Best Team Names of November 2021

80s Movies & Music
- Watch me rick roll into your DMs  
- Beer for breakfast club 
- Pagers: The vibrators of the 80s
- Big trouble in little Regina
- Stacey’s mom is Jessi’s Girl and Jenny’s sister
- If my calculations are correct, when this bar hits 88 quizzes per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit! 
- Jessie’s girl & Ms. Bon Jovi
- There’s a Whitesnake in my boot!
- My white snake is bigger than your one eyed willie, so let’s beat it.

Bad Moon Saloon
- I Quizzed In My Pants
- Bad Moon Bafoons
- Unemployed Uncle talking politics at Thanksgiving Dinner.

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- a pandagram? Is that a cuddle bear on cocaine? 
- Quizmaster? Damn near killed her! 
- Tennessee high jumpin accordion playin’ surfers
- The hamburglar took our innocence
- How did wilt sleep with 20,000 women in only 40 years?

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- A Bratwust may be a delicacy in Germany, but my wiener schnitzel is a delicacy everywhere. 
- Crushing it like AstroWorld 
- Peanut Butter Trivia Time 
- Wiener Island is real and I want to visit!!
- Burning Down the (Ritten)house
- You forgot MJ’s 3rd spouse, McCaulay Culkin
- Fuck, I don’t know 

Caffrey's Pub
- Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegan 
- Apple Bottom Jean-iuses
- Boom Shaka Laka
- Its a good thing she’s shallow because I can’t go deep
- Underage and Overconfident
- Skills to Play the Bills, Bills, Bills 
- O'trivia Rogrigo's Driver's License

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Have you ever been to a 45 cent concert? It’s 50 cent featuring Nickleback 
- Meandering Joe
- Oakland Baddiez
- But Why Male Models?
- Our Future Is Brighter Than These Christmas Lights 
- Poultrygeist

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Antarcticock
- Aaron Rodgers medical advisors
- Ludacris’ slinky is my fantasy
- Answers and Uncles 
- I came in like a Butterball in the Shaguar
- I should have picked an earlier flight 
- Pickle smoochers

Camp Bar, Tosa
- bid: big irresponsible dads
- Pete Davidson could do better
- nobody told me I had to math 
- titanic to the iceberg…. I’d hit that 
- in “tents” trivia 
- we just couldn’t crack the c movies 
- coconut creamed my pants 
- Florence Joyner: I hardly know her 
- the new spice girls: cayenne, steph curry, booberry, and Bloody Mary 
-Travis Scott’s new single: let the bodies hit the floor 
- Canadian tuxedos on a Monday
- Behead me like one of your French girls
- Mudskipper? I hardly know her

Deer Camp MKE
- Pelvis Presley 
- Save a horse, ride a ginger

Fox River House
- Quizzed in my pants 
- Island of Dipshit Toys

- Aaron Rogers Covid testing team 
- Two filly's and an ass 
- Humdinger? Barley know her!

Jack's American Pub
- I thought this was squid games 
- Better late than pregnant
- We go down so you don’t have to… it’s not like we would be satisfied anyway 
- "I own you, Aaron Rogers” - Science 
- Jake Gyllenhal is Innocent
- Low Expectations 
- Ram Rod MKE (best name)
- Drink Pineapple Juice because OJ Might Kill You

Magoo's on the Mound
- I thought size didn't matter- bring back Pluto!
- Might not have Aaron but at least we have cheese
- Sofa Kingdom 
- Did you hear about Pluto? That's messed up, right?
- Ghislaine Maxwell prefers Baby Spice 
- Frank-n-Furter found his Assman 
- The Assman Cometh

- My couch pulls out but I don’t

- Platypussy
- Stick your yellowtail in my beefeater
- Aaron Rodgers Feet Pics

Milwaukee Ale House
- Your Mom's Chest Hairs 
- Drugs not Ruggs
- Sexiest Team Alive (Apologies to Paul Rudd's PR Team)
- Where is the Love? Ask Wilt Chamberlain

Milwaukee Brewing Co. 
- Russia's in Europe?
- Ben Hurr done that
- Hand stuff first, dick pics later 
- Sarah Palin's nose job 
- Christmas begins November 1st

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- Jizz Master Ross 
- Run! Mariah Carey is thawing as we speak! 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Millard Fillmore is a bitch 
- Art smarts fart shart 
- When your mustache looks like an rbg collar it’s time to shave 
- Weapons of midweek drinking 
- Millard Fillmore is still a bitch
- Milwaukee brat house runs a free shuttle to my bed every night
- Kaaron Rodgers and the case of the woke jokers 
- Weapon of ass destruction 
- Teachers going up on a Tuesday
- Adele schlitz platinum albums 
- The upside down Child over Mjs balcony
- Congrats on 58 years of sobriety, president Kennedy 
- Warming up for blackout Wednesday 
- Nasa's first high resolution photo of Uranus
- Deshaun Watson: $1.5 million per massage
- Bring back Miller park 
- Assman is my Favorite pez 

- Daniel Craig's Toupee
- Straight outta the Shire
- Uranus is more densely populated than Hong Kong
- Joe Rogan Gave us the Answers
- Chickity Checked Ourselves before we Wrecked Ourselves
- He Didn't Catfish Me
- Heath Ledger broke his back filling my Black Hole
- Sharing Ryan's Privates

Nutty Squirrel
- We like big nuts & we cannot lie
- I’m here to chew bubble gum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubble gum… 
- Sexy time All the time

- Hugh Janus 
- Mr Rodgers Immunized Neighborhood 
- Dr Rodgers Vaccine Clinic 
- As Real as Rodgers Vaccination Card
- PTAD (Pete, Tammy, Annette, Doug OR P*ssy, T*ts, A*s, D*cks) 
- “I’m immunized” 
- ATV: Always Tuggin in the Vatican 
- I thought Taft was fatter than that
- Pluto is a planet

Pete's Pub
- Pack me like a train
- M-I-S-S-I-Pee-Pee-Island
- Hamburgler? I hardly know her!
- Is Ketchup a Beverage?

Raised Grain Brewing
- Just like the fork in Toy Story 4, We are also Trash 
- FLORIDA- America’s one-eyed Willy.
- This quiz is a Fyre Fest

Rally Time, West Bend
- MRS Watson Needs You 
- Fuk Me? No, Fuk Yu!
- You Know The Sex Is Good When It Sounds Like White People Walking In Flip Flops
- 1-Way Ticket To Penis Island Please
- Pebbles Makes Bam Bam's Bed Rock 
- The Conqueefadors
- Deep fried monkey taint 
- Ya motha's Georgia whores

Red Star Bar (Whole Foods, Streeterville)
- Novax Djokovic
- Chester A. Arthur's Pants Disaster
- Metallic Matt Didn't Help
- Miller Low Lifes 
- Booster Thots 
- Did Anyone See That Guy Drinking A Half Gallon Of Milk?!

Restaurant* To be Named Later
- Quizzie McGuire 
- Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis

Second Salem Brewing
- Spam ain’t Ham 
- Harry has no style

- All Gas No Breaks 
- Quiz Me Outside How Bout DAT 
- There is a double 's' in my pussy
- Quid Games 
- Schlitz, Tits, and Bong Rips

State Line Distillery
- Quiztopher Walken 
- The Gin-iuses
- The antique olive grabbers 
- The home rum-ers

Third Space Brewing
- Discount Double Check Your Immunization
- Our Motivation was Schadenfreude
- Covid Toe

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- Gin Never Wore Lululemon 
- The 4 Members of Applebees
- Mind Your Platypus Duck, Bill 
- Yes, You Can Pet Our Dog
- Olive, the Other Reindeer 


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