Best Team Names of December 2020

Disney Trivia
- Rocketing through Expedition Everest in a Tower of Terror
- Wish upon a bar, to become a beer hero 6
- Walt Disney's Frozen Head
- Whistle while you twerk
- I'll Make a Stan out of you
- When you wish upon a bar

- There will be blood coming out of my Venus
- Loosen Mai Tai and Vault My Pole
- Jerry Springer's Breast Meat Challenge
- Balls Deep
- Jennifer Aniston's octagon is full of worcestershire sauce

Brass Monkey, West allis
- If Quizmaster Katelin was a planet, she’d be the hottest
- The best excuse for being late is "playing with my pussy
- It only takes us one night to name our pussy
- If 2020 was a blow job, it had braces.

Camp, Shorewood
- If we were on trivia deathmatch, we’d have more than just our ear bit off.
- Santa and his Ho Ho Hos 
- Iced tee is a tr8tor to rap
-  Do they allow loud laughter in Hawaii or just a low ha? 
- Quizness in the front, party in the back 
- Joe Exotic has Stuffed at Least a Dozen Animals 
- Harvey’s Milkmen.
- Who actually eats homemade roasted chestnuts? 
- “More Gluhwein” (in a Lannister voice) 
- We had too much brandy in our egg nog

Camp, Third Ward
- Blackout Wednesday but make it to Monday
- All I want for Christmas is Booze 
- Upper  Deckers 
- The Buttcrackers
- Santa Slayzzz
- The Reinbeers
- 2020 can kiss my ass
- The Stimulus checks 2.0
- Herd immunity
- Ghosts of trivia past

Camp, Tosa
- Indiana Jones and the temple of poon
- Jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Rattlesnakes and Condoms: Two things we don't fuck with 
- We Demand a Recount
- Thanks for Coming
- Hey Tina, Eat your Lasagna
- Two things we don't fuck with: rattle snakes and condoms 
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- Hairy Tentacles 
- Jupiter is big, but Uranus is bigger! 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- I suck ass at bar dice 
- Born and raised in South Dakota 
- My drinking team has a trivia problem 
- Coitus interruptus: retribution
- Miley Cyrus wet nelly 
- Who the fuck is tiana?
- The spy who shagged me 
- Why the fuck did I download Applebee’s app? 
- O.J.'s taxi cab
- Angels with filthy souls 
- Santa’s sack is so big because he comes once a year 
- Merry schlitzmas
- Jeffrey Epstein sleeps in May 
- I should not have ordered this pretzel for 1 
- We walked through the snow to come in second to last place 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- 6 feet away from 1st place

- The glove did not fit
- If you slurp my plum pudding, I’ll suck your spotted dick
- Team Xmas Socks
- Snow way Carole baskin is innocent

- We would like the waitress' number
- Urethra Franklin
- He Who Shall Not be Named

Pete's Pub
- A Tribe Called Quince
- Rona the Res Nosed Reindeer
- Speaking with 20/20 Hindsight, 2020 Sucked

Red Lion Pub
- Brazen blitzen balls 
- Sleigh all day 

Three Lions Pub
- Inverted Oreos


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