Best Team Names of September 2019!

The Office Trivia
- Scrantonicity II
- William S Buttlicker
- Break me off a piece of that... Fancy Feast
- Smile if you love men's prostates!
- Scott's Thots
- Team Voldemort
- Why have short name when long name do trick?
- The Sebring Stanley's
- Meredith Palmer's Pelvis
- Hillary Swank is Hot
- The One of Everything's: equal parts scotch, absinth, rum, gin, vermouth, triple sec and two packs of splenda
- Ryan started the fire
- The Gabe Bastards
- Uncle Al See-attle Sabres
- The Green bay Todd Packers
- Here for the Schrute Bucks
- Triple Vasectomy (snip-snap-snip-snap-snip-snap)
- Shoe La La
- Meridith, Your Boob Is Out.

42 Ale House
- If a tree falls on your car and no one hears it, do we get best team name?

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Lawless Claw’s
- Odlaw & Wanda 2: Bob Build Us
- Trebeck's Rejects

Black Husky Brewing
- Tricerah Jessica Parker in the drawing room with the candlestick
- Your first year quizzing is our first year friending
- 2 Mounties and a Ham sandwich looking for the fountain of youth

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Quizmaster Katelin broke her leg in the X Games... the Triple X Games.
- Fuckin' Australian Rules Football!

Caffrey's Pub
- Nine inch Males
- Jeffrey Dahmer’s House of Ribs
- It’s only cannibalism if you swallow
- Rum DMC
- IDAHO? You da ho
- Rock, Paper, Lesbians

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Did he pay her in sham wows
- JFK was All over the hilly wood hill cougars
- Idaho? No u-Daho!
- Buttigieg - just wanted to hear you say it again
- It’s like shaaaaame “in our trivia game” (set to the tune of ironic)
- The ghost of the host with the most that can’t boast about a southern coast
- Quizmaster’s Mom has got it going on

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Taylor and the Meat Sweats
- Imagine all the people...with better team names than us
- In dog beers we've only had 1
- Ice Bank Mice Elf
- As a Bengal's fan, how did you propose without a ring?
- Best Eifert

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Kim Jong Un, No, She didn't
- Making Wookie with the Star Killer
- What’s the difference between Tom Brady and lance armstrong? Lance cheats with only one deflated ball
- Sir Craps A Lot,
- Don't trust stairs, they're always up to something
- My ex misses me, but her aim is getting better
- Buy the Birthday Boy a drink

Campsite 131
- The Team That Shall Not Be Named
- I Missed the CNN Town Hall For This
- Taking Care of Quizness
- We’re Getting Married This Weekend!

Club 400
- I ate all my pregnant wife’s wings, gotta stop at Culver’s
- The thinking caps and the drinking pants
- The split potato totters aka the spud stickers
- Our couch pulls out.... we don’t.

Colectivo, Lakefront
- Alabama hurricane refugees
- India maybhave all the cashews, but we have all deez nuts
- the Spotted Cow-lectivo

East Troy Brewery
- Dickerman’s Hardware
- It Figures
- Booze Cruise
- DJ Roombas
- On Mondays, we play trivia
- Drink lemonade, OJ kills - 1st place 2. Nuns with guns - 2nd place, best team name (John wanted to pick best team name after the second round) 3. Double A’s 4. Total victory intended 5. Mikey’s late again 6. Magic Brian and abra-ca-Daniel 7. Everybody loves T&A 8. Better at Bourbon than trivia

- Drink pineapple juice because OJ might kill you
- Antonio Browns Comeback Story
- Doctors Without Boners

Izzy Hops
- Tossing Randall Cobb's Salad
- Call Me Aaron burr Cause I'm Droppin Hamiltons

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- British Delicacies and other Oxymorons
- Question 23: anti climatic
- E=mc hammered
- Mosquitos don’t kill people, malaria kills people
- Trivia tonight is brought to you by Waterstone Bank
- Dumbledorks
- If Mama Cass would have given her ham sandwich to Karen Carpenter, they would both still be alive
- Schindler's Crisps
- What the hell is that sperm thing?

The Loaded Slate
- You’re a quizard Harry
- Quiz Khalifa
- Does Aladdin have a chic-fil-a
- The bloated slate

Jack's American Pub
- Nickelback and Ja Rule Fan Club
- Saving Ryan's Privates
- Michael Jackson looked at my butthole
- As a quizmaster, I must stay 500 feet away from schools
- Cashew Ousside, how bou dah?
- I lost something else and they called it a carrot
- Did it for the (Ph.) D
- John Footpenis
- Mark Spitz or Swallows, which one is it?
- I play trivia to impress Jack's Hot Bartenders

- My Dog Doesn't Have His Calzones
- Yoyo Mama Plays My Skin Flute

- If your friend is passed out in the room, is it still a threesome?
- Bon Rurgandy’s Jazz Flute
- Who Watches Friends?
- If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball
- The silence of the beers

Milwaukee Ale House
- Persisters and two misters
- Dorian isn’t the only disaster today
- Don't worry Illinois, it's not about size but how you use it
- Tip your waitress, just the tip
- Owls always look like they’ve just seen a penis for the first time
- Victorian vibrators: hand cranked, rotary, and candlestick
- A sandwich wasnt the only thing mama cass was choking on
- Trumps Ukranian Transcript
- We have schweddy balls for every taste!

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- My discus 4.4 pounds and 8 inches a in diameter
- Everybody buy me a dumpster fire
- My college nickname was “hammer pants”
- I lost my virginity but I still have the box it came in
- My gamma makes radioactive cookies
- Eric suxxx
- Imma let you finish but Rodinia was the best super continent
- 60% of the time it works every time

Newsroom Pub
- License to Quill
- Railroader? I hardly know her!
- Antonio Brown's personal trainers

New Berlin Ale House
- Colostomy is our bag
- Monica (ja Rule)
- Swimmy McSwimmerson Strikes Again
- Quiz in my pants

- Phallic Baldwin
- Back Streets NOT Back...Deal With It
- My Sex Tape is Called Secret of the Ooze
- Anticlimactic Hand-crank
- Phallic Baldwin

Raised Grain Brewing
- We're no Bottoms, were triceratops!
- Hurricane Dorian Alabama CleanUp Effort

Rally Time, West Bend
- Her Brown Eye Gave Me The Pink Eye
- The Youngins are Dummins
- One Beer John
- Off Constantly

Second Salem Brewing Co
- Total trivia virgin

Three Lions Pub
- Lesser Known Wisconsin Rapper - Big Dirty Badger
- IRAQ my brains and I can’t figure out this game
- Ukrainian Rhapsody

The Tosa Tavern
- I keep my change in my drooping sack
- Ask me about Prince Albert
- I wonder what's draped around the neck of the world's strongest man?
- Buzz your girlfriend... Woof

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Quizmaster? I hardly know her.
- Colonel Sanders Built America
- The Ukranian President gave us the answers

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Impeaches and cream
- Pirates of the Perineum

Whole Foods, West Loop
- We put the "dumb" in Dumblewhores
- Chumbawumba Tub Thumpers
- That Cake that Princess Peach baked for Mario that one time

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Bartender, beer me that answer!


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