Best Team Names of June 2019!

90s Trivia
- Smells Like "Middle-Aged" Spirit
- Monica said it didn't fit, so you must acquit
- Can't beat the L.A.P.D.
- The team formerly known as Prince
- Is this quiz Y2K compliant
- OJ Isotoners
- Too legit for the glove to fit
- Monica's blue dress
- Getting Trivvy With It
- Don't go chasing Lisa Frank
- Could there be any more shoes in Monica's closet
- I did not have sexual relations with that Quizmaster!
- Smells Like Team Spirit
- Drink apple juice, cause OJ will kill you
- Lisa Frank and the Slap Bracelets
- Beauty and the (Jar Jar) Binks
- 98 Degrees Minus 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Equals N Sync
- Admitting Alanis Was Your First CD Must Have Been a Jagged Little Pill
- Remember When OJ, Spacey, Weinstein and Cosby Were Beloved?
- Legends of the Hidden Temple
- Zach Morris is Trash
- Fuck Carmen San Diego
- John Bobbit's Missing Weiner
- Red Hot Trivia Peppers

42 Ale House
- Unlike boxing, I can only go 1 round in the bedroom
- Let's make a mess tonight
- Goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus!

The Basement Bar
- Team Stonkalicious
- Half-Inch Poultry
- The Nobodys

Black Husky Brewing
- Norway we’re gonna lose this
- Tom’s Selleck’s Mustache
- Sub-Zero is awfully Chile

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- How much dip would a dipshit shit if a dipshit could shit dip?
- Bucks in 12
- I'm no meteorologist, but it's raining bitches!
- How did they come up with the spelling of Canada? C, eh, N, eh, D, eh.
- Porta Potty's New Slogan - What Can Brown Do For You?
- You Forgot Ghan and Dia for Countries that end in -Ria

Caffrey's Pub
- Pyramid scheme sales pitch
- The master baters
- Raid the knickers or die trying
- Ridin Solo, the story of Lance Armstrong's left testicle
- She told me it was razorburn
- Did we win? Find out Zune!
- Don't cheat at trivia, cheating is for your tax return
- Ignorant Sluts
- Family Juuls
- These are probably all wrong but YOLO
- Old town country road head
- Like the names of the Ninja Turtles, I am an artist
- NASA: National Aeronautic Sluts Administration
- Smells like team spirit

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Bill Clinton is coming" - Monica Lewinsky on her midnight ride
- Just A Couple of Meat Sweats
- The British Are Coming On Your Face
- If quizzes are quizzicle, what are tests?
- Mike Who Cheese Harry

Camp Bar, Shorewood 
- Title of my sex tape: the british are cumming
- After Monica, Bill Clinton bought a Dyson
- Drakes Gaping Asshole
- I hate pants
- Jeffrey Dahmer's house of ribs
- Take me fishing, I'm a master baiter
- Seal Team Six(ty nine)
- Shaving Ryan's Privates
- Camp Moist
- The letter E comes once a year, just like my wife
- Quiz in my pants
- My ass is an ocean of storms
- Sofa King Dumb

Camp Bar Tosa
- Unlike Dyson, I Married a Suckless Bag
- What Do Dyson and Bill Clinton Have in Common? They Like Sucking
- Kawhi Me a River
- We May Not Know Much, But We Know the Cock
- We Could Hardly Recognize Kurt Cobain's Face
- Twitter Fits OJ Like a Glove
- Three Creeps Hitting on Pregnant Ladies
- We Demand the Quizmaster Serve Another Term
- The Toilet is Our Ocean of Storms
- Autocorrect Is My Worst Enema!

Club 400
- Guessing isn’t trivia is it?

Colectivo Lakefront
- Hot for Teacher
- Those Rat Bastards
- Swipe right on Barbara Streisand
- Federal Bureau of Instigation
- We thought shark tank meant different types of sharks, not people
- Is Asia a country?

Colectivo - Monroe St.
- We don't know it all's
- The Pittsburg Peppers
- Thinking Really Intuitively for Victorious and Interesting Answers

Izzy Hops
- Catrick Stewart's Next Generation Trek
- Tainted taint tasters
- Yelich’s butt is the real MVP

Jack's American Pub
- Route 69
- Nic cage has as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio
- Chlorophyll, more like boraphyll
- This blew up like a planned Parenthood in Alabama
- FBI: Federal Boobie Inspectors
- 51 USWNT scored more today than I have in my entire life.
- Bowling is fucking awesome on TV!!
- I'd Polish your Motorhead
- Takeo Spikes...Tequila Strinkes!
- Schweddy Balls
- Stop in the name of Giannis
- Giannis Cried, I cried

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Ouch, I cracked by toe"a"
- We're Close ta Tosa!
- Don't worry smallpox, hipsters will find a way to make you cool again
- In dog beers I've only had 7
- We get hit on more than Huey Jennings
- Where is the vaccine for stupid?
- P Sherman 42 Wallabee Way, Sydney
- Our Jojo ain't got no Mojo
- Giannis Wegonnawinthis
- Drink Apple Juice Because OJ Will Kill You
- Tired of getting the Sitka kicked out of us
- We wish out president had "man hands"
- In dog beers we've only had won
- Bob Marley;s Gnarly Toe Jam Band
- Trump is 1 syllable, impeachment is 3
- Trump: 1 syllable, 1 term
- Bisque. Please!
- The Hoyty-Toyts

The Loaded Slate
- Fart starr (rip)
- Brett Favre cheese dix
- Respect to those who actually know what Kiribati is
- Batman and robins hood
- Thailand’s women’s soccer team
- Kevin Durant’s Achilles

- The Wilder Girls of Wilder's
- The Bier-Man-Aytors

- Skin is my second longest organ
- That’s what cheese head
- I thought this was speed dating
- Cotton Eyed Goe
- Kohn F Jennedy

Milwaukee Ale House
- Duct tape couldn’t fix the challenger
- Shit fil a: what can brown do for you
- Will Smith #NotMyGenie
- The Lion The Witch And My Parents Divorce
- Sally Man Hands Sliding Into Your DM‘s
- Bisque better have my money

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Vaccines Cause Adults
- Toilet Brush? Just Blast It With Piss
- Enginerds
- Frank Grimes Was the Best Employee of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant #DoItForGrimey

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- I got a c in astronomy at whitewater
- This team is sponsored by Casper mattresses
- 2 chainz Cheney
- Use this polish polish to polish this polish pole
- Polish my sausage
- Seal is the real Scarface
- Float like a butterfly, sting like a failure

New Berlin Ale House
- I'll Chloro-Feel you up
- Aluminum Foil is not packaging material
- General Drywall Jackson
- Happy 10th anniversary to Michael Jackson

Newsroom Pub
- I'mma let you finish but Ghengis Khan is the best Hibachi Grill in the country
- Vampire slayer? I barely know her!

- Emergency helicopter rescue team: taking grandma for a spin
- Lick us on Facebook

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- We can't hear, but we've got beer!
- Go Go Gadget Arm: Not so cool in the era of #MeToo

Rally Time, West Bend
- Mama's Too Busy Sleeping Around To Vaccinate Us
- It's My Birthday And I'll Whine If I Want To!
- Even Spaghetti Is Straight Until It Gets Wet: Happy Pride!
- I Quizzed in My Pants

Three Lions Pub
- The Jermajestys
- Steaming pile of loathing

The Tosa Tavern
- You clap when the plane lands?
 - Imma let you finish but Ginza had the best Hibachi restaurants of all time
- Orange you glad I didn't say Meredith
- Don't get mad, get bees
- We're here for the cheaper beer and shorter lines than Summerfest
- Food Wholes

- Does Trump have CTE?
- Don't get mad, Netflix and chill
- Tiki bowl me over
- Slide into my carpe DMs
- Word games: _______ hole, hat, face.... #A$$
- Long island iced tiki

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- That's America's ass
- T.R.I.V.I.A (Terrible Real Intelligence, Very Interesting Anyways).

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Red Hot Trivia Peppers
- Vandelay industries
- Antarctica vs. Democracy: which will last longer?

Whole Foods, West Loop
- I'm Here Passing the Time Until My Card Clears for my Cuba Trip
- Not Nasty Enough to Be a Royal
- Quizmaster More Like Whizzmaster
- 100% right 2/5 of the time
- Let's See What This Bachelor's Degree Gets Me
- Brett Favre’s Welcome Back to the League Party

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- I thought this was speed dating...
- The Betty White Supremacists


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