Best Team Names of November 2020

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Dolly Parton's Prism Breasts take me to the danger zone
- Multiple Scoregasms with a side of Mint Julep
- My blue whale can outlast your purple carrot
- I would have won the street luge but I was high on Triptophan

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- The Goofy Humps
- Lube up your Bjork before sticking it in my bunghole!
- Our Color Me Badd is Dog Dick Pink

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- No ass, but what about a nut? 
- Remember pre covid when we could have parties in the USA 
- My Drinking team has a trivia problem 
- Pretty sure babies don’t come from Vietnam, they come from Va-China 
- 3 hole Punch team 
- Lettuce Win
- I wonder what George bush’s nickname is for Trump?
- Our nips don't's cold outside 
- Dudesistas 
- Don’t just stare at it... Eat it 
- Ridley Scott’s Tots

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Bert is definitely the top 
- Joe’s Hoes 
- You can tinky my winky 
- The whore-ologists 
- Dwayne the rock my Johnson 
- Cunnalingus Rice... sounds like a Mexican dish
- This year is longer than a Tom Brady kiss

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Why did Hellen Keller wear tight people could read her lips
- The dinosaur climaxed in my face-butte
- Mrs clause’ yoga pants give her massive mistle toe

- Let's Ask Whiskeypedia
- Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself".

Izzy Hops
- This is the first time I’ve put on clothing in months...

Jack's American Pub
- Kovid Killers

Milwaukee Brat House 
- Spelling Beez 
- Roses are Red, Wisconsin went blue 
- Uncles with Benefits 
- Brat the wurst answers

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- I ain’t playing no fucking snooker 
- The sausage sampler
- Hall of fame baseball persons 
- Picked a bad week to sell my Pfizer stock 
- Two beers one cup 
- I paid Rudy Giuliani 20,000$ a day and all I got was this lousy team name
- Salvador Dali had a floppy clock 
- Fuckin Wolverine Says Happy Thanksgiving 
- Straight Off the Couch

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Anal but not sexual

- You're A Quizzard Harry
- We Would Have Won If It Wasn't For the Curse of Kordax!
- Dixie Normus
- Disclaimer: Animals Can Read
- A sperm Roman in my Trojan

Pete's Pub
- Drink Pineapple Juice because it might kill you
- Fookin’ Useless


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