Best Team Names of December 2019!

Star Wars Trivia
- Livin La Vida Yoda
- Let Poe & Finn Kiss You Cowards
- General Beers
- All About that Bass, No Rebels
- Vader’s Toys: caution choking hazard
- Phallic Guinness as obi wang kenobi
- Wampa stompa
- Lookin for love in Alderaan places
- Some like it Hoth
- We got slaughtered like younglings
- Livin La Vida Yoda!
- It’s over Quizmaster... we have the high ground
- the AT-STDs
- Qui Gon Gin and Juice
- Not Just the Men, the Women and The Children, Too
- Execute order 69
- The Force is Strong With This Pun
- MacKlunky Shot First
- Stop Looking at my Ass-tromech
- USS Enterprise NCC 1701
- Rebel Scum
- Sith Happens!
- Kessel Run DMC
- Ewokin in a Endor Wonderland
- Carrie Fisher & the Goblet of Cocaine
- Wookie Motherfucker! Do you Speak it!?
- Baby Yoda Diaper Squad
- Let Qui-Gons be Qui-Gons
- Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders
- Inglorius Blasters
- Impeached Palpatine
- I find your lack of answer disturbing

42 Ale House
- I survived Nakatomi plaza Christmas '87 and all I got was this lousy team name
- Next on porn stars: high Heffner quiz on my face
- How do you spell ghonnera?
- If you tickle Santa's snowballs, you're going to have a white Christmas

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
- I was told this would be easier than a Tinder date
- Jingle all the way to fifth place

Black Husky
- It’s Baby Yoda and I’ll cry if I want to

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- The game show that best describes my honeymoon: Naked & Afraid.

Caffrey's Pub
- When you fit in, you disappear
- Too Husky for Sandusky
- Dahmer’s All You Can Eat Buffet
- Bill Cosby’s Knockouts

Camp Bar, Shorewood 
- We Can See Russia From the Willis Tower
-  Sperm Whale, Swallowing… there’s a joke in there somewhere
- Unzip that YKK
- 80s has better music and he turned around, tipped his hat, and  you know who that guy was?! Emilio estev! The mighty ducks man! I was like EMILIOOOOOOO

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Baby Yoda's Enormous Furry Green Penis
- Hans Gruber "One Fall That's All"
- 3 Guys, 6 inches
- The G's that stole Bitchmas
- Merry EDM X-mas
- Rob Ford Blows Koch
- Billy Bush's Koched Up Ball Drop

Camp Bar, Tosa
- I don't know about a whale... But your wife can swallow me whole!
- I'm a Midwest 9, and a CA 10
- Three Week Old Egg Nog
- Got my Picture Taken with santa.. I asked if that was just a candy cane in his pocket
- Mrs. Claus' Yoga Pants give her mistletoe
- Grab Her by the Personality

Colectivo Lakefront
- Yippie Ki Yey Ya Filthy Animal Who Didn't S**t Right For A Week

- She's Out of My League
- I'd play with Santa's sack
- Lady Gaga's Meat Dress (it's in the meatdress)

Izzy Hops
- Thanks-giving Me Hemorrhoids
- Thoroughbred Whoreses
- Dandy Worhol's Banana
- Festivus!

Jack's American Pub
- We could do a "3 men and a baby" type thing
- Snooker? I hardly know her!
- The Parmesan Cheese at Olive Garden is 80% Dandruff
- Dietz Nuts roasting on an open fire
- Yipee Kai-yay mother … you know the rest merry Christmas
- Y’all say something ho ho ho

Loaded Slate 
- Well hung jury
- Jim harbaughs khaki pants
- Yang gang

- Louie, The Panty Dropper
- James and the Giant Impeach
- The Best Part of a Cliffhanger is...

- 3 guys 6 inches
- 12 midgets in a trench coat
- I don’t like my balls touched, it’s a personal thing

Milwaukee Ale House
- Hellen Keller doesn’t know what she looks like either
- The three coldest places are actually Alaska, North Dakota, and the empty space in my bed
- Rudolph’s nose is red cuz his balls are blue
- Shitters full
- It’s beginning to look a lot like impeachment
- Milwaukee parking police can eat my ass

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- Under the Beard Isn't the Only Place Mommy Tickled..
- Bitch Hit Me With A Toaster

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- We surveyed 100 people and they all hate 6 point movie picture questions
- Nine inch males
- The elevation isn’t the only thing that’s high in Colorado
- Guarantee this won’t win best team name
- The Ukraine is weak
- Moana 2020
- Die hard is not a Christmas movie

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- The Pen 15 Club
- I Thought This Was Bingo
- Why is Santa Sad? He Only Cums Once a Year
- Electric Boogaloo 2: Trivial Abuse of Power

- Take Our Sad Score And Make It Better
- The Only Swedish Word We Know Is Ikea
- Hey Batman! Knock, Knock...Who's There? You're Parents Are Dead
- Wild Cards...and I Should Let You All Know It Was Me Who Farted, Sorry!
- All I Want For Christmas Is Never To Hear Mariah Carey Sing That Awful Fucking Song Again -
- Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals
- Where Are The Hanukkah Questions?

New Berlin Ale House 
- White Trash Knight Elephants
- The Christmas tree isn't the only thing lit on a Tuesday
- $120K for a banana???
- Ho ho ho Bah Humbug
- Epstein didn't kill himself 3

- Helen Keller wore mittens, She was speechless

Rally Time
- Mark Anthony impregnated Cleopatra and JLo

Red Lion Pub
- The boys are NOT back in town
- Oral fixation (the dentists)
- Christmas Boners
- Sloth in a box
- All I want for Christmas is a fleshlight.

Second Salem Brewing Co
- Who needs a clever team name when you win 1st place?
- Only our team name can save us now
- A Christmas Squirrel death squad
- Who the fuck is Liam Hemsworth?
- Baby Yoda dicks

Three Lions Pub
- More Moby, less Dick
- Who let the dogs out: snoop, snoop, snoop
- Camoflage condom - nobody saw me coming

The Tosa Tavern
- Bond got pussy galore in every film
- Rummin around the Christmas Tree
- Our Yule goat dropped a Yule log
- Shitter's Full
- Like Russia, we should be banned from trivia

- Kids are still getting "sugar sticks" from priests today
- Say one good thing about another team
- Ken Boners

Whole Foods, Edgewater (Red Star Bar)
- Whole Doods

Whole Foods, Streeterville (Red Star Bar)
- The Sound You Make When You Step on a Lego
- Champagne in the membrane

Whole Foods, Willowbrook (The Brook)
- Ho Ho Horrible at Trivia
- I got Ho-Ho-Hosed


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