Best Team Names of January 2022!

The Office Trivia
- Mose Calls Them Garbage
- “Drive Fast, Leave a Sexy Corpse” 
- Scott’s Thots
- VooDoo Mama Juju
- Bears, Beets, B-Rated Trivia Team
- Scott’s Thots ❤️
- Jan Levinson's Boob Job 
- The Party Planning Committee
- The Fighting Dwights

Bad Moon Saloon
- Ned Debevics
- Betty White’s Favorite Animals

Branded @ Iron Horse Hotel
- The Milwaukee Buds
- Lick my William and my Taft 
- The Iron Whores
- We don’t DO drugs, we sell drugs 
- What I drink doesn’t allow me to live longer

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- So the weatherman said 4-10 inches. Do they mean real inches or “man inches”? Asking for a friend
- Skittles gave me blue bags

Caffrey's Pub
- Quizmaster, I hardly know her? 
- Betty White died so Bob Saget could live 
- Trivia loves me, fish fear me
- Andy Sambergs Rock Hard Dick
- The British are coming! (And so are we)
- Tell your boyfriend that if he's got beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't ****** Scared of him.
- Joe Burrow is my Daddy
Camp Bar Shorewood
- Should Have Known Tarantino Was a Piece of Shit Given He Was Mr. Brown 
- New Year, New Beer, No Fear
- Congrats to Drugs for Winning the War on Drugs
- Goofy Goofy Goofy Goofy Goofy Goober YEAH!
- Stoned...Even Without Medusa
- It's Not Just a Boulder... It's IRAQ
- All we can say about the Packers game is  BUCKS IN SIX!
- I'm on the right track baby I was born really bad at trivia, Emily. Please give us best team name our tab is really high and I have $13 in my bank account.

Camp Bar Tosa
- I’ll put my Dollywood in your Mr. Brown
- I don’t do trivia, I am trivia
- Pop it lock it wreck it Ralph

Camp Bar Third Ward
- Grab ‘‘em by the Will(iam)
- What is this? Trivia for ants?
- 70% of the earth is covered by water, but the rest is covered by Charles Woodson
- You’ll need more than three extinguishers to put out this fire
- Lady Gaga paid us to find her dog at trivia 

Deer Camp MKE
- Meaty Milwaukee Mamas
- Hugh G. Rection
- Walt Disney’s Frozen Gas Giants
- Katy Perry’s Bum Bag
- Help, I’m the only Packer Fan at this table!

Eagle Park Brewing
- Thank God That Burrow Sent Jackson and Brittany maHomes
- Thanks O'Biden 
- Put Your John Hamm in my Betty White

Fox River House
- We Don’t Know Shit About Fuck 
- Pop the Emergency Egg-Zit

Izzy Hops
- hash ringing slash slinging hash ringing slasher
- and coming in first place with 250 points
- White snake weiner

Jack's American Pub
- We K.A.I.M., We Saw, We Conquered
- Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest
- Aaron Rogers loves TDs 
- Word games, bed wettest
- A drinking team with a trivia problem
- Deadliest Snatch

J&Bs Blue Ribbon
- Shirtless and unemployed in Tampa.
- Bumbag Pujols.
- 2 girls 1 trivia sheet

Kyote's Bar
- Bring Back $1 Busch Lights

Magoo's on the Mound
- If we could think of a Betty White pun, we would be Golden Girls
- Shaving Ryan's Privates
- Rock n Roll Rounds can suck my whitesnake

- The Titanic Swim Team
- The Rolling Stoners
- Biden’s Financial Advisors
- Wisconsin Whores
- Zoomers love their phone

Milwaukee Ale House
- Porky Pig is the Second Largest Land Animal after Your Mom
- We May Not Be a Smart Trivia Team, but We Know What Love Is...
- Two Non-Blonds and Friends and Canadians 
- The First Film Lasted Longer than My First Boyfriend
- Olive Juice Simpson

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Quiz in my pants 
- Who wants to snuggie with us?

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- All madden bar dice team 
- Whigs party
- Ask not what brown can do for you but what you can do for brown
- I’m still still having brat farts tonight
- Mrs. Potato heads favorite body part
- Quiz in our pants 
- They call my penis “the great one” 
- The bicepticles 
- Ironically, ironic by Alanis morrisette isn’t ironic 
- My team name is my penis 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Covid is the new Herpes
- Crimea River, Ukraine 🎶
- Steve Buscemi's eyes photoshopped onto a woman's face is someone's fetish... somewhere... :(
- No love for Donatello (The Big "D")

- Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's Offspring look like Mr. Potato Head
- Pamela Anderson gave Tommy Lee Potato Head
- Betty White's Belated Birthday Bash
- Pete Davidson Banged My Mom

- NASCAR: Nasty ass scumbags cars and racing
- Better Late Than Pregnant
- Die Hard = Best Christmas Movie Ever 
- My Faith is Blind but Ray Charles Isn’t
- My Grandma doesn’t wrestle, but you should see her box

Pete's Pub
- 3:50 AM “u up?” -Milwaukee County Sheriff

Raised Grain
- Raised Brain
- One week a month, I use my big D to part the Red Sea.

Rally Time, West Bend
- Actually Your Mom Is The Heaviest Land Mammal
- If The Rapper Eminem Was Gay, Would His Name Be Skittles?
- F@ck That Was Unpleasant 
- Escargot F@ck Yourself (This Quiz Was Hard)
- My Winter Socks Ain't The Only Thing That's Thick

Rock Bottom Brewery
- Chris's Fireball Handle
- Pabst Smear

- Feta Crumbled not Cubed
- If you really want to entertain us these days, orgasm on command
- Better Late Than Pregnant

Second Salem Brewing
- A couple of everlasting gobstoppers seated at the bar! 
- Tokyo Fatboys

- Lieutenant Dan! Ice Cream!!
- Jones BBQ and Foot Massage

State Line Distillery
- Eternal Trivia of the Thoughtless Mind
- The cello shots
- Yes I Like Piña Colada’s 
- Distilling This Knowledge 
- Cute First Date

Station 1 Brewing Co.
- Nacho Team Name

Third Space Brewing
- Wales is STILL NOT a Country
- How Many Ounces in a Pint
- Buffalo Super Bowl Champs 2023

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets 
- Jomeo & Ruliet


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