Best Team Names of April 2021

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Teddy Roosevelt's mom has 2 vaginas
- Leonardo DiCaprio likes his two vaginas YOUNG
- 90 Minute Orgasm Marathon in your Anus
- Bildas is a great place to Beat It
- Union Jacked his gadget while Picasso watched

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Judge Judy dispenses more justice with her cock than her gavel.
- Clone troopers are people too!
- You can find my fantastic beast in my pants
- You could give me 2 weeks and I couldn’t name 3 Harry Potter movies
- Madonna wanted to fool around in her crib, but Boy George just wanted Axl Rose in his back door.
- What do the Lightning Round, Quizmaster Katelin, and iHome Movie have in common? All last only two minutes!

Caffrey's Pub
- Fauci's Fallopian Tubes
- COVID Negative, HIV Positive
Camp Bar, Shorewood
- I’m Pretty Sure all of Minnesota is Gross
- Pfizer Pforum
- Bigfoot is sometimes confused with sasquatch, yeti never complains
- Your boobs look fine the way they are
- 10 seconds is plenty long for some people

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Cuck the Fubbies
- Mr Tummus couldn’t last 10 seconds
- Queen Elisabeth is now an uncircled golden girl
- A-Rods DM’s are drier than wooden golf balls at a wind farm
- Kiss me with that big blue tongue Camp Bar, Tosa
- Not your mom’s puss puss...Florida
- Fuck, marry, kill: Johnson, Clinton, Trump???
- Tell the queen I’m single
- Can dubai my next beer?

Izzy Hops
- We're your Djibouti call :)
- Vaxxed, Waxed and Ready for Trivia!!

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Rattlesnakes and condoms - 2 things we don't fuck with
- Imagine a 90 minute michelle pfeiffer orgasm....what a pig
- Jeffrey Dahmers House of Rib

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Paul pierces Instagram models
- Beware of fools spring
- My wife is used to 15 seconds
- Wake me up when there’s a cure for syphilis
- My Johnson’s first name is not Andrew
- You can Take a bite of my Klondike bar
- You won’t believe what we’ve done for a Klondike bar
- Blood thinning Johnson’s
- We want usher bucks

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- John Wilkes Table
- Vaxxed, Waxed & Feeling Relaxed
- "SOS sit on my face"
- We came, we saw, we got conquered

- Jeffrey Dahmer’s House of Ribs
- The Steve Buscemi Eyes We're Watching God
- Who Would You Do For a Klondike Bar
- Stephen Hawkings Pit Crew
- Peanuttin' Butter Than This Quiz
- My Million Dollar Tree House Consists of 3 2x4's
- Wasted 5 Minutes of My Life Watching Honey Boo-Boo

- I stayed at the Pfister and now I walk funny
- Orgasm in Uranus - 90 minutes...too long :/
- Porkin’ Uranus for 90 whole minutes
- Kanye West? I thought you said Kanye Weast
- Rock Hard Johnson & Johnson’s
- CLAIRE to resist drugs
- Our score is bigger in Texas
- trivia causes drain bamage
- trivia will be held on Thursdays, beginning May 20. Burger special pending
- Show me the monet
- The dry rubs with trance were too hot

Pete's Pub
- Drink Pineapple Juice because OJ might kill you
- Philip Philip Philip, we hate Philip
- What Comes After the Following: sex, plug, and stuff (Butt)
- Iran the Boston Marathon to Noodle Madonna’s Bush
Rally Time, West Bend
- I’ll take best team name for $100, Aaron
- Brick Killed a Guy
- India has handled COVID better than we have handled this quiz
- Ho + 3 Dads = 1 Son
- Dildo Baggins

Red Lion Pub
- I can’t keep it on the fairway and tiger woods can’t keep it on the road
- Jon rammed my hole
- Sheet booger gang
- droopy wieners

Second Salem Brewing
- Those two drunk weirdos at the Bar
- Wildmen and the Wytches
- I may not have brains or brawn, but I have boobs!
- Rhymes with Orange


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