Best Team Names of March 2019

The Office Trivia
- The Astirds
- Let's INK my stink
- Shut Up Toby
- I'm Date Mike, Nice to Meet me
- Snip Snap Snip Snap
- Here Comes Treble
- The only thing I’m scared of is gettin a boner
- Scrantonicity 2, not scrantonicity, which we are no longer a part of
- No it’s not Ashton Kutcher, it’s Kevin Malone - equally handsome, equally smart
- Pam Pam and her Pam Pams
- Little Kid Lovers
- Dwight, you ignorant slut!!!!! (
- I come from a land down Dunder
- Suck it" (
- Threat Level Midnight
- Pretzel Day always leaves me with frosting on my face... that's what she said.
- My name is not Shirley (surely)
- Justice Beaver
- Bailer? I hardly know her
- Serenity By Jan
- RIP Andy's Scrotum
- Date Mike, Nice to meet me
- Bippity Boppity, give us the zoppity
- The Oaky Afterbirths
- Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Milwaukee Meredith Palmer Memorial Clelbrity rabies avareness pro-am trivia night for the cure
- Toby is the scranton strangler
- Beets by Dwight
- If they catch us, they will rape us
- Slum dunder-mifflinaires
- Prison Mike's Prison Bitches
- WL Hung
- Michael's 4th Vasectomy
- Bushiest beaver
- Creed’s Worm Guys
- Scott/Schrute 2020
- Like I told my trivia team, I only apologize if I think I’m wrong. And if they don’t like it, they can leave
- Tan almost everywhere…jan almost everywhere
- Did Daryll Touch You, Too?
- If I Can't Scuba, Then What's This All Been About?
- Dial 'M' for Muckduck
- Snip snap snip snap snip snap
- Shut up about the sun! SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN!
- This trivia is hard! That's what she said!
- G.A.I. - Guy's Afternoon In... no, an hour long shower with guys
- Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
- Well, well, well... how the turntables
- Kevin's Dead Turtle
- Mose money, Mose problems
- Serenity by Jan
- Team Voldemort
- B.O.B.O.D.D.Y.
- Kevin and the Zits

42 Ale House 
- I am the walrus kukukachu
- John’s Hancock
- 6 astronauts walk into a bar
- Lori loughlin needs Jussie smolletts lawyer

Ale Station
- Better late than pregnant
- The ol' college try
- The Scranton Stranglers
- The Whoopdedoos
- Tickle me Ben

Bank Shot
- Functional Alcoholics
- R Kelly Peed on #MeToo
- Oh fuck we need a team name!
- Le Tits Now
- 3 Young Tarts and 2 Old Farts

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Bucks, beers, babies...battlestar galactica
- Just a testicle looking for its Armstrong
- Bathroom sandwich
- Let’s get quizical
- O-TOWN, Motown, Holiday Inn

Bilda's Freiss Lake Pub
- I bet nobody can wife-carry my walrus of a mother in law
- Master Bates Motel Cum One Cum All
- Any Hancock'll do
- Ouzo good to Dwayne my Johnson

Black Husky Brewing
- From Full House to the Big House #FreeAuntBecky
- It’s not Madonna, it’s Britney bitch!
- Trump thinks cholera is just Spanish for color

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- We saw Elvis at the gas station
- Anagram - "Eat Me, Man" I said to my boyfriend
- What does Lori Laughlin and sucking dick have in common? They both helped the Olson Twins get into Harvard.
- Who needs OBJ? I take the Browns to the Super Bowl every day.
- Evander Holyfield's Ear with some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti
- Put these animals in order of how much pussy they slay: horse, dog, donkey, human
- What's the difference between a White Russian and a Black Russian? Trick question. There are NO black Russians.
- Damn! Britney Spears all over this bitch!
- The official drink of West Allis is jizz!

Caffrey's Pub
- Who kicked the dogs out? Who who who who who
- Taylor and the Meat Sweats
- Laces out Dan!
- Our parents didn’t vaccinate us
- McCauley Culkin was home alone with Michael Jackson
- Russia still did it

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- I’m Embarrassed we Knew Pluto Nash
- Two Girls One Poop
- Psst yu-kon tur-nip my fishsticks
- We Like your John Mayer Playlist
- FDR’s mom was an Anti Vaxxer
- Tarzan’s Revenge for Harambe
- Let’s terminate your box with Rolly’s Fingers
- Sofaking Dumb

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- 90210h my god, Luke Perry RIP
- Plop-plop-goose poop
- Taylor and the Meat Sweats
- Rollie didn't just finger the IRS, he fucked 'em
- Camp bar trivia is in-tents

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Where Does Benedict Arnold Get His Groceries...Trader Joes???
- It takes a Magnum to Make Mona Lisa Smile
- Nihilism: Playing against Low Brow on Monday Night Trivia
- Trapped in R. Kelly's Closet
- Mueller Fucker, Iditarod in my Pants
- Idaho? You Da Hoe!
- Cooper Manning Should Have Been a Blow Job

Club 400
- Stephen Hawkins school of dance
- I thought this was speed dating...
- Tequila Mocking Bird
- We suck worse than them
- With a hint of Holyfield
- It’s only cannibalism if you swallow
- At least we have street smarts.

- Billie Jean was my lover and the child is mine
- Quiz Me Baby One More Time
- Two hot flashes and a combover

Compass Bar
- Mmmmmmmmmmmilk
- We Wish We Were Good With Wood
- Yes, Virginia, You Can Buy Your Way Into Yale

Hog and Kisses
- Bone Thrust

Izzy Hops
- Fe-Fi-Fo-FUCK
- I Moana Eat Uranus
- Tucker Carlson Needs To Tuck It Back
- Olivia Nut-ton John
- Bill O'Reilly's cul-de-sac

Jack's American Pub
- Po-ta-toes. Boil 'em Mash 'em Stick 'em in a stew
- She was a boy, he was a girl.
- Tyler Perry please stop making movies.
- Mitch, show us your titties, we got beads
- The Dick Cheese Curds
- Does a rim job count as a ring around Uranus?
- Bet Ur-Anus on us!
- I Want to drive Miss Daisy all night long.
- Aunt Becky's First Book: College Bribes to Prison Time
- The most consumed nuts are... Deez Nuts
- Mike Who Cheese Hairy
- The Big HOUSE just got FULLER
- My parents have never had sex (no really I’m adopted)

Loaded Slate
- Way more than Dos Equis
- The center for kids who can’t read good
- Brett Favre dick pics
- Saint pat me day
- Lori Loughlin Paid us to do her daughters trivia
- I am a man with 15 cats, hit me up on tinder
- Gotta love a cream pie
- Our brackets bring all the boys to the yard
- I'll acme pack my cocker spaniel into her jazz
- Nobody likes holocaust jokes, Anne Frankly I won't stand for them
- Fuck my bracket in the ass

- My mom paid a 50$ bribe to get me into UW-Oshkosh, But That Didn't Make the News
- Aunt Becky's Crew Team
- The Recipients of the Lori Laughlin Scholarship
- It's not semen, it's blood
- Despacito makes me want to punch someone in the laryngeal prominence
- Pabst Schmere

- Lick us on facebook
- Reunion sex party
- The rings around Uranus smell bad
- Deez nutz are the 6th most consumed
- Gayla loves a 12” Arkansas toothpick

Milwaukee Ale House
- Is that the program with the puppets that live in the barrio? I love that show!
- "Au" going to the Mt Bushmore tonight?
- Deep fried cheese nerds
- I'm cummin out of Bristol Palin
- Lot's of people pregnant cuz of these songs
- The Wild Dingleberries
- Free Willy murdered my childhood
- This bumping baseline is getting me aroused
- Full House Arrest
- Lichtenstein my eggplant emoji
- Ouzo from my eggplant

MAM After Dark
- Our Host: If Zach Galifianakis and Harry Potter Had a Baby
- Hi...Our Name Is...What? Our Name is...Who?
AIM Me, Dude!
- Winnings Go to Bail Money for Aunt Becky
- Curtis E. Flush
- Coming Soon: Space Jam 2/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 4 starring Michael Zordon
- Urkel Was the Original Hipster
- I Think I'm Ready For a Napster (Don't Sue Lars!)

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- Stop, My Penis Can Only Get So Erect
- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- You should consult a doctor if there are rings in Uranus
- Uranus is one of the gas giants
- No means maybe?
- Mama called us Hugh glass mistakes
- Adolph is one saxy guy
- I’m on spring break! Buy me a shot!
- We shave our cul de sacs
- None of your beeswax
- Ball de sac
- It’s only cannibalism if you swallow

New Berlin Ale House
- Fee-fi-toe-cancer
- Our cheese name wasn't gouda enough
- It takes more than a dollar to get into Yale
- Oh nuts, where's my toothpick
- We're not smarter than a 5th grader
- If quizzes are quizzical... what are tests?

Newsroom Pub
- Cherry Pi and her Big Remainder
- Promiscuous Ex-Presidents

- Aunt Becky's money cant even make us smart
- Nerds of Anarchy
- Jussie Smollet's Stuck In A Pinocchio World
- Collusion Delusion!
- Jussie Smollet's Lawyers

Raised Grain Brewing
- I was told there would be no math.
- DJ Scoot Scoot Mega Party
- Stephen Hawkings School of Dance

Rally Time, West Bend
- Nothing Lasts Forever, Except The Winters in Wisconsin
- Multiple Scoregasms
- Dwayne Johnson's House Of Hair
- Denver Momlettes

Red Lion Pub
- 2 girls 1 Han Solo Cups
- Poo Fighters
- Staff Infections

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Clearly not giving up trivia for Lent
- Everybody needs cheesus

- Jizzmaster
- My corned beef brings all the boys to the yard
- Bribing our way to 1st like Ivy league admissions
- They need these tequila shots like Trump needs a confidence boost
- The penis mightier than the sword

Three Lions Pub
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- Long cool elderly woman behind the counter in a small town also wearing a black dress
- Seals have always been part of animal crackers. Do not consume if seal is broken.
- Trivia Newton John

The Tosa Tavern
- It's Fat Thursday!
- If Barbie was made of PVC, what would her Breast Milk be?
- The Croc-a-gals
- Tom Cruise should have died in Jerry McGuire
- One point from a good time
- I've got a rocket man in my pocket
- Our Pants are Full of Wet Raspberry Tarts
- Better to go solo than to win the lotto commando in cockney rhyming slang
- My mother in law made us lose

Urban Beets, Downtown
- A drawing of a Christmas tree is the team name
- Bad @ Trivia , useful in other ways
- With 74 points, Giannis for Prez
- Rural turnips

- If we can be buried by anyone we want, bury me next to Jason Momoa
- Deez (Honey) Nuts
- Quiz Khalifas
- Scissor me timbers
- Aunt Becky, CUT-IT-OUT
- Your Boeing not staying up? Take some viagra

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants
- We No Knothing
- The Quizzarding Team of Whole Foods

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Already spent all my day light savings
- Jussie Smullets Mullet Hoax

Whole Foods, West Loop
- G. King, one. R. Kelly, zero.
- R. Kelly’s Hot New Track: “McDonalds I think About It Every Night and Day”
- Ain’t None of Yo’ Quizness
- Alexa Find Me a Wife
- Half a Million Would’ve Gotten My Kid into Hogwarts
- Justice 4 Aunt Becky
- Aunt Becky’s Bail Fund
- The Younger Version of Tiger Woods’ Parents
- Sharting Meerkats

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Stephen Hawking School of Dance


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