Best Team Names of April 2019!

Game of Thrones
- Crows before hoes
- I'll take the Lannister bedroom set - push two twins together and get a King
- Shame.... Shame.... Shame
- A Lannister Always Pays Their Tab
- Twincest is Best
- Throner Boners
- Valar Dohairais our Table Some Beers
- A team has no name
- That's what we do, we drink and we know things
- Rickon and the Manwoodies
- Brothers with Benefits
- 2-Crasters Bastards
- Rickon’s Dodgeball Team
- Winter is coming... and so is my sister... or is she my aunt?
- If you're Jamie and you know it clap your hand.
-  Arya kidding me, we're gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.
- Crows Before Hoes
- Wiener is Coming
- How I Met Your Mother of Dragons
- The Sullied
- Tywin, Lose or Draw
- 3 Hodors Down
- House Brass of Dirty Stallis
- Stark Raven Mad
- We drink and know nothing
- Hung like greyworm
- All Hail the Rightful Queen Cersei
- Sex God Pod
- Impin Ain't Easy
- Fuck Water, bring me wine
- Joffrey didn't make this widow wail less successful than a Westeros wedding planner
- House Tully-more Dew
- Sand Snakes on a Plane Lannist\er??
- We do not Sow-ber
- Podrick's Pleasure Palace: Winter isnt' the only thing that's coming
- What is dead may never die... except Sean Bean
- Cersei's trial was a blast
- What is cut off may never rise
- Shireen's Backyard Barbeque Bunch
- Cersei's Fleabottom is Dark and Full of Terrors
- Red Wedding Catering Company
- The Ramsey Bolton Humane Society

Marvel Trivia
- Who are you calling a mewling quim?
- Tony House of Stark, First of His Name, Breaker of 10 rings, Avenger of Earth
- Infinity Stoners
- Red Rocket Racoon
- We're THORsty
- Aquaman Loves Fish Sticks
- Yondu Can Whistle While I Twerk
- We've Been Falling For 30 Minutes
- 12% Of A Plan
- The Groot Of All Evil
- Pepper Potts Likes Her Men STARK Naked
- I threw away my endgame ticket to get the soul stone
- Ain’t no hala-back girl
- Were up all night to get Loki
- You should have aimed for the ass
- America's Ass
- Thanos Stole Half Our Answers
- "On Your Left"
- Thor's Whores
- Thuck It Till It's Thor
- That’s my secret Cap, I’m always drunk

42 Ale House
- 4 seasons 1 day
- Take this snow and shove it

Ale Station
- 60% of the Time We Win Every Time
- Who Needs a Team Name?
- We Thought This Was Speed Dating

Bank Shot
- A Black Hole? More Like the Eye of Sauron

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Beauty and the beef
- Whenever I play croquet with my girlfriend, she gives me blue balls
- A Team has no name
- Name Redacted
- I don’t need to be on tour to bring a giant phallus

Bilda's Freiss Lake Pub
- These are my wife's answers and she's always right
- Team Glory Holes
- I'll drive Miss Daisy crazy in 60 seconds
- Finish on top... is there any other way?
- As Long as You're Down on One knee
- She said Yes

Black Husky Brewing
- Pootie
- Nothing Chile about the Atacama

Brass Monkey
- J is for jelly beans - Jelly Beans R Us
- Cuck the Fubs
- Biden my time for hugs and kisses
- How big is my D? MCLXVII
- The men (the women wouldn't play with us) (at least not here!)
- After we fuck, I'm gone in 60 seconds
- You can do it, double D's can help!
- Ball size shouldn't matter... that's what she said.

Caffrey's Pub
- Fucking Mondays
- Grower, not a shower
- I’ve been masturbating back here this whole time
- Terminal: A Texas Tech Story
- Fire Wojo
- Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Holy Relics
- We thought this was a gay bar...
- Quizzing Me Softly
- Houston, We Have a Trivia Problem
- Finals week? NOT TODAY!
- I shower with my dad
- Monday night trivia? In THIS economy?
- I’m not gay but $20 is $20

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- It only takes me 2 moves to get to your ignoramus
- Gary Busey’s Teeth
- I’ll have what Marion Jones is Having
- It’s only Rape if you’re not R Kelly
- Beyond The Wall Chain Emporium
- Scott Walker's Bald Spot
- Gianni'saurus Rex

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- I pity the foo that goes down under after I use my squatty potty.
- Shark Tank Ooh-ha-ha!
- I like my women like my golf the 80's and slightly handicapped
- Taylor and the Meat Sweats
- Just like Pink Floyd, Diana's last hit was "The Wall"
- The pool boy takes a gander @ me while I breaststroke
- Ram Your Drone Into My Jack

Camp Bar Tosa
- We Love Team Low Brow (April Fools... Fuck Team Low Brow)
- April Showers Bring May Flowers, Mayflowers Bring Pilgrims
- If Trump's Penis Was a Star It'd Be a Red Dwarf
- Put Uranus on my Limp Bizkit
- What's Bigger: Yo Momma's Ass or Milwaukee Pot Holes?
- We Drink and We Don't Know Shit
- What Has 9 Arms and Still Sucks? Def Leppard
- Arya Stark Goes Deep 2 Weeks In A Row
- Who Let The Moms Out
- Show Me The Monet!
- We Met At Camp Trivia 5 Years Ago Now We're Married

Club 400
- Fire breathing rubber duckies
- It’s not small, it’s just trivial.
- Sinking putts and banging sluts
- I eat ass ... yes really...

- First of our name, last in this game
- Is Hilary Swank hot?

Fin N Feather
- Better Than Jail
- Should We Do Shots?
- Trebek's Rejects

Izzy Hops
- Edvard Munch on this
- Well we definitely fucked this up, Not enough points for the cup, We tried our best, Without much contest, And we still lost. Yup.
- Winter came, but Arya didn't

Jack's American Pub
- Sean Connery's Ballsack
- Farts and Cliterature
- 7 inches of John Snow
- There are two things i can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant to other people's cultures, and the dutch
- Alotta Fagina: Mitch's nickname in high school
- Bambi? That wimpy Dead?
- My Trivia Partner doesn't know this is a date!
- Vincent van Gogh Quiz yourself.

Loaded Slate
- The sultan of slate
- I quizzes in my pants
- 18 holes a day and I still have time for golf
- 2 chicks and a magnet
- Lori Laughlin’s daughters SAT score
- Winter isn’t the only thing cumming
- Bill Cosby’s bartender
- 60 minutes? You mean how long I last in bed?

MAM After Dark
- The Nation of Quizlam (big up Kareem)
- Did the Russians rig this too?
- Quit Playin' Games With My Art
- Stephen Hawking's Dance Moves
- Wham Bam Thank You MAM
- What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to Lorena Bobbit? "Scuse me, are you gonna eat that?"
- MAMmaries after dark
- It's been a long winter - make pot (holes) legal
- Too young for MAMmograms

- Chernobyl Trivia Meltdown
- Prypiat, archipelago, bucherie, acacia
- We aren’t creative... just call us ‘Jim.
- Our team name has been redacted
- Windmill Cancer Survivors
- The second, third, fourth and fifth guessers
- We're Missing the Draft for This?

- Bears, beets, battlestar galactica
- it’s not wort it
- Very Stable Geniuses
- Spring Break!

Milwaukee Ale House
- Danica finished 4th at the INDY, but at Aaron’s...he lets her finish 1st
- Gas guzzler? More like ass guzzler
- Thicc Lady Liberty
- Real boxers don’t wear condoms
- Your mom calls me the handcuff king #ruffandready
- Eric the Eel: slytherin into the DMs
- These shitty fossils rock
- Artifact deez nuts
- Steve Buscemi wearing Eskimo glasses
- Ain’t nothin wrong with a little bone n grind
- “This belongs in a museum!”

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Show Me on the Doll Where Uncle Joe Touched You
- The Three Bat-Kateers: Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney
- Arya Stark's Sideboob Made My Balls Heavy
- We're The Absolute Wurst

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Hawaiian missionary and penny black are my favorite positions
- Better than sliced breadfruit
- Houston we suck
- In nature a group of scientists is called a nitwit of nerds
- I call my testicles fat man and little boy too. They’re lopsided
- Did you hear about the confederate general whose left arm was amputated? He’s all right now.
- A dumbarse of humans
- Arya starks sideboob
- Truck yeah
- Aryas non dominant hand

New Berlin Ale House
- Gluten Free Breadfruits
- Quizards of Oz 8th
- Nipsey Hustle couldn't dodge a bullet
- Van Gogh, Van Gohing, Van Gone 10th
- Winter is Coming
- Shop Ross (Dress for Less)
- Houston. We got a lotta vagina
- We're all inoculated
- Aunt Becky only got me into UWM
- Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
- The Hunchback of Notre Flame
- Our best answers we redacted

Newsroom Pub
- Jon Snow's Tight Ass

- We thought this was Game of Thrones trivia- like Jon Snow, we know nothing

Rally Time, West Bend
- Wisconsin In April.... We're Not Pussies
- Lord Farquad & The Bar Sluts
- We Have Pac Man Fever And We're Contagious
- Deluded Shart Cans
- Bleached Buttholes #2

Red Lion Pub
- The Wrong Scott Walker was arrested
- Jussie Smolette's Defense Attorneys
- Sausage is all we do
- Better Late than Pregnant
- My back hurts carrying this team
- Boobytrap backwards is Partyboob
- Better to be Mor-on than off

Second Salem Brewing
- E = MC Hammer
- Pictures of my big black hole
- Our nips don't lie, it's cold outside

- I thought this was bingo…
- Lime white claw with fresh lime
- Super Massive Black Holes
- Fear the Beer
- Froze? More like HOEze
- Hawaiian Punchers
- A Lannister Always Pays His Tab
- Stacy Pepperoni

The Tosa Tavern
- My panhandle is always pointing north
- Stage 4 windmill cancer
- We measure growth in milimeters
- Triviaphobia, the fear of wrong answers
- Tweeting on the toilet
- Wanna see the biggest bone in my body?
- We don't know the names of these TV shows because we weren't born in the Dinosaur Age

Three Lions Pub
- Spanish InQUIZition
- The middle aged guys sitting at the bar trying to get away from their families
- Team Name Redacted
- Like us on Facebook.
- Blind Tour Guides
- Tram Eggplant Emoji

Urban Beets
- Winter is Coming for WI
- Chicken isn’t vegan?

- Old Farts Can't Read Menus
- You Gotta Be Quizzing Me!
- The non blurry black hole was actually Uranus
- The black hole picture looks a lot like my grindr profile
- Thanos Stole Half Our Answers
- Parks & Wrecked

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Quizmaster jazz blaster whiz disasters
- Trumpty dumpty sat on a wall... that Mexico will pay for
- Subpoena colada
- -Gerburtstagskinder
-There is no Trump Tax return because he’s listed as Putin’s dependent
- Felicity Huffman should have used Jessie Smokey’s Lawyer

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Visitors from 3 Mexican countries.
- Lightfoot let’s stomp, left foot let’s stomp.
- What the kale are we doing?
- None of your quizness!
- Guy Fieri is My Real Dad
- Diagnosis: Wind Cancer
- Caligula is cancelled
- Warren G Harding’s Sad Dad
- I want someone to look at me the way Bran looks at everyone
- Dumbledora the Explora
- Steve Buscemi is an Eye-con, The Hellveticas.

Whole Foods, Willowbrook 
- Debriefing my briefs
- Quizzoholics
- The Dum Dums-The Team So Nice We Named It Twice


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