put The Ho in Holidays
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- Full Frontal Nerdity
- Michael Cohen Wants Soap On A Rope For Christmas

Red Lion Pub
- Hey McCarthy, go pack...your bags
- You can milk anything with nipples

Second Salem Brewing
- San Francisco Fourty Whiners

The Tosa Tavern
- These questions suck
- We hear Mike McCarthy was sitting on the lawn chair that was airlifted by balloons
- Orange you glad to see me?
- Please don't be last
- Harry Potter Questions are stupid
- Keith Richards and the Survival of the fittest

Whole Foods Streeterville
- I thought this was speed dating

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Michael Cohen’s Christmas Vacation


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