Best Team Names of March 2021

Virtual Quiz, General Knowledge
- Ted Cruz's Travel Agents
- Did Stevie Wonder get a second job as a ship captain? Just curious!!
- The Ship Has Sailed on Suez Canal Jokes. We Missed the Boat. 
- Is that a BANANA in your pocket or are you deformed? 
- I can never quiz again. The answer was Nickleback. 
- It's a bit too late for ship puns, I wreckon 
- Suez Pivoting Specialists, LLC 
- Easter - when bunnies bring you eggs
- Do the Golden Girls take Golden Showers?" 
- Biden v. Stairs: An Uphill Battle
- I go down like GUINNESS-Smooth and Easy!
- Irish I had beer 
- Today Marked the start of False Spring #1
- Banging a Guy w/ a Small Dick is Fucking NUTS! 
- I Only Do Trivia So That I Don't Have To Make Small Talk On Zoom 
- CPAC stage design crew
- Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. NOBODY! 
- ELTON JOHN is Great on the PIANO, but SUCKS on ORGAN! 
- Tiger Sliced His Drive 
- Vagina Jokes aren't FUNNY! Period. 

The Office Virtual Quiz
- "Invested My Stimulus in Serenity by Jan" 
- My How the Turn Tables 
- Creed's Covid Clinic (and Worms) 
- Meredith's Left Boob

Movie Trilogies Virtual Quiz
- I would love some chocolate ass cream
- The Mighty Ducks is the best trilogy of all time, change my mind. 
- Star Whores Episode I: The Phantom Penis 

Disney Virtual Quiz
- Simba Was Walking Too Slow...So I Told Him to Mufasa
- She is someone Elsa
- Someday My Vaccine Will Come 
- Kiss my Snow White ASS!!
- Disney March Madness!! Astor Orbiter beats Pirates of the Caribbean!! A Cinderella Story!!! 
- Let's Get Down To Quizness

Breaking Bad Virtual Quiz
- Pontiac Aztek Enthusiasts
- Dammit! It’s trivia, Marie! 
- Magnets Bitch!!! 

Listen Up! Virtual Quiz
- Knights of the Sound Table
- Tone Deaf Social Choir 
- Wanna hear the most annoying sound? Listen to Eric request a Simpsons quiz. 
- Audio Killed the Video Star 


Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- If only Louis C.K. treated his Levi's like fort Knox
- Harrison Ford's Banana Lost that Loving Feeling
- Who the fuck us Harry Styles?
- I'm always Dublin in size when I hear the trivia guy's voice won
- Cheney shot his hunting partner but did not shoot his deputy
- My colon died hard when Nikki Minaj raided my temple of doom

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- We always come from behind!
- If there's a Top Gun question, there should be a beach volleyball answer!
- Question: If colon is in the butt, where do you find the period? Answer. Vagina.
- The Georgia O'Queefs

Caffrey's Pub
- The Ottoman Empire was Sofa-King Cool!
- I like it when you call me Big Shaka

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Is that a banger or are you excited to see me? 
- Crouching women hidden cucumber
- What’s the difference between an enzyme and a hormone? You can’t hear an enzyme. 
- Irish you a merry Christmas 
- The only way we could ever get 1st is without the geography questions!
- Orange you glad we didn’t make you read another crude team name 
- Our Trivia ERA is over 9.0
- 16 years old and ready to party

Camp Bar Third Ward
- Tiger Woods Big Bang was last Thursday 
- Robyn sparkles let’s go to the mall
- Taylor Swift is my Mecca 
- Hot Boxin Camp Bar 
- Irish we knew more 
- 4,000 Pounds of Blubber 
- Blocking Sue’s Canal 
= Trivia Makes me a Rousyed 

Camp Bar Tosa
- What did cinderella do when she got to the ball? She gagged
- I gherkined my tzasiki on my girlfriends dangly thing
- What’s the difference between Tupac and anti-vaxxers? Tupac got shot
- I like it when you cal me craw daddy

Hogs & Kisses
- Mental Madness, Inherited 
- Foreskins Marching 

Izzy Hops
- She was always quizzin' since the world's been twistin'!
- Cream Shitty Bricks
- Friends are like orgasms - no one wants a fake one.
- The Stairs to Air Force One need a Stairlift
- Suez C - Anal Probe

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Schlitz Creek
- Condoms and rattlesnakes, two thing sI don't fuck with  
- Sonny bono on skis is like Ted Kennedy driving over a bridge 
- Out in the first round! Still better than Marquette
- Taylor why haven’t you friend requested us on venmo
- Hope that rash clears up 
- We came for the sausage
- Covid curious 
- Three tenors one cup 
- Steve slugs schlitz by the seashore 
- Fumigating Pussy Farts

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- In the streets we trust, in single mothers we bust 
- We thought this was aa 
- Andrew cuomo has a small space needle
- In dog beers, I’ve had 1 
- Did John cena get work done
- We'll crowd your canal

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- "Trivia Motherfucker, do you speak it?!"
- Future MILFS + DILFS
- WTF is a 'tan' M&M?

MobCraft Beer
- We Didn't Know The Answers 
- I Spent 30 Min. Researching Pitbull for Nothing 
- Went to College, Have No Knowledge
- Boys Drool, Girls are Pretty Cool
- Mr. Worldwide ft. Pitbull
- Sarah Palin Stuffs My Socks 
- Quiz Khalifa
- I-rish I Was Smarter-er
- My Teammate is More Useless Than a Backhoe in the Suez Canal 
- Tom Brady's Spicy Meatballs
- Quiz me Master One More Time 

- Whichever beer has the most booze
- #firewojo 
- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Poon 
- There Are Countries that Use the Metric System and there Are Countries that Have Been to the Moon 
- Gimme that Stimmy $
- Fear and Loathing in O'Lydias
- Jesus is my Savior, Trump is my President 
- We Met at Whole Foods 
- Tom Brady Kisses His Children on the Lips 
- Tripping Up the Stairs to Air Force One
- Are you a canal? suez (soo-ez!) 
- my digestive system ends with a question mark

Pete's Pub
- Third Space Frog Jizz
- Happy One Year Anniversary COVID XOXO
- Vagina Jokes Aren’t Funny... period.
- Paint me like one of your flower vaginas
- OKeffe’s Queefs

Rally Time, West Bend
- My quiz partner doesn’t know this is a date

Red Lion Pub
- #freebritney
- Flappy and the stinkers
- Heavy dick

Richard's BBQ
- Fuzzy Zipper
- I Didn’t Puke In The Urinal

Second Salem Brewing
- Moist Towelettes


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