Best Team Names of June 2021!

The Office Trivia
- Call Michael & Stanley, Jim Dwight, Creed… Call Andy & Kelly for your business paper needs… (continues through the quote/jingle)
- Threat Level 5 PM
- Scotts Thots
- Why Say Lot Word When Few Word Do Trick
- Kevin and the Zits
- Finer Things Club
- Justice Beaver
- William M. Buttlicker
- Who's your worm guy?
- Password: Boobz (w/ a z)
- Here comes treble
- Take your team name... and shove it up your butt
- Banned from Chili's for life
- Dunder Milf-lins

90s Trivia
- It's Britney Bitch
- Dial Up Divas
- Quiz on My Face - 90s style
- Floppy Disk
- Lorena Bobbitt probably blew her VCR
- My Dialup is too Slow To Napster That Blink 182 Song...How You Like Them Apples?! 
- Mark Chumura's Hot Tub Party 
- We're Not Worthy!
- My Furby only talks at Midnight 
- MMMHops 
- Drink Apple Juice, Because OJ Kills

The Baaree
- My mom didn't even want to be on my trivia team
- Harry Puppers
- Dumbledore's Army 
- The Nerd Herd
- We Cheated Off the Wrong Team

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- The Ludes, Get the Ludes. I Don’t Want to Die Sober
- I quizzed in my pants 
- Fartin’ in the tub 
- Operating While Limp (OWL)
- Jerry Springer Creamed his Acid Washed Jeans on the Polar Express
'- Robert Plant let the genie out of the bottle while Vanilla Ice watch 
- Dick Flopped his Fosburg in the Queen’s Gambit 
- How many syllables in “Antetokounmpo”?
- Eminem got his peter stuck in a zipper

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Mask policies are dropping faster than Quizmaster Katelin's panties after four shots of Jack Fire.
- If I was as late as Katelin was to trivia, I'd buy a pregnancy test.
- I think that people who use the wrong word should have the humidity to admit it.
- Snifter? I hardly know her!
- I once dated an Asian girl and I used to call her Bae-Jing.

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Absolutely nerf, absolutely nothing
- Ray Lewis definitely killed a guy 
- Batman VS Djoubiti
- Bill Clinton Never Forgets a Bitch
- It Took My Wife 127 Hours to Unsheathe My Dead, Stiff, Sword

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- I’m the real fastest two minutes in sports…ask my gf
- None of your quizness
- Tongue so rough she needed an epidural
- Brad Pitts Ugly Brother 
- Hidden Bunnies 
- The Most visited house in America is your moms :) 
- KD’s mom is still da real MVP! Go Bucks!!
- The chode is an actual medical term

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Giannis,’ free throw coach 
- Meatballs
- Floating boners

Hangout MKE
- Rosebud Motel
- Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

Izzy Hops
- Oregon Trailer Park Boys
- Problem - banned from Facebook for two years. Solution - wear pants backwards so people notice me.
- We Only do Bucks stuff
- She gives me Half Dome
- Crusty Undies

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Can you repeat that OnlyFans address? I didn't catch it last week
- When you know you've finished faster than the lightning round
- I put on my joggers, went to the aluminium lift, turned anti-clockwise and ended up at me mum's flat! Blimey!
- Covid has left the building
- Nicholas Cage's water tight asshole
- The Astros aren't the only ones whose box is juicy
- I wish I wasn't micro and soft
- I need a viagra for my microsoft pole vault so I can javel-in to her discus
- What P, as in Parrot, went into your mom last night?
- OWL - Oral Wizard Licking
- You can't win in 6 if you don't lose 2
- You mom bobbing on my javelin gives me Goosebumps
- John Wilkes Booth and the Showstoppers
- Looker than we dumb
- A streetcar named deez nuts
- Rudy Guiliani's Microsoft Taft
- I don't remember seeing Tom Hanks when I watched "Saving Ryan's Privates" last night
- Maybe Jackie should have shared her military grade hat with JFK
- Latter Day Taints
- Antman: The Musical
- If we get married in Georgia and move to NY, are we still brother and sister
- You can stick your javelin in my pillbox and make me cream
- Somebody get Jackie Kennedy a Tide Pen
- Quizmaster Ryan, you are.... NOT the father!
- Everything looked good on Jackie, even the blood spatter
- Raise a Glass to our Trivia Queen - Karen Rest in Peace
- I'll wet my lips for your woodwind
- Round bottom, narrow top that's what makes my Dick flop
- Dick's Fosbury flopped
- Insert low effort sexual pun here, you uncreative wankers
- Pleasant Feathered Pheasant Pluckers
- 1 in the tittles, 2 in the pittles
- Forever Love: A Helen Keller vs Stevie Wonder Tennis Spectacular
- Itty Bitty Tittle Committee
- Lemme interrabang them tittles
- Are those tittles real or fake
- It's coming home, so it Bill Cosby

McFleshman's Brewing Co.
- Appvion & extra

- Autocorrect is my Enema
- Remy is the real Fatty-touille
- Vladmir's Poutine Palace

Milwaukee Ale House
- This bitch? Best in show! 
- Vaxxxed and Waxxxed 
- Isn't drinking in the decathalon?
- Milwaukee screwers 
- We only do “bucks” stuff

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- So glad this isn't speed dating
- No Mask...who dis? 
- Condoms and Rattlesnakes - 2 things we don't fuck 
- Keith Urban from Nirvana

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Vaxxed  and full of facts 
- No more masks! No more condoms! 
- Ruth Nader GINsberg 
- Brooklyn Nets: new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks 
- Upper deckers 
- Win or lose we booze 
- The muppets take my virginity 
- We schlitz’d the bed! 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Enginerds + Lia
- Stop looking at me swan
- Dolphin noises
- Not Micronesia but... Indonesia?

- We Missed the "Mark" on this Quiz 
- Tom Sellack's Mustache Ride 
- Quiztina Aguilera
- Torrie’s terrific 24th
- Good Garcious That Ass is Audacious 
- Beer the Deer 
- Just Because We Have Chiseled Abs and Stunning Features, It Doesn't Mean That We Too Can't Die in a Freak Gasoline Fight 
- KD's Big Ass Foot 
- I Feel Like We Were Smarter Pre-Pandemic 
- Mansion in WisCANsin

The Nutty Squirrel
- My Ex-Stepmother is a crazy Bitch

- Mercury is in Gatorade 
- The smart helmet is smarter than we are
- Pabst Schmear: PBR’s New Beer
- I got a feeling...we got last place

Pete's Pub
- LeBron James Tears
- TC Tuggers, now you’re rolling with the big boys 
- For the love oh God, can we please all just forget that Rudy Giuliani ever existed?
- Eric Clappin those cheeks

Racine Brewing Co.
- Pedro and his Drinking Mates

Raised Grain
- Quizee Moto
- One More & I gotta go!

Rally Time, West Bend
- Something Funny, Perverted and Inappropriate To 3 Old Guys'
- We Knew We Were Dumb, But What The Actual Fuck
- Particularly Peculiar Pickle
- The US Went With 'Rosie the Riveter' After 'Syphilis Sue' Was Rejected

Red Lion Pub
- Waxed faxed and ready to relapse
- Guy Fieri's flavortown
- Stephan a first take your opinion and shove it up your ass
- He’s got hair down to his balls

State Line Distillery
- We Get Locked Down but We Get Up Again
- The Illegal Beagles
- Quiztopher Walken
- Roccos Moderna Life 
- The Batcall 
- The Offices of Charles Entertainment Cheese and Associates
- Quiztopher Walken 
- How Do You Know Each Other? My Brothers Fiancé’s Parents!
- Mo Mojitos Mo Problems

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- America Forever....Ireland can come too, I guess
- Dunder Mifflin B-Team
- On Tap: That Ass
- Smartinis
- Hoptimus Prime
- Bed Bath and Beyonce
- The Munchies - Devour of Burritos
- The Fighting Mongeese
- Beer, Babies, Battlestar Gallactica
- Quiz Khalifa


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